[BS-SEA Event] Share Your Thoughts, Get Rewards! (EN/MY)

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At ease, merc!

How does a Mc Millan Black 7d and Lollipop 7d in your arsenal sound to you? Well then I have a simple assignment for you: Share your feedback on Competitive Mode Beta in this thread! Here’s how you do it:

-Comment on this thread with your suggestion(s) on how to improve Competitive Mode Beta. 

-Be specific! Even if it’s just “Bring back Clan War!”, explain what aspects about Clan War you like specifically that Competitive Mode Beta doesn’t have.

-State your User ID and IGN in your comment. 

-We’ll choose TEN of the best suggestions to win a Mc Millan Black 7d and Lollipop 7d. 

-Rewards will be credited to the winners’ accounts during Competitive Mode Beta Season 3.

-This event runs from April 27 to May 10. Suggestions posted after are welcome, but won’t count towards the reward.

Team BlackShot SEA


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    Merc, Senang diri!

    Apakah pendapat anda untuk Mc Millan Black 7hari dan Lollipop 7hari di dalam arsenal anda? Kalau suka saya ada satu tugasan senang untuk anda: Share feedback anda tentang Kompetitif Mod Beta di dalam thread ini! Beginilah caranya:

    - Komen di dalam thread ini dengan pendapat anda tentang bagaimana Kompetitif Mod Beta boleh diperbaiki.

    - Mesti komen dengan teliti! Walaupun anda komen “Bring back Clan War!” sahaja, anda mesti memberitahu kami apakah aspek Clan War yang anda suka yang tidak ada di dalam Kompetitif Mod Beta.

    - Beritahu User ID dan IGN anda di dalam komen.

    - Ganjaran akan dimasukkan kepada akaun pemenang pada masa Kompetitif Mod Beta Musim ke-3.

    - Event ini akan dijalankan dari masa 27 April ke 10 Mei. Pendapatan yang sudah diletakkan selepas masa boleh diambil, tetapi tidak akan dikira kepada ganjaran.

    Pasukan BlackShot SEA
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    Back the Clan War Battles Plss!!!
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    banned the hacker
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    I would like to address a major issue in the Competitve Ranked games now and it's people AFKing/leaving the game before it ends. This happened nearly in half of my games where it's a 4v5 (sometimes even 3v5). Players are leaving the game because they are giving up too easily and with no consequences at all. 20 BP deduction for a RANKED game is not enough. 

    There needs to be a stricter penalty for leaving the game prematurely. (Most common example other games with elo systems are using is the Queue time penalty) or for repeat offenders should impose a ban on Competitive mode for them. Competitive mode has been a very frustrating experience because it's not fair for one guy to leave the game while his teammates are still trying so hard to win. 

    Additionally, BC weapons still play a huge role still in Competitive games. I personally don't even try going into a game without one. But apart from that, the rest of the games are fine.
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    id user:miyolayep179
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    very good
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    I hope you guys can reconsider of bringing back clan war. I think most blackshot players would agree to bring back clan war, due to the recent update of this competitive mode, many of them quit as the clan war was removed. First of all, in this competitive mode, it would be impossible to make it to the top ranking with randomly matched players, because you do not have an idea who you are going to be matched up with. And when compared to players that has a team, it would be impossible to win with randomly matched players. However, in clan war, when merc was still available, all clans are able to form their own team and choose players to represent the clan, this at least ensure that they are able to form a team with skilled players and not just with randomly matched players. In addition, back in clan war, we are able to choose the mode in which we play and not just by randomly pick out a tfm/sd mode in the current competitive mode. I believed that there is a clan for a reason, if we play competitive without even having to represent our own clan , whats the point of having a clan in this game. Everyone can just form their own team with skilled players and crush those teams with randomly matched players. In the end, only players with good teams will earn more points than those randomly match players and this is unfair to players that is in a clan yet they are unable to form a good team which bring their clan score down. However back in clan war, its a clan to clan fight, at least players can have a sense of belonging to their clan ( not talking about merc ) when they fought tgt as team with other clans. This in turn will bring in good experience for both parties as they know they fought to their best of ability and able to have an idea how strong each team were and what they can do to improve themselves in future clan wars. Everyone in this game I supposed enjoyed playing clan war rather than the current competitive mode because of the good experience they each had when they fought clan to clan and not just with randomly match up players. I do hope you can reconsider of bringing clan war back as this in turn will be bring in more revenue to your company for future developments. And of course more players will be willing to come back and enjoy the clan wars fight. 
    Id: gohyuheng02
    Ign: Nickmeta 
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    If it is impossible to bring back clan war, I would also like to suggest a few changes you would like to consider and implement it onto the current competitive mode. 
    1) Include the clan name we are representing to fight for , the clan name will follow the host current clan.
    2) Include different categories competitive mode, for e.g. people that are rank captain and below will fight in this category, and people that are ranked from major and above will fight in the other category. This ensure that this 2 categories people will not cross path and they will not stand a chance to fight with people that are of higher/lower ranking than them, which in turn ensure fairness in the game. 
    3) This suggestion might seem impossible but im just gonna say it. Since this is a competitive mode gameplay, people that cash in game will be more superior and those who didnt cash at all. Maybe you can reconsider that you limit the gears that they are wearing at least for competitive to make it slightly fairer to those who didnt cash in game. If not gun will do the job as well, vice versa. Just suggesting, I do hope you can consider these few points I mentioned.

    IGN: Nickmeta
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    Bring back clan war because at competitive mode doest not have a choice for plays sd only or tfm only.we we all sugestion for bring back clan wars please
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    user id:miyolayep179
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    i love so much blackshot but competitive a bit i like it
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    Suggestions:1.Each ranked clan will receive special reward based on their tier
                         2.Improve guard system to prevent hacker and bugger from joining the match
                         3.Provide lobby for players to communicate with each other
                         4.Reduce the amount of ELO points deducted for each match
                         5.Reduce the amount of ELO points deducted for leaving match because sometimes                                      player disconnected from game[Eg;-5 points]
                         6.Reward for each season will change for each tier
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    1) Do not allow friends to team up with each other. Competitive mode should be an individual effort. Having friends teaming with one another compromise the team balance between the 2 teams in game.

    2) To add on to the prize given at the end of each season, the GMs may consider giving our prizes during the process of the competitive season. For Example, if a player win 5 games in a row in competitive, they will get a med kit 2 for 1 day etc. This may motivate more players to play competitive.

    3) Introduce more modes besides TFM, Domination and SD. More maps should also be introduced to add on to the current map pool.

    Clan War > Competitive Mode
    1) There is a goal for everyone, which is to get streaks and improve clan records. Many people feel the satisfaction when their clan streaks and records are high, so they are more motivated to play.

    2) To be honest, we are able to scout in Clan War, which we can't in competitive. Weaker clans are able to scout so that they can avoid stronger clans. There is somehow indirectly a "team balance" by scouting.
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    Hi gms,

    I feel that you guys removed some character giving the rich individual that has spam the character for a long period a bigger, greater advantage. please bring them back to shop in the next update.

    Thank you.

    id: ammarl
    ign: hexdlinxr 
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