Vikings Wannabe events

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I mapped out all spots.

Iron Tightings- Heavy Carracks 80/1872

In fact, it's only one spot that area ,so it kills your crews pretty fast with their grape shot cannons. Surgery, Evasion, Rescue, and Repair are useful to grind against these vikings.

Infiltrating Units-Heavy Galley 162/1689 and 15767/1697
They prefer hand to hand combat ,but they're cannon fodders and mining baits.

Mobility Units- Vaisseau 82/1495, 16035/1424, and 15713/1847

They're pretty fast even though I had zero chance to keep survive against any Vaisseau ,so I don't know what are their combat styles.

Siege Units- Vaisseau 15822/1435 and 16245/1470

I think they have high rank gunnery skills that sunk my ship with 2 hits even my ship had high armour.

Elite Units- Vaisseau 15988/1224 and 16292/1198 

They're probably strongest of all Vikings wannabes.

Defense Units- Heavy Carrack- 15991/1709 and 112/2203

They're all around and has pretty high armour.

Novice Vikings-  Large Carracks 16189/1734 and 117/2350

They're obviously weakest of all Vikings Wannabes.

Oh I would like someone to offer some guides regarding those Vaisseau. In fact, I never saw anyone to take on those yet even though I know some players included me did.
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