Platinum User Interface And Subscription

I have a cool idea. What if there was a brand new user interface. Which has a whole range of new features and things. Only the users whom are paying a subscription to Papayaplay can access. 
An interface which is faster and more modern. Where attacks are still going to recharge. Except the player are able to move around like in modern 3rd person shooter games.
I would also recommend adding a bunch of new menu features and used only by platinum subscribers. There could be specific items in the shop which are only accessible to platinum users. 
I mean what's $5 (USD) a month? That's virtually nothing. I mean specially for a bunch of new content.
There could be a color customization option for armors and effects. This way platinum players can show off their platinum status but also purchase dyes from the shop.
There could also be newer, improved, mounts in a second mount option. Where players are able to get legendary mounts. They can ride things which can also attack too. They aren't just limited to free player mounts. Thus encouraging free player is important. They are more likely to purchase platinum. Perhaps the new mounts are excellent incentives. Since they are only for platinum players.
I totally imagine new kinds of dungeons and enemies. Which is a perfect excuse for the current developers to implement more to the story and which they've always wanted. This is going to reinforce incentive for free players to buy platinum.
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