Mudkip14Mudkip14 Posts: 0Member
Why don't you just remove the 3 man character limit? 2 more wont make that much more of a difference from the way things are now. 


  • BlakeCBlakeC Posts: 92Member Beginner
    That would drive inflation (and therefore prices) up with more money coming in and give an unfair advantage to players that has the means to do that verses those who can't. Maybe "2 more wont make that much more of a difference" doesn't sound bad at first glance, but if several players and many others start doing it, that will add up big time. Not to mention it sends a discouraging message to new players as telling them "You cant make decent money unless you train 4 other alts for trading". Again, not everyone has the means to control 4 other toons at the same time, and more work = another reason for new players to stop playing.
  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 441Member Intermediate
    Well, I don't care that much after I got tired of players who ignored 3 toons/per IPs rules because PP can't ban them for good ,so it's pointless to report on them.
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