[INFO] Hacker spotted in-game?

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Hello Operators,

As we all know, we are always constantly combating this hackers all the time. But how are we going to stop them? Well it is simple! 

If you found a player suspected of using some sort of hack, be it wallhack, big head hacks, melee hacks whatever hacks that you feel and can see clearly, from your own perspective. Send it to us so we can deliver Justice for all!

Here are the simple steps that you can do to fight this hackers.

1. You can capture your gameplay footage showing their IGN clearly.

- There are different ways to capture your footage. If you are a Windows 10 user, do note that the OS comes included in the recent update a game recording app called "Gamebar". 

- [For Windows 10] Press "Win+Alt+R" to record your gameplay footage. (Your footage will be saved in: "/Videos/Captures/")

[For Nvidia users] Only applicable to GTX graphic card: Access shadowplay and press "Alt + F9" to start recording your gameplay footage. 

2. Upload it to Youtube and make it unlisted. [As pictured]

3. After uploading, copy the link shown in the picture: [As shown]

4. Once you copied that link to a Notepad or somewhere... Paste the link at our Support Ticket's description: [as shown] (*Ticket submission link below*)

5. Click
Submit and you're done! :D

Click here to Submit a Ticket

*Do note that the ticket will be responded during Working days. Do have patience if your ticket did not get a response yet as we will have to go through the process*

Team BlackShot SEA
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