PETITION: Removal of Resellers or at least MUTE!

pieratthepieratthe Posts: 397Member Intermediate
Well as i'm sure most of you are tired of as well.  I'm so tired of all day long everyday seeing these resellers WTS/WTB at very incorrect prices.  They sit there all day long.  Do nothing to contribute to the game, and are always "phish"ing for a scam.  Any person who does a WTB/WTS they immediatly pm with an inncorrect price phishing to scam that person out of the stuff they have worked hard for, or have paid real money for.  There's really no telling how many people have quit because they found out they got lucky and got 20b from the tickets but some reseller scammed them and they only ended up with like 3b.  So they are decide that the population isn't for them.  Most don't want a cutthroat type economy and would rather play something else.  Resellers DO NOT help the game in anyway.  All they do is keep prices at the highest they can be so new and up coming players have no way to succeed.  Late last nite merc chat died was few online chatting.  The only messages came from the same reseller spamming chat with like 30+ lines of WTS he crap for at least 50% markup.  Thank god most people have noticed this as well and have stopped buying from them.  But there's always new players starting the game, and they don'tknow  prices, and if all day long they see their reseller price.  They may decide that this game isn't worth it and stop playing or stop paying.  We need to get some type of control over this rampant reselling.  The economy is fast approaching the economy of Gama, and these resellers are speeding it that way.  Now i don't believe in bans. But if these notorious resellers are muted for a week or so.  I do think that will limit so much of the reselling, and we can get back to fixin the economy so new players have a nice relaxing place to come play.


  • THT3rdTHT3rd Posts: 38Member Beginner
    I agree with what is being said by pieratthe here. I may joke a bit myself in chat at times. All in fun. I didnt really want anyone to sell me a 10B+ ship for 13 ducats. UWO is a great game. If this is the cause of such lowering in recent population, I beleive something should change. All in all, I support the removal of resellers, at very least fix blocklist. Although, blocking resellers at this time, doesnt stop a newer player from dealing with resellers spam. Ty.
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  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 372Member Intermediate
    Ahahaaaa good luck with this proposal to mute and ban players who are doing EXACTLY the object of the game buy low sell high lmao. 

    There are no fixed prices in uwo only norms

    There are no resellers that "raise" or "set" prices only buyers who accept the price

    Theres no scam if both parties agree to a price and the item or price agreed was carried out. 

    If nobody else is selling an item then the seller can charge whatever they want as the supply is low

    Your proposal threatens most of if not ALL of Sevillian economy if newbies dont want to get taken advantage of we all here to help and provide price checks if not… well that's the game either do the work or get screwed simple as that. If you want to help guide newbies or make a price range check list fine but banning or muting players in an already diminished population for simply selling is game suicide its class warfare even… yall picking on sevillians for knowing how to achieve wealth and rewarding players who don't want to work to get a price check… how does that make sense? 
  • gelsonluzgelsonluz Posts: 35Member Beginner
    I agree with CPC. Reselling is part of the game as is piracy/plundering (stealing) from other players.

    Reselling only exists because there is a huge gap in the availabilty of products. Buyer and sellers have a hard time finding each other online.

    So that's where the reseller comes in, to fix that gap and bring together the product from the seller (wants to do something more valuable with his time then shouting WTS all day) to the buyer (that needs it now).

    The root cause for reselling is the current low server population (again). Reselling would not exist in a perfect free market economy, where there are enough Vendors and customers. Our EA goods economy may be in that stage right now where there is little to no room to reselling.
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  • fields1234fields1234 Posts: 117Member Trainee
    @Gelsonluz I dont think the root cause is down to low population, The fact resellers profit is due to the bazzar max selling prices and fact they can't take cheques lol.

    If we had a way of buying from bazzars the resellers would be out of a job, sure the prices might drop as a result because we can put in bazzars to sell meaning we not needing to do a player to player trade off.

  • WesDoobnerWesDoobner Posts: 494Member Intermediate
    Selling is the whole basis of this game, and reselling is a huge part of it, and the part that allows non paying players to buy cash items from other players. For someone to have a problem with reselling shows that they have pretty much no concept of what this game is about - it's about buying stuff and selling for more than you buy it for!!!! If people can't understand that, then they need to be the ones to leave. This is about the most moronic post I have seen in many a moon. It's like someone saying let's change world of warcraft because it's too violent and lots of characters get killed - that's what the game is about!!!!! This game is about buying and selling. You can't even do adventure or maritime without making money somehow. Basically I see people who complain about resellers are losers who can't do well in the game and want to blame someone else for their miserable failure to succeed in UWO. Good day.
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  • WesDoobnerWesDoobner Posts: 494Member Intermediate
    Jeez I didn't even notice that the OP for this horrible post was Pie again - don't you have anything better to do?? I'm not even a reseller but I do like to buy stuff - who are you going to buy from if nobody is selling? PS - hope your bromance with KD is going well.
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  • gelsonluzgelsonluz Posts: 35Member Beginner
    Good point Fields. Bazzar's price cap also contribute to scarcity.

    In fact, changing it could compensate the lack of population just like it in the EA market. And reselling days would be over...
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  • WesDoobnerWesDoobner Posts: 494Member Intermediate
    Raising the bazaar price cap would be a great change, probably one of the very few suggested changes that would actually make things better for everyone.
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  • simcarpersimcarper Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Agreed. Innocent players are being taken for a ride and having their items worths millions/billions,bought from them for a fraction of there genuine price and sold for a higher than market price. These resellers eventually hurt the economy but most important the player base. the player base has dropped lately and these people do not help to encourage new players to stay the course. I'm tired of seeing these inflated prices and lowball offers in wc and would welcome some action to put it to an end. On a side note..would it be an idea to formulate a list of items and what they are worth to keep new players and old in the loop of what items are actually worth to avoid anyone else falling for reseller tricks? The list could be updated each week or as new items come out in ticket or shop. the list doesn't have to extensive,maybe just the items that are commonly sold on wc? worth a thought.
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 377Member Intermediate
    The problem with banning/muting any reseller is who make the call as to who is shouting too high a price?
    We would have to ban anyone who tries to sell anything. How would we buy anything? How could we buy or sell a ship?
    What we can do is actually respond to PCs with honest non-bullshit answers.
    Help these new players not make blunders by befriending them and give them good advice throughout their gaming.

    I have long thought they need to uncap the price range on everything. Add a tab to the comp shop for ships (like a used car lot).
  • anothersideanotherside Posts: 3Member Beginner
    instead of banning/muting resellers, i would prefer  if they can improve the company shop:
    1. adding a search/filter to find item through all company shop in a city. search/filter can be either name, or stat/skill bonus. I don't think this is that hard to implement, we already have similiar feature to search Aid from bar.
    2. allow ship/ticket to be put in company shop.
    3. increase the price limit per item in company shop. (if item price > 300m, automatically pick check from your bag)

    This way at least the popular/common item wont be overpriced too much. ( i would expect item in sev shop will be slightly pricier because of the location, but not by much). For rare/unpopular item, reseller can still find some good profit there.
    I know this may devalue the top company and some players' core playstyle (sev trading simulator),  but will be good for new players.

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  • WesDoobnerWesDoobner Posts: 494Member Intermediate
    I like those suggestions in the last two posts, but I could also live without them if we could just uncap the bazaar limit on consumables from 1m. that would help a lot. Selling in person and shouting out has it's place and I would hate to see that go away entirely, but we don't need to be constantly shouting to sell items like SPB's, RR certificates, master's secrets, SSIP's, etc.
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  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 441Member Intermediate
    1. adding a search/filter to find item through all company shop in a city. search/filter can be either name, or stat/skill bonus. I don't think this is that hard to implement, we already have similiar feature to search Aid from bar.

    This will be available in Order of Prince expansion like you need to type right words regardless of capitalization or not ie modified, steel, etc that will cause list of items appear. For example, if I type improved then Improved Hold, Improved Staysail, Improved Steam Engineer equipment, etc will show up.

    2. allow ship/ticket to be put in company shop.
    3. increase the price limit per item in company shop. (if item price > 300m, automatically pick check from your bag)

    This will save time for many players to look for since we have worldwide time zones ,so players aren't on online when someone is looking for ship, ticket, etc. However, I wonder about some ships and items because they're usually 1b or beyond.

    Oh, I'd like to see all items that including consumable at max price since if we can put tickets in shop then just 1m won't do.

    Resellers are not only problem we have ,but there are many things that can ruin UWO like I mean P2W and Nanban ,so you won't able to prevent Reseller from doing illegal stuffs. If you worry that much then they can do auto price set at ie 60k for Wuxu Porcelains so that it will prevent Resellers or any players to change price to sell their things.
  • FerrolioFerrolio Posts: 34Member Beginner
    I have a hard time believing some of these anti-reseller rants are because the person making them genuinely cares about the new players - many of whom have no idea Merchant chat even exists.

    You also can't have people being muted for playing the game, and doing nothing to break rules. That is
    not enforceable, for reasons mentioned above. Namely, the fluctuation of the market, and no agreed upon
    standard of prices.

    Sounds like a certain someone has annoyed you OP. And you're not the only one to be perturbed by it. You should just block them, or not have any dealings with them. But I understand that the block list bug  still exists and agree that they really should fix that asap.

    I would also be for reducing the frequency with which people can send messages in the Merchant channel. At least for back-to-back messages in order to cut down on some of the spam.

    At the end of the day - the onus is on the buyer to make sure they've done their homework so as to not
    get ripped off. There are many ways to do this, like just getting a few outside opinions to name one. But so many people want instant gratification and just don't take the time to do so. Everyone should do it just to be sure - not just newbies. And particularly if their transaction involves something they have spent real
    $ on.
  • drummerrdrummerr Posts: 0Member
    this is why i dont sell my stuff even if i got good things at captain tickets.  got  good ships  like LLM and SHC that people went crazy about. i just dont sell them. ill just sell it to a right person someday that  i know he or she is worth it. or i just use it myself later on.  i only sell is those wingless,unicorn and uro. and some small stuff. 
    I  Mostly  get my money doing nanban coz im not LAZY  like others just resell and sell there stuff just to make more money.
    i just buy some  stuff i need  from players that are not a resellers  and always check  right price and remember his name or his ALT.  
    Sometimes i sell a rare stuff and wait a few days then those thing will be resold then i know who  he is or his ALT. (so i can catch them) i have a small notebook beside me while playing. list of those resellers. its a bit a long list coz they change  chars  time to time.

    Call me selfish or anything you want!  but 1st of all its my money and stuff.(i can do what ever i want with it) i have 1 extra  LLM i wont Sell it. ill just look for the right person to sell it for low price. not prices right now. and i know he/she is worth it. even 1B i dont care.!
    And 2nd its  better no 1 get my  stuff  which i used my Real money with. than i saw it or feel its being resold. so u dont like it..  Sue me.  Im done here.!
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 372Member Intermediate
    Some of u guys need to pop 2 chill pills over this reseller issue lol.  Like seriously is it that serious? Can anyone pull up the TOS and show where its against the rules? 

    You guys are complaining about what someone ELSE is charging that NOBODY is FORCING you to buy? Seriously?? 

    This I see as a total non issue and a waste of time when the fix is simply dont click the exchange button to trade if you feel a price is too high and dont trade without research bans are unnecesaary… is that really so hard to do?? Setting up sting operations to expose resellers or see who is charging too high according to YOU is doing  too much imo.  


    PS.  I do like the changes to search and bazaar cap however thats cool though! 

  • HelloAllHelloAll Posts: 635Member Intermediate
    @drummerr I would sell selfish, just smart probably.
    Shame everyone doesn’t have that mindset then everyone could enjoy reasonable prices.
  • HelloAllHelloAll Posts: 635Member Intermediate
    Meh damn auto correct.

    I wouldn’t say selfish* is what that should say.

    I have no selfish to sell as suggested above so please don’t pm me anyone xD
  • HelloAllHelloAll Posts: 635Member Intermediate
    So yesterday someone did a
    “WTB Record of sunken ship 200m”

    I messaged him and said I have one but let me do a pc on it cos I’m not sure of the value.

    I did a pc and a few people pm’d me and offered to sell to me for 15m each.

    Now there is no way I would sell for that, I’d rather keep it.

    But I though I would do something kind and let the original WTB guy know that there is someone else willing to sell the book for 15m, much much less than his offer of 200m.

    I did this and the original WTB guy got mad with and told me he doesn’t need my help and then ignored my pm’s.

    The moral of the story, whether you resell or scam or even try to do the right just can’t please some people xD
  • mssbergmssberg Posts: 1Member Beginner
    I love the idea of increasing the cap on Bazaar items.  I think we should have a cap on ALL Bazaar items of 1b.

    Then I would like to see a Ship Resell Store -
        a) at the shipyard -  Have a NPC named : SHIP SALES or something.
       b)  display the ships for sale - with all stats
        c)  make it searchable query system so you can find the ship looking for but name, price, etc.
       d)  Increase the number of checks we can hold in the even some ships cost more than 22-23b.
       e) be able to pay with checks.
       f) increase the amount of items we can sell at company shop to 8-10

    I think fixing resellers can be rather easily fixed if developers really view them as an issue.

    These changes would not fix everything, but if they are done i cannot see too many instances where we would have to shout.



  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 61Member Beginner
    Adding a global bazaar with a search system and all that is really nice, but not something you can ask KOEI to make just because of some people asking the wrong prices. That will cost a decent amount of time, and time is money.

    The best option is to make ships able to go up to 100b in bazaar and items 1b.
    But this will open up new issues, the game doesn't check for cheques in your inventory and it won't use them to pay for stuff. So again the game will need to have a decent amount of code added, which takes time and needs to be playtested to remove bugs. No one wants a bug in those systems, it's all very expensive for a bunch of idiots in a world chat.
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  • YunoAloeYunoAloe Posts: 36Member Beginner
    I always thought that there's no bazaar search because it wouldn't be authentic with the game's historical setting. In those centuries, you'd really have to go around and ask all the sellers, this isn't EVE Online. The cash/cheques/prices limits are a plain dumb attempts to limit inflation though.
    BTW the current ability to use company shop search gives a really big advantage to those who can use it, I like how it's given to only those of rank 5+.
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 377Member Intermediate
    Authentic to historical settings?
    I must have missed that day in history class that taught about the Amulet of the Sun, or the 1000 other magic/+ items in the game.
    About the only thing historical about the game is the world map.
  • crazyhunter2003crazyhunter2003 Posts: 604Member Intermediate
    "About the only thing historical about the game is the world map"

    not really many quests do contain actual historical info. As does the Circumnav
  • gelsonluzgelsonluz Posts: 35Member Beginner
    The game does contain historical info/elements but is not a true historical simulation as Culvern pointed out. In fact the game does not need to be faithful to historical elements, it needs to be fun.

    Regarding global bazaar / search I don't see it happening. Developers want to encourage us to sail around and create regions that are specialized in cetain products.

    I believe that there are already limits to how many bazzar we can have per city (Maybe we just didn't see it yet because of our small population).
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  • WesDoobnerWesDoobner Posts: 494Member Intermediate
    On bazaar limits - I see problems trying to take the overall limit above the current 150m limit, although 250M seems like it would be doable with the current coding. I don't think pulling checks automatically is going to happen, but just raisiing the limit on consumables from 1M would be very helpful, even if it's only raised to 10m that could eliminate a lot of shouting, and raising to 100m would really streamline things.
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