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I'm currently living in Singapore but i wish to play blackshot. However, the Singapore server is dead with no people playing in it. This means that i have to play in the Malaysian server but i face a massive amount of lag when i do that. It takes about 2 seconds for the shots to register before it deals damage which makes it impossible to play. Is there a way to prevent the lag?


  • GMSantaGMSanta Posts: 111Member, Papaya Play, BS Game Master, BS ServerHead Professional
    Hi slayercombo!

    Sorry that you're facing this! Due to the geographical proximity of Malaysia and Singapore, Singapore players should face little latency problems. It's certainly not meant to be "massive amount of lag"

    Please do assist in performing the following steps so that we can assist you better;

    Run it and type in the Host. Run it for 30~60 seconds then export TEXT and send it here. Alternatively you can send it to me on Discord (GM-Santa#2638) if you are more comfortable sending it there.

    This information will then be forwarded to the IT Team and Developers to analyse. 

    Thank you! 
    BlackShot SEA GM Team
    Discord: GM-Santa#2638
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