Enemy Rate Of Experience By The Numbers

The game is fun. I find that the grinding isn't supplemented by the full speed. Once the player is done destroying enemies. There are simply not enough enemies past a certain level. That level is starting at 130. 
There are players whom probably have auto-heal set to "on". They are just going to away from keyboard and grind using summoner. That's all nice and dandy. That's also taking up a LOT of much needed enemies for fast leveling.
When anybody is considering the scaling of the enemy damage output. Mass attacking the giant enemies in the Crespo tundra is silly. Player is going to spend way too much on a lower rate of experience. The spawns are pretty separated. Whereas the rock guys across from the portal are much less difficult.
I find although much higher numbers are more damage at once. Most players are interested in using those particular enemies. Those are simply too slow. That's for people whom actually play the game.
There's an, perhaps, argument of "oooh well just go do dungeons". Dungeons are simply not fast enough. The player is having to race through a maze of fixed rate enemies. Which is reducing experience value and over time.
I'm not certain how much the servers are capable of handling. I would rather fight out 30 plus amount of guys than having to scavenge for 6 or 7.
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