Pet Socketing

ShirololShirolol Posts: 80Approved Member Beginner
Please add the option to give your pet a socket. Currently you have to win the lottery to get the pet you want and then you have to win it again to get it with a socket, otherwise it's almost worthless. This discourages most people from even trying to get the rare pets and annoys the ones who do try by forcing them to spend a ridiculous amount of dk coins.

My solution to this which I think is fair to players and also good for Papaya is add an item to the cash shop which allows you to add a socket to your pet.

Another solution would be to add an option to pet combining where you get to keep the pet TYPE you have (for example: A Dragolich(u)) but you rebirth it by combining it with any other pet for a chance at a socketed version of the base pet, using the same rules for combining as usual with regards to unique/rare/normal qualities.

Feel free to post your ideas on how to fix the pet socket system or if you think these ideas are fair so maybe we can get Papaya to do something about it!
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