ALBR1GAD1ERALBR1GAD1ER Posts: 3Member Beginner
Immediately, ping system should be brought back to game. Many players knowingly playing with internet speed.
The game is getting worse every day, at the same time. Almost all of the players are either using the hacking program or overclocking. The strange thing is that these movements are normally welcomed, and that these actions take place in many high-level players.  I hope my comments are taken into consideration.

With all respect


  • vanDykevanDyke Posts: 16Member Beginner
    I'm all for brininging the ping limit back, some people just lagg so hard they might as well be hacking.
  • backtothekeybacktothekey Posts: 14Member Beginner
    Ping limit gives players a better experience i really agree that ping limit should be again in the game if the game gets players again.
  • DruidaDruida Posts: 385Member Trainee
    Back in old times mp5 record with 1 amo clip was 8 kill with no reload, now it is max 1 kill if i lucky XD
    So basicly i made me stop play CQC :)

    Ping system (PTP) i loved it put it on green and kill all, but now game is (PTS) and hard to kill, inpossible on cqc to me
  • ALBR1GAD1ERALBR1GAD1ER Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Why is there still no work on the ping system? :@
  • PAPAYAnexon2PAPAYAnexon2 Posts: 348Member Intermediate
    A lot players use the wifi connection for to use the lag.
  • PAPAYAnexon2PAPAYAnexon2 Posts: 348Member Intermediate

    WIFI for lag xdd

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