[BS-GLB Community Feedback] Competitive Beta Season 4 & BlackShot Revolution Update

DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 838BS ServerHead Intermediate
Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

We just released the Competitive Beta Season 4 update that not only brings the start of the final Competitive Beta Season but also brings a preview of the upcoming BlackShot Revolution major update!

Check the link below for the full details of the latest update:

Competitive Beta Season 4 & BlackShot Revolution Update 

(click for more info)

Your feedback is now more important than ever and we would appreciate if you could check all the info on the link above and later share your feedback and improvement suggestions on this topic.

Please take under consideration that the BlackShot Revolution update is just a preview and we will continue to share more info with all details during this.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the update!

Team BlackShot


  • MarkusKDSMarkusKDS Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    WTF u cant be serious? I play this game since the fkin beta got more issues than I can count, this game always had problems but what u about to is fked up… seriously I safed every good weapon there is from every event and lvl up so I could use them one after another I got weapons for way over 3 years in my storage and u tell me u about to erase that? WTF I also spend hours to lvl up my mastery I spent so much time to lvlin and u tell me it was worthless…the heck? what u doin?
    TBH I think u doin great tryin to balance the game but at least let People keep their storage? also what u think about all the nabs around that can only Play BECAUSE of the op stuff? dont get me wrong I rly appreciate that u tryin to balance it but seriously there are so many nabs around that couldnt play without op... dont get me wrong I could care less about all the bad Players around but dont u think many will quit cause they cant do shit any longer? Rights now there are people with op struggling against bp what do u think will happen if they also have to play bp? 
    anyway I think ist wrong to just erase all the bsc gear u have in storage like WTF did I safe all the stuff for? U cant just walk around tellin People that they just spent years for nothing or spent hundrets of euros to get sth for 999 so u can erase it right now?
    thats wrong in so many ways I cant just believe someone came up with this idea… 
  • LittlelascsakLittlelascsak Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I think balancing the game is a very good idea, but I' m very disappointed because all the weapons I saved over the last years will be gone. I hope we will get enough gold and gems for the weapons, otherwise I probably stop playing this game. I paid money for weapons I didn't use until now, I hope the money will be worth it, even after the update.
  • alicia236alicia236 Posts: 36Member Beginner

    Tirando o sistema de patente e mastery, vocês estão acabando com a graça do jogo. Após o lançamento dessa fase de revolution, eu vou parar de jogar. 
    Foram tantas as mudanças horríveis que aconteceram ao longo desses meus 10 anos de blackshot. 
    Esta será uma das piores mudanças, vai afeta o que me fazia jogar este jogo. 

    Coisas que deveriam acontecer na minha opinião, era deixar como está e mudar pontualmente as coisas abaixo. 

    • Equilíbrio das armas e voltar a AK47 como era antes. 
    • Arrumar um servidor de clãs justo, e fazer promoções para que os jogadores queiram jogar. 
    • Trazer novos jogadores, através de financiamento de youtube games. 
    • Tirar o lag do jogo. 
    • Resolver o problema de macros. 
    Abaixo, esta uma regra para o servidor de clã. 

    • 1sniper por tempo.
    • Só AK47. 
    • Gears apenas de BP. 
    • Tirar os personagens de shop. 
    • Somente TFM OU SD. 
    O competitivo do blackshot é bagunçado, não tem GM presente, não tem eventos diário, os GM não organizam nenhum campeonato nacionais. 

    Seguindo as regras, o que prevalece é a jogabilidade. 

    Tenho diversas ideias, e experiência deste jogo. 

    Não cópia os outros jogos, sejam originais. 
    O blackshot é um bom jogo, falta-lhe ideias boas públicas. 

    Lutando por um blackshot justo e limpo.
    beginning: dezembro/2008
  • MentalistEUMentalistEU Posts: 1Member Beginner
    This is a very promising update, and i wanted to mention some points, but first, the previous comments need to be answered:


    There is a huge controversy in what you're saying, first you're stating that you're an old beta player that have been playing the game for years and years, then you wrote:

     "Rights now there are people with op struggling against bp what do u think will happen if they also have to play bp?"

    Are you serious? You just disagreed with the main idea and principle of a balanced game, in which people who "DESERVE" to win due to their experience and gaming skills should win. But no, you're saying that those who paid more should continue to win which is what "pay-to-win" stands for.

    Plus i don't even see OP players losing or even struggling to BP ones, i don't know what game you're playing, but it's not Blackshot because right now, BP players are the ones getting rekt, no matter how skillful they are. I, myself, have been playing this game for years, i don't use any char or broken weapons, all the way from the 1 shot MSR through the no recoil Rifles and SMGs to the T1 OP grenade, and my favorite weapon remains the AK47 Gold, with which i do struggle more than you can think to kill those OP lords with the above mentioned gears and i still fail against most, and believe me it's not because i'm a bad player, it's because they decided to take an advantage of those broken weapons to get their win.

    Every time i talk to one of those OP players and ask them where the fun is when using all these gears and how noob-ish it is to use them, they all answer the same "It's not our fault, we didn't make these weapons and put them in the shop". So please, it's just time to end that bullsh**!

    How can you call yourself an old dedicated player and you state that new noob players should be able to win old experienced ones just because they paid for it?!

    And about your inventory, no one said it will be deleted and all gone in the wind, they specifically said that it will be "TURNED" into gold with which you will be able to re-acquire the weapons that  you want (But hopefully balanced), because if they don't do that, it's pointless to call it "Re-balanced".



    I can totally relate to your fears because i too have a storage full of some really old and amazing weapons that I've been saving, but we can't really say anything against that until we see how they gonna replace all these weapons and gears with proper gold enough to re-acquire the same valued (In terms of duration and expense) weapons all over again.

    But thank you for agreeing that this is a very good idea and that the game does need that re-balance


    Now i can write my own feedback:

    In general, this is by far, the most important update for the future of Blackshot, and it all lies in that hands of the developers/product managers, because if it's done right, this game will have an amazing future, but at the same time, 1 small mistake in one of the major points (Listed below) will bring it down to the ground.

    Weapon Rebalance

    A very critical term, that this game has been suffering and struggling with since the release. For this update to actually work, this is the top of the list on most important and major factors which you MUST get 100% right!

    You're about to wipe the whole server (Clients' storage) and all in the name of "re-balance", so if you treat this with any greed or fu** up with any single weapon, you will get the rage of all the community, not the just the current one, but include the old players that are coming back for this and the new ones that will try the game out after the advertisements that you will do (I hope you do).

    If you really want the best results for this weapon re-balance, allow old experienced GMs/DSHs and old experienced players on the forum to actually give you tips on what's wrong and how to perfect it, because no one knows the quality of any product more than the customers, not even the developers.

    I'm sure GMs and DSHs by now have already started giving their feedback and recommendations for this re-balance, and for the sake of this game to live, please listen to them..

    I, myself, will make a forum post later on in which i will list most of the weapons that i see require a re-balance with specific adjustments, and i hope everyone else will share their experience with me and most importantly, i just hope that you will actually listen and follow.

    Storage wipe-out

    A very risky yet important move for this update to pay off. The reason it's important, because i don't think devs will be able to re-balance every and each single weapon ever released on both versions of the game, but instead, a group/bunch of weapons in each category will be released after the re-balance and the rest will be removed till they're worked on and re-balanced as well, and if that's true, that means that some of the weapons that are currently in users' storage will be removed (Those which will be re-balanced later) and compensated/turned into the equivalent amount of gold which is risky but still a must.

    I have to mention how important it is to put extra effort in the compensation process because as you have seen by now, not everyone is happy about this move. So, please put in mind not just the duration of the weapons in the storage, but also the value/money of each which users had to pay to acquire those weapons and gears. 

    By that i mean, if i have a CG805 BREN Tuning and an AK47 Black, both for 30 days, then the amount of gold i would receive from both weapons shouldn't be the same, because AK47 Black is currently 660 BSC and the BREN tuning is 899 BSC. You get the point..

    Special Characters

    This is one of the most important points in the re-balance section. Though you mentioned that gems will be used to acquire "only cosmetic" items, i do hope you meant by that, that special characters will be only cosmetic and only obtainable via gems, because if you don't do that, the whole update is worthless because you know how vital this subject is to the community.

    We've trusted you so many times in the past, but you failed us in so many ways, please make this right to have a spark of light among all the black pages you've written..

    Thank you for reading this, i know you're probably tired of reading by now (That's if you even read the whole thing :D)

    Kind regards,
  • Carros14Carros14 Posts: 4Approved Member Beginner
    Eu sou CIC e estou muito ancioso para o novo BS , mudança sempre é boa , o blackshot esta atualmente "parado" no tempo ele eh um jogo de 10 anos , sera muito boa essa repaginaçao ! E sim me esforçei para chegar cic , porem se é para o game ficar top e ter mudanças positivas nao me importo de começar de novo ! Acredito que novos jogadores surgiram, pois ele tera a cara dos novos fps que estao em alta e com a jogabilidade que nenhum tem, pois a jogabilidade do bs é diferenciada sem char magros que parecem bonecos de papel haha ! #blackshotrevolution chega logo o/
  • Parente11Parente11 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Na minha opinião sinceramente, o novo blackshot não vai atrair mais gente, muito pelo contrário, há dias oensava que sim, mas agora não, pela razão que vi vários videos do blackshot, e comentei com meus amigos, e se isso continuar vão perder muitos jogadores.

    O que podiam fazer para melhorar o jogo, era colocar somente os fatos, chapeus, e as skins para as armas de TWC.

    Skins para as armas como assim?,  Por exemplo tinhamos a Ak normal, e as várias skins, era da Ak dragon, Ak forest, sendo todas iguais, o que mudava era o desenho da arma. 

    As armas que compravamos todas permanentes.
    Tirar as snipers MSR, a Corgi Jack Bone (granada), que isso foi o que estragou literalmente o jogo.

    Isso é tudo obrigado! 
  • KeepKeepKeepKeep Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Eu li todos os comentários, e muitos não estão a perceber, eu sei que muitos armazenaram armas de boa qualidade e as guardam em seus inventários como se fossem um "tesouro" outros jogaram na GoldBox e agora têm boas armas para um infinito tempo, mas têm que perceber que eles vos vão dar as Gemas correspondentes a essas armas, e assim podendo comprar outras coisas com Gemas, o jogo vai ficar bem melhor com a seguinte actualização, porque vocês falam bem; têm armas boas, aquelas snipers OPs que mata de um tiro, mas imaginem aquelas pessoas que não têm nada disso, vão competitivo e todos os da equipa contrária têm essas Snipers ou Rifles OPs, não fica um competitivo justo e equilibrado.
    Bom jogo para todos!
  • Sgin198Sgin198 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Blackshot era um jogo unico nenhum jogo era igual, tudo diferente mastery as ak a jogabilidade tudo, agora deixaram igual a toods e ainda mais tiraram as melhores armas do jogo as ak e o que era melhor o mastery, lvl em jogo fps ???? Deus me livre, quem teve essa ideia ? 
    Fico muito ruim de verdade bs e bs so jogava este jogo gostava de mais ate comprei um pc pra continuar jogando com melhores qualidades. 
    Agora voces vem e fazer essa att nada a ver com o jogo mds !! 
    Fico horrivel, pra min voltar a jogar so se voltar o bs da antiga porque agora, nao tem mais nenhuma graca...

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