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I would like to tell some small changes in blackshot global actually before this update we could have see others mastery and now we cant see others mastery and its so annoying before 1year the update was so good and also you should place clan ranking according to total wins not weekly wins there are so many old pro clans and now its in last place so you change it like before how it was and yeah please update ak project dragon to shop again we need that rifle badly so many are asking and all of your updates are good and i liked it no other issue i paly from past 5 years i ioved your papaya play games :) 
Thank you


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    Wtf, don't do something so stupid, don't add this ak project in shop. blackshot wants to change and stop being a pay2win, and you want to pay a weapon to be better ... just learn to play fair without op, because all these players who feel pros, and who only play full bsc (twc) will be smash the 25 if blackshot keeps its promises. 

    You're talking about "old pro clan", these pro who left this game because of these op like ak project, this "amazing update from 1 year ago" was with full op, ak project, sar21 skull reaper, msr omega, sr2, m1, skin op, gears bsc ......

    Anyway, everyone does not wait for a return to 1 years ago, contrary, all the old player who left, are waiting for a huge update, without all these op shit, something like the old twowar, when everything was fair. without op, where a real competition could be.

    but hey, we've been so disappointed during these 10 years do we do not hope too much. 


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