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edited June 2018 Event & News

---300% EXP/BP---VOTE & GET REWARDS---

Still stuck to the news?

To commemorate this important moment in history when two rival nations sat down together to discuss peace (or pieces?), we wanna know where YOU stand on the political spectrum... of BlackShot! Here’s how you participate:

-REACT to this post with which faction in the world of BlackShot you stand with:

Haha: Gaia- A megacorporation with control over most world governments that aims to advance humanity into the 22nd century through legislation and control of the media. 

Wow: The Cloners- A secretive cabal of anti-government fighters and scientists who seek to tear down Gaia with their clone army and bring about a return to nation states rather than a globalist corporatocracy. 

-The faction with the most votes shall unlock a lovely reward for all of you, to be revealed on 15 June!

So vote, vote I say! And once you’re done with that, show everyone how YOU engage in diplomacy by shooting up your enemies to the tune of 300% EXP/BP tomorrow 12 Jun, 1400HRS – 1700HRS GMT+8.

BlackShot SEA Team
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