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Hola bois. Here are a few pointers from me, regarding Revolution.

As an old school BS player, i love the fact that the pay to win element is going to be a thing in the past, but there are a few things that still concern me.

In my personal opinion, every kit (speed kit, med kit etc.) should be removed from the game entirely. If not entirely, i think the only kits that should stay in the game, are Bomb kit and normal medkit.

Multiweapon gear should also be removed. It completely removes the element of team sniper/rusher/assault, by making everyone have 2 weapons at once.

Armors V and VI. Should be self explanatory. Wtf were you thinking in the 1st place?

Also, i think nades are WAY too powerful in the game. These should get a decent nerf. Fun playing Comp games and team gets wiped by a random nade.

Tactics packages should be removed, (getting rid of recoil reduce and subzero blood). Alternatively, if not removed, these should affect gameplay heavily by adding movement speed reduction etc. as a drawback to subzero/recoil reduce.

Those are some of the things i think should be fixed in Revolution (if not done already). Loving the idea of non pay to win BS. this is not hatespeech, only my personal opinions. <3
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