[BS-SEA EVENT] Devil May Rise! [1100% EXP/BP Boost]

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URGENT - SAR 21 DEVIL - 1100% EXP/BP Boost

Mercs, do you believe in the LEGEND OF THE SAR 21 DEVIL? The original Devil was stolen from an army camp by an obsessed gunsmith, who manufactured and distributed hundreds of copies of the rifle before vanishing mysteriously. Those who used the Devil in battle reported being overcome by an uncontrollable bloodlust. Over time, fewer and fewer sightings of the Devil were reported...UNTIL NOW! 

For TWO HOURs on 11 May, the SAR 21 DEVIL is making a terrifying comeback, along with an INSANE 1100% EXP/BP BOOST. It’s all yours if you follow these instructions:

-Complete 5 matches on 11 May from 1500HRS – 1700HRS GMT+8

-Stay in-game for AT LEAST ONE HOUR between 1500HRS -1700HRS GMT+8 

-If you follow these instructions, you’ll get:

SAR 21 Devil 3d, Multi-Weapon 2 3d, Scythe 3d, 6000BP

-Play on any server on 11 May from 1500HRS – 1700HRS GMT+8 to get 1100% EXP and BP.

-Rewards will be credited on 15 May 1100HRS GMT+8. 

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