Minimise option on Blackshot

jeffery50jeffery50 Posts: 13Member Beginner
Can you GMs add a minimise option on blackshot so that we do not need to press the windows button on our laptop/desktop computer. Thois is because when we use bandicam to record videos, we cannot "minimise' blackshot using the windows button.


  • AFUBARGameMastersAFUBARGameMasters Posts: 127BS Game Master Master

    You can try this trick to move your fullscreen BlackShot to Desktop 2. [It works for single monitor desktops][Tested in Win10]

    This method will act as an alternative method to "minimize" blackshot.

    1. Press Win+Tab.

    2. See the bottom right tab? [Select the "+ New Desktop"]

    3. Once the new desktop is made Drag your BlackShot to the new "Desktop 2"

    4. With this method you won't have to worry about having BlackShot "not minimizing"

    Hope this tip helps for you guys!

    *Although do keep in mind when you selected Desktop 2. Some of your windows that were opened will still be in Desktop 1.

    If you have any other suggestions just post up here in the forum.

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