[NOTICE] Community Representatives - Session 1

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Dear Players,

We are delighted to announce our Session 1 Community Representatives for the term beginning on July 6th. We have selected two CRs:

Here are their introductions in their own words.

"I'm a very old player, I started after CBT. At that time, I used to play my Segnale Darkoli, (Noob but proud member of Requiem!). Nowadays, you may know me as AphrOlite Lvl 195 Segita Hunter leader of the Guild StonerZz and Juicy Alliance. I hope all of the above has not been too long and I look forward to being assigned to effective tasks to improve your daily life on Trieste!"

"Greetings Global Dekaron community, I’m Xen0s. I have been around in Dekaron for a long time. I signed up for this “job” because I’m sure I have some of what it takes to take this game towards the right direction. "

Please contact one of the CRs in game for any of the following:
1. Suggestions or concerns about the game.
2. Reporting users for breaking terms of service.
3. Reporting bugs, glitches, or abnormalities.
4. If you need arbiter for inter-player conflict.

Do not give your personal or account details to our CRs. Please send private matters to our Support Help Desk directly.

If you need help in languages other than English. Both of our CRs are fluent in additional languages.
For support in French / Français: AphrOlite
For support in Danish / Dansk: Xen0s
For support in German / Deutsch: AphrOlite and Xen0s

Thank you.
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