[BS-SEA Community Feedback] Competitive Mode Beta Season 2

DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 797BS ServerHead Intermediate
Hello BlackShot SEA soldiers,

Cease fire, mercs; Competitive Beta Season 1 is over and to the victors go the spoils! We've gathered your feedback and tweaked things for Season 2, along with new additions. Check 'em out...

Check out the update info here:

Competitive Mode Beta Season 2 (click for more info)

We really would appreciate if you could check all the update info on the link above, play a lot to test all the new features and later share your feedback and also your suggestions for future improvements of this update on this topic.

As usual your feedback is always extremely important to us and always taken under consideration for improvements in our product and especially on your gaming experience.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the update!

Team BlackShot


  • trollkiller32trollkiller32 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    I think u should actually test and fix all the bugs next time before releasing updates.One major flaw of the competitive mode is when 4 squad members are all ready and waiting for the final guy to accept the invitation.Upon entering as the last guy,you will not see your squad members with green ticks even tho the host/people who were already inside see each other with green ticks. I think the devs use a static if else statement to make the green tick appear.Instead, they should copy how the old devs do their “ready” for public matches. There are soooo many bugs.

    I really hope next time instead of throwing one whole mode(clan war) out of the game totally,you guys would actually have a beta mode to actually Ensure ur new“ranked” mode is foolproof,fair,90% bug free and most importantly as fun or even more fun than the previous “ranked” mode. The most obvious thing that people feel now while playing competitive is that there’s a feeling of “empty lobby” as you don’t know how Long will u match.Best is you guys add a counter like “XXX Waiting” or like Other games where there’s an estimated match time based on the number of players online. I really hope the planning for future updates will be planned and thought out carefully. Competitive mode isn’t a bad thing but it needs a lot of improvement to match to a game mode that has existed for years. Please improve the game

    P.S. The feedback you ask when people are leaving the game would have better response if it’s a yes or no (binary)question.Some people won’t bother typing paragraphs as they rushing to go off their PCs
  • danxoresdanxores Posts: 7Member Beginner
    It’s still dependent on a cash to win game. Why do you even call it competitive mode when you allow all cash tactics, gear and gun to be use ?
    Competitive means it should be a fair and completing with your own skills. Not using those over powered cash gun and skins. Please don’t call it competitive when you allow all the overpower skins, cash tactics and cash gun.
    Make it more realistic please. It’s just stupid making competitive. Then how about those who only spend little cash or just wanna play the game without the need of all the skins, gun and cash tactics ?
    And also, if it’s a team of 5, let them complete with a team of 2 or 3. It’s unfair if a team of 5 versus a team which find individual matches.
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