[Guide] Karon's Invasion Field Bosses

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I've been farming the Guild Frontier medals for the title recently and after searching for info on these bosses I couldn't find anything so I thought i'd post everything I found here for anyone else who wants to farm them in future! These bosses are the ones that spawn when you see the "Karon's invasion" server-wide announcements.

The bosses spawn at 17:00 CEST [08:00 PDT, 11:00 EDT], 21:00 CEST [12:00 PDT, 15:00 EDT], 01:00 CEST [16:00 PDT, 19:00 EDT] - though sometimes not all spawn each time. If there is an announcement in the zone 5 minutes before the stated time, saying the name of the boss or a spam of symbols (wrong translation) then the boss in that zone will probably be spawning. If the boss isn't at these spots it's either already dead, it didn't spawn this time or someone has dragged it away from the spawn location!

You can see the Co-ordinate numbers above your minimap in the top right of your screen.

Boss Name - Map Name (Co-ords), Area name - Rewards

Runsnio - Draco Desert (56:56), Top left of map  - Hamon's Medal 3600 frontier points, Experience crystals

Kagasel - Python Castle (339:473), Bottom of East Border - Erwin's Medal 3600 frontier points, Experience crystals

Kuramir - Aquirai Ruins (290:58), North of West Maze - Medal of Gizel 6000 frontier points, Experience crystals

Aquirai The Immortal - Aquirai Ruins (80:160), Biorenchia - Helion priest's medal 8000 frontier points, random +0 equipment

Tritone - Aquarius (151:112), Tritone Shelter - Rondow's medal 9000 frontier points, random +0 equipment 

Tarik #3 - Mitera (90:102), Polluted Swamp - Debanni's medal 26,800 frontier points

Pausha - Dravice Field - Altar of blood (216:75), Altar of death (167:389), Altar of darkness (376:345), Altar of fall (299:231) - Dravice follower medal 1000 frontier points, Sap nuggets, random +0 equipment
**2 Pausha spawn at each location**

Grandis (+Spawns after all Pausha have been killed on the map+) - Dravice Field - Altar of blood (216:75), Altar of death (167:389), Altar of darkness (376:345), Altar of fall (299:231) - Dravice's medal 1000 frontier points, Sap nuggets, random +0 equipment 
**2 Grandis spawn at each location**

Traitor Erupt (+Spawns after all Grandis have been killed on the map+) - Dravice Field - Shaman's Altar (446:58) - Sofos' medal 26,800 frontier points, Erupts collection (random dravice artifacts/dragon bones/rarely shield potions)

When you've got the medals from any of the bosses or the medals of honor from doing daily commission quests, you can hand them in at Vascuda (Adventurer) in Ardeca and if your guild's in the top 5 you can get the title on the reset by simply entering the guild dungeon and starting the arena fight - it seems to only work once per guild though at the moment or it could just be buggy. :P


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