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Hi Y'all!

You know what the world needs? More Mercs shooting each other! Help us spread the word of BlackShot by getting your friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, sworn enemies and furry friends to LIKE the BlackShot SEA Facebook page. If we surpass the following tiers before 10 July 2359HRS GMT+8, you shall all get the following rewards


Current Likes: 97,000

Achieve 100,000 Likes to get: 400% EXP/BP (1-day, 1500-1700HRS GMT+8.)

Achieve 105,000 Likes to get: HK 416 Forest 7d, Auto 9 Chromium 7d, Med Kit 2 7d

Achieve 111,000 Likes to get: HK 416 N 7d, M24 Golden Star 7d, Med Kit 2 7d, SMF Knife 7d, Polizei 7d, 1000% EXP/BP (1-day, 1500-1700HRs GMT+8)

Put it this way: if all 97,000 of you invited one person to LIKE this page, you will unlock ALL the rewards


***You must play BlackShot SEAfor at least 3 hours between 1 Jun-12 Jul to get the rewards.

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