[INFO] Ping Issues? Having lags?

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Hello Operators,

Sometimes, you will experience some sort of latency issues... high pings... lag can't play why??

Well, we don't have the definite answers for you since latency issues are varied for many reasons such as:

1. Your ISP
2. The type of router that you used.
3. The type of connectivity that you used to connect to the router.
4. Your region. 
5. etc etc...

So how are we going to solve this?

Well, all you have to do is just send us a ticket with the following answers that you can give us:

1. What is your ISP? (Internet Service Provider)

2. What is your Router's model? (You can find the model number on the router itself)

3. What type of connectivity are you using? (Wireless or Wired?)

4. Which part of the SEA region are you residing?


Send us all this into our Support Ticket and we will take your report so that we can assess the situation with our current servers and your connectivity.

With your report, it will help us greatly to pinpoint and improve our servers and find the problems that is causing the issues to your connectivity. 

For that we would like to thank you before-hand for your continuous support in being part of our community in helping to improve and giving the best experience for you and everyone else in the coming future!

To send a ticket click on the link bellow:

Submit a Ticket

*Information given will be used to improve our server connectivity and settings so as to improve your region's connectivity.*

Team BlackShot SEA
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