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Hello players!

Welcome to BlackShot SEA Papayaplay Forum! 

As we welcome you to our forum site for you to share and socialize on anything and everything about BlackShot, be it complaints or suggestions or just BlackShot in general, the story the lore the gameplay...
But as much as we allow even to the most casual of conversations in our Forum...

RULES are still needed to be followed! :)



1. No Offensive language / insults / racism!

2. No Offensive pictures!

3. No Spamming!

4. No promoting of Hacktools or any other external 3rd party software links!

5. No promoting of unauthorized Discord Channels!

6. No promoting of ANY malicious/anonymous websites!


You are free to post anything as long as the rules are adhered. We hope to hear some interesting discussion from you, so if you have any ideas and thoughts about the game, feel free to share with us in the forums. 

Thank you!

*First time post will need to be verified first before any new discussions/comments can be made. Please wait for 1 or 2 days to get your comments and discussions verified.*

Team BlackShot SEA
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