**[Modified] Announcement on Treasure Cove & Captain's Ticket **

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Ahoy Captains,

We would like to send you a sincere apology for the inconvenience system had provoked.

As a compensation for any trouble that may have occurred, we will determine and announce the corresponding compensation fully. We will update on how the specific compensation will be laid out through announcement as soon as possible.

Along with the promise, we would like to announce 3 modifications which are as follows:

1. The issue was caused by the unexpected error in Treasure Cove: the item quantity that you received was randomly duplicated to some users.
(If it was supposed to be x2, some users accidentally got x4 in-bank).

2. Therefore, the maintenance was re-done investigating the issue, and as a result, we deleted any extra amount of quantity that the user(s) received from this error existed in in-game bank for the sake of accuracy and fairness among users.

3. For users who have already received the items from the bank and put in inventory, GMs will personally go and take back the duplicated items (not the correct quantity), so we would appreciate you not using/selling/discarding/trading those items in-game yet.

4. We would like to thank you so much for reporting this issue. Honest users have all helped us discovering the issue very quickly.


With a higher chance getting top-tier ships and items, Treasure Cove provides you all the fun and dynamics!
Where to find Treasure Cove information?

Want to go to Treasure Cove directly?

What happens to Captain's Ticket?
-->  Please be noted that the current Naval Battle Captain's Ticket will continue on-going until July 25th, 2018, our next scheduled Maintenance.
--> After July 25th, the Captain's Ticket system will be in use until September 5th as a transitional period with the content being equal to its corresponding Treasure Cove season.
--> We recommend you use your tickets before September 5th, as they will not be available after the transitional period.

Thank you for your cooperation.

- Team Uncharted Waters
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