[PvP Trial Period] Unlimited Battles on Seas! (Closed)

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edited October 2018 Announcement
* Please note that the upcoming change in regards to PvP Battle is a TRIAL RUN. 
This trial will run:
From August 1st, 2018 to August 22nd, 2018 (PDT)
Depending on User Feedback, the restriction duration or the policy may be modified. * 

Unlimited Battles on Seas!

The time period restriction in which Normal Characters (White-name) cannot be attacked by the same Wanted/Pirate Character (Red/Orange-name) has now been removed! 


The world of Uncharted Waters Online contains many Sea Regions. The Sea Regions at the following areas always have the status of “Safe Waters”:

  • North Atlantic

  • Western Mediterranean

  • Eastern Mediterranean

  • North Sea

Most of the other Sea Regions not mentioned have the status of “Hostile Waters” where players are able to attack one another.

The status of “Hostile Waters” for Sea Regions can be changed to “Lawless Waters” or “Safe Waters”, depending on the activities of players in the Sea Region. Non-pirate players should try to either avoid or subdue Pirates and protect the safety of the seas, while Pirate players do the opposite and create a more beneficial environment for themselves.



If the amount of Pirates being subdued in the Sea Region is higher than the amount of Piracy acts that have taken place, the Sea Region is more likely to change status to “Safe Waters”, while if the opposite were to occur, the Sea Region is more likely to change status to “Lawless Waters”.

*Water Statuses will remain for 168 Hours once changed, and will revert back to the status of “Hostile Waters” afterwards.



After having a battle in “Hostile Waters” or “Lawless Waters”, players will be protected with a Green Flag. The duration of this effect will vary depending on the State of Water the player is in as well as the action that player had taken.

<<Duration of Green Flag>>


We are looking forward for your feedback and suggestions! 

- Team Uncharted Waters

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  • mondobogusmondobogus Posts: 57Member Beginner
    I against this 100%!!!
    There was a reason the pirate nerf happened on OGP (though they went WAY too far). More pirates were attacking newer players in an ongoing gankfest, causing those players to quit. Not only did they quit, some even posted on  Youtube why NOT to play UWO. Since you don't even advertise to begin with now, can you afford the negative press?

    The seas became bare; pirates quit since almost nobody (yes I mean way less than now) were sailing for them to attack. I sailed for about 8 hours one day and only found other pirates to attack!

    Then the nerf happened: players started to sail again, while most pirates left. All pirates were punished based on the actions of a select few.

    FINALLY you got it right with a 1hr rule, but now you're risking that negative press/loss of newer players who might otherwise stay by removing the time restriction.

    I know there are many arguments from vet players, "They can use tributes!" or "They can stay in safe waters!", but we already know things like this, while a newer player might not. This is about keeping newbies in the game! My favorite argument, "They can just log out for a bit until the pirate leaves!", but then whats to stop them from just uninstalling vs logging in again.

    Not all pirates will farm whites over and over. But there are enough to screw things up enough with this, using many tricks including alts.

    Even a 1/2 hr would be fine, but going back to farming whites is crazy (doing the same thing over again expecting a different result).

    Why not give more incentives to become a BH?!?!?

    That's just my $.02...I hope you understand the point.
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  • mondobogusmondobogus Posts: 57Member Beginner
    oh yea...while we're at it how about more jobs favoring row skill. I've never understood why it's limited to piracy jobs.
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  • fields1234fields1234 Posts: 165Member Trainee
    1 hour rule I agree was the perfect, it allowed the player enough time to get in and out of said areas, whilst if questing in the area gave a little incentive to continue.

    All this will do is make adventures stay in safe waters, whilst this might be good for people that apparently nanban all day long, it's not good for adventures.

    Like @Mondobogus above says, why change from a ideal 1 hour protection?
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  • theedgedemontheedgedemon Posts: 237Member Trainee
    its impossible for most casual players to outrun one which has decided to sour your day, much less in that little time after being deck cleaned since losing crew means losing your speed, complete removal is in direct prejudice of low lever and newer players, for the "benefit" of letting a very reduced few fell like bullies, pirates use fast and improved ships.

    we have already been there and seen that, the direct outcome of this was the pirate nerf since it took too many man hours to track all the daily grieving reports, and many good people left because of it, any of the many "options" people propose as counters are wet towels to hide a deeper issue of letting a few decide when and how the rest of us should play.

    as it stands a good part of the population is to be put in risk of grieving for the pleasure of a few immature kids, high level players and long time fans can take it, but it directly hurts newcomers which are what the game needs more right now, i can't imagine who decided that was a good idea.
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  • chronofoxchronofox Posts: 72Member Beginner
    Im 100% for this to stay pirates should be able to atk some one  after they allready been attacked once.
    Theres a 5min green flag after being attack allready also there are tribs and blue flags .If people are to laze to make or buy them to use thats there own falt no one elses.

    Also theres a lv cap in place any ways that piartes cant attack people under a set lv.

    Of course people useing 2-3 alts want a risk free ride so ya people are going to cry about it if they had it there way there would be no pirates what so ever.

    pirates are a good thing to help counter  alts and they also help add things for crafters to sell like tribs and gear.

    Iv run trade from the very start of uwo and iv know for a fact that as long as u have tribs u are 100% fine .

    people need to get over it pirates are part of the game and why should there game play be limited because some  dont  like it. .

    Most vets left because of all the nerfs to pvp and pirateing   undoing them is a right step imo.

    TO fix what some one above said with out stateing name because i think u cant call people out oddly lol
    But the only time the seas where ever  truelly dead was when esbts where unnerfed because every one was running dungeons or useing esbts to warp to ea for full cargo of nanban goods with no sailing time or risk .

    Not once was there dead seas wile pirates could atk u normally wile nm had the game.Back then people used tribs to counter pirates like it should be.

    I really hope u guys let this stick and let pirates be pirates .They do help counter the use of alts and thats a good thing .There needs to be some risk wile sailing

    Also ways to counter pirates
    1 Tribs
    2blue flag
    3high storage
    4Theres a ship skill but forget the name

    more thin enouth ways to counter pirates.

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  • AbbyeAbbyeAbbyeAbbye Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Player does good against the pirate that they didn't want to fight against in the first place and they only get 1 minute to escape.  White players with fast ships may be able to avoid being farmed, but players with slower ships don't have a chance.  One hour seemed fair. 
  • DedleyDedley Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Totally against this.  Pirate's are invariably the strongest players with the best ships.  newer players, even some long term players have no chance of avoiding pirates now let alone being attacked 12 times in an hour.  Players will leave the game in droves.  Pirates have to stop whinging - they have everything in their favour apart from the time restriction, now you want to take that away.  Pirates need to get off their butt and start hunting rather than everything fall into their lap.  I have seen one pirate in the Carib since it came off red on Wednesday.  They need to do some work and stop complaining.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 977Member Intermediate
    before the pirate nerf, i heard that pirates were only allowed to attack 5 times then they had to return to a pirate port to reset. Will this rule also apply? With unrestricted attacks there has to be some balance and this 5 limit attack rule seems fair. Right now this is how it is on one of the Asian servers and it seems to work really well. But truly, many people have left because there is no challenge in the game and it's become stagnant. I like the idea of bringing more thrill back to the game with this idea but there also needs to be balance. Traders should be using tribs and blue flags but they don't, this needs to change. It also seems that traders refuse to enlist BH help for their runs. I'm a BH but have never been asked to help a trader going on a long journey, it's time that we start promoting more co-operative play.

      Another factor that people seem to be avoiding talking about is the money factor. Traders spend very little on uwc compared to maritimers. Maritimers need top ships/gear/boosts and the fact is that we are the ones supporting this server primarily. People don't seem to realize that without spending to PPP then there will be no game to play for anyone! It's time white players start doing their part and contribute by at least buying blue flags. Yes this is a free to play game, but any free to play game will have limitations on what you can do unless you spend at least a little money.
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  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 977Member Intermediate
    And NO pirates are NOT the strongest players in the game. The proof of this is that they run at the sight of BH's :p
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  • jayjay40jayjay40 Posts: 19Member Beginner
    Heres my view :

    1) Make it 30 minutes green flag - more than sufficient time to get away

    2) Bring back 5 hit rule or make it 3 hit rule since some having panic attacks from the aspect of farming

    3) Un-Nerf all dungeon drops for the entire trial period - since so many worry about the low levels and newbies

    4) Make Improved Hold ship skill 100% again - If this is implemented, not necessary for 1,2 and 3

    5) Get rid of Forging Tools - Forging should only be available through alchemy 

    Hehehe, just my thoughts. 

  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 666Member Intermediate
    My thoughts 

    I fought for equal treatment of Pirates as the OGP nerfs simply were too harsh. Now you listened to Naver's crying and bitching and now you caved in and went to the extreme opposite and made whites farmable im very disappointed in not finding a compromise between the two extremes

    Listen the pirates are right it was TOO EASY to make money in the game as a trader doing nanban I agree but there are ways to make pirates a threat and limit this without resorting to farming.  Traders my bad any player does not like getting farmed its not fun and its not intuitive or realistic who wants to sit there and get killed over and and over when you've already been defeated? This is why traders quit originally nobody wants to sit and be attacked over and over. 

    My ideas for a solution... 

    I think the best solution would be either make it 

    5 minute Green Flag after trib and 20 min immunity from that pirate
    5 minute immunity from that pirate if escaped
    20 mins immunity after defeat from that pirate & 5 min flag

    Or a more clever way... 

    Put Navers rules in lawless waters only.  Then if Pirates want farming then they have to work for it to turn it lawless!  No EASY rides. This way they have to be out pirating to get their precious farming. 


    Same as above but change Safe and lawless waters to 24 or maybe 48 hours instead of a week.   This would make the competition to flip seas much more AGRESSIVE and would make maritimers have to fight for control of the seas


    You can do this pirate farming event 1 week out of a month.


    Theres lots of different ways to solve this issue just have to compromise but the problem is pirates will NEVER EVER be satisfied it's never enough even if you kept the farming rules on they'd just whine later OMG unplunderable gear is killing piracy or OMG we need pillage orders or fine Tribs need to be refused OMG the deck battlers are beating pirates boo hoo hoo .  See they will ALWAYS find something to cry about to cover up their failure as a pirate its just what they do... So don't expect this to shut up the pirate whiners been like this for years they just blame traders. 

    I'm willing to keep Navers rules as they are IF you notice a major uptick in players and interest in the game.. IF it's successful I'll just deal with it. However if Trader quit en masse and you guys keep crafting as useless as it is now due to boxes aide fleets and crafter don't see a reason to stay  and quit it's time for this pirate farming rule debate to end for GOOD. 
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 977Member Intermediate
    well, we could always re-address my original thread (Proposal for a balance game system) on this topic of farming and how to balance it out.

    IGN: Samantha99
  • miyamotomiyamoto Posts: 47Member Beginner
    Papaya had been making the best decision for uwo since they ever take over such as wipe and making this update. Cheers to papaya :D
  • sudakabambatasudakabambata Posts: 4Member Beginner
    buenas tardes, para empezar y como ya he dicho antes en este foro: 
    me parece una verguenza que no halla soporte para los jugadores hispanos.
    mas alla de eso y hablando del tema que nos atañe en este momento. 

    1.- Despues del wipe perdimos muchos amigos/jugadores/miembros de compania que llevaban jugando años
    porque no se veian capaces de volver a conseguir los niveles que les habia llevado tanto tiempo conseguir y les parecia una estafa. de hecho lo es 
    ya que muchos perdimos DINERO en nuestras cuentas cuando fueron reseteadas, no hablo de objetos 
    hablo de dinero en la cuenta. en mi caso especial matasteis a mi main y 200€ porque estaba 
    en una cuenta de steam la cual fue imposible transferir y a la cual nunca respondisteis mis correos.

    despues del anuncio de el periodo trial mas de 40 jugadores me han comentado que dejan el juego, 
    lo que sumado al varapalo anterior nos dejaria jugando practicamente a 4 jugadores, sus 800 alts + los gm's (el bingo sera divertido)

    2.- El evento o periodo trial o como querais llamarle solo es en beneficio de los battle player (pirates en este caso), si, el juego
    incluye piratas y "eso es parte del juego" pero el juego es mucho mas abierto que eso y al resto de los jugadores los marginais en beneficio de otros
    lo cual deja en clara desventaja a unos con respecto a otros. estos "otros" por cierto tienen sus barcos ya preparados para la pirateria (lo cual
    seguramente les ayuda a aniquilar a las flotas mercantes y aventureras muy rapido y ir a por otra (sin limite de ataques) y para el resto de 
    los jugadores las skills como "improve hold" ni siquiera funcionan de la manera correcta, puesto que solo te da un % de probabilidad de no ser saqueado.

    ya que nos pedis ayuda para mejorar el juego, encontrar los bugs, reportarlos y devolver las cosas que habeis dado por error vuestro
    (lo cual me parece una broma, ya que cuando en los tickets dabais "superstructures" 
    y consumables no habia ningun tipo de reembolso por vuestra parte y el dinero os lo quedasteis) 
    tened en cuenta la opinion de los jugadores.

    3.- con la nueva duracion de los periodos para ser atacado otra vez por piratas sin ninguna restriccion hacia ellos abres la puerta 
    a que pirata te puede seguir facilmente desde EA a Europa y atacarte cada minuto o cada 5 minutos. (si amigos, ya se habla mucho de ello)
    Puede que en server koreano la idea halla dado resultado, no se si ellos sufrieron un Wipe como nosotros 
    (si todos tuvieramos nuesros antiguos niveles de batalla, tambien seria muy divertido para nosotros), pero aqui en maris estamos todavia
     intentando llegar a los niveles que teniamos antes. no todos jugamos como Gazi.. ni nos dedicamos exclusivamente a batalla (ni a jugar).

    4.- Leed los comentarios de los jugadores, nosotros somos quienes mantenemos viva la comunidad (con mucho esfuerzo ya que "PPP" y 
    sus ideas geniales no ayuda a invitar a mas gente a jugar, este juego no se mantiene con un bingo al mes. la labor de los CA's es importante pero no suficiente.
    en comentarios anteriores os han dado muchas buenas ideas asi que no las repetire, la mayoria me parecen buenas ideas (en comparacion con lo propuesto por papaya)
    solo recomendaros que hagais eventos INCLUSIVOS, no EXCLUYENTES. estais matando el juego a cada paso que dais y vuestro despotismo solo os llevara 
    a cerrar el juego definitivamente.


    Good afternoon, to begin with and as I said before in this forum:
    it seems to me a shame that does not find support for the Hispanic players.
    beyond that and talking about the issue that concerns us at this time.

    1.- After the wipe we lost many friends / players / members of company that had been playing for years
    because they did not see themselves able to get back to the levels that it had taken them so long to achieve and it seemed like a scam. of course
    since many of us lost MONEY in our accounts when they were reset, I'm not talking about objects
    I talk about money in the account. in my special case you killed my main and € 200 because I was
    in a steam account which was impossible to transfer and to which you never answered my emails.

    After the announcement of the trial period more than 40 players have told me that they leave the game,
    what added to the previous setback would leave us playing practically 4 players, its 800 alts + gm's (bingo will be fun)

    2.- The event or trial period or whatever you want to call it is only for the benefit of the battle player (pirates in this case), yes, the game
    includes pirates and "that's part of the game" but the game is much more open than that and the rest of the players marginalize them for the benefit of others
    which leaves them at a clear disadvantage to one another. these "others" certainly have their ships already prepared for piracy (which
    surely it helps them to annihilate the merchant and adventurous fleets very fast and go for another one (without limit of attacks) and for the rest of
    The players' skills like "improve hold" do not even work the right way, since it only gives you a% chance of not being looted.

    since you ask us for help to improve the game, find the bugs, report them and return the things that you have given by mistake
    (which seems like a joke to me, since when you gave the tickets "superstructures"
    and consumables there was no refund of your part and the money you got)
    pay attention to the opinion of the players, PLEASE.

    3.- with the new duration of the periods to be attacked again by pirates without any restriction towards them you open the door
    which pirate can easily follow you from EA to Europe and attack you every minute or every 5 minutes. (YES friends, there's already a lot of talk about it)
    Maybe in Korean server the idea was good, I do not know if they suffered a Wipe like us
    (If we all had our old battle levels, it would also be fun for us), but here in Maris we are still
     trying to reach the levels we had before. we do not all play like Gazi ... not do we exclusively engage in battle (or play).

    4.- Read the comments of the players, we are the ones who keep the community alive (with much effort since "PPP" and
    his great ideas do not help to invite more people to play), this game is not maintained with a bingo a month. The work of the CA's is important but not enough.
    in previous comments they have given you many good ideas so I will not repeat them, most of them seem good ideas (in comparison with the proposal by papaya)
    only recommend that you make events INCLUSIVE, not EXCLUSIVE. You are killing the game with each step you take and your despotism will only take you
    to close the game definitely.

  • CocoaPuffBunnyCocoaPuffBunny Posts: 81Member Beginner
    As someone who played as a low level noob, with Hires, KIT-KAT, and (CA) Ezio repeatedly sinking me while I was trying to get to port with a white flag and lifesaver, I wholeheartedly support this change;  It will finally drive a stake in the heart of this server and kill it for good.  I was starting to enjoy this game, finally, until my joy was WIPED OUT!  I now play this as Farmville with my alt farms.  My Casting, Sewing, and Handicrafts are R1 as I wait for my farm warehouses to fill.  My R3 India-Style Quarters are void of exhorbitantly-priced furniture.  I will be sure to not sail in unsafe waters.  I refuse to give a Mom's Basement Slappy Spacebar Kid ANYTHING:  not a single ducat, tribute, or hard earned item.  So please, end my misery, and implement this change.
  • rangerzfanrangerzfan Posts: 93Member Beginner
    The new pirating rule is not a good idea and I am against it. The one hour was a good balance. History has shown grievers will run off even more players. The pirates received plunder back and had the hit time lowered to 1-hour and the population is still not good. The game will not return to some former glory as the reset did too much damage. The handling of the tickets didn't help either. This proposal will only make matters worse. For example, newer players in search of port permits will find out they will be likely be farmed out of Calicut. Those still in slower FS ships in the mid-levels will be no match. Even a 5 minute green flag for a tribute will not be enough to allow one of those mid-level ships like a Big Trade Carrack or equivalent to get away without being easily followed. Enough farming could cause enough funds to be lost aides may suffer loss of loyalty. As CocoaPuff alludes to there are simply too many idiot pirates who will just play to grieve others. It is interesting that you are using the last three months of the rumored 1-year lease to run this out. There are many other things that would make this game better, but this new piracy rule is not one of them. This may actually put the final knife in for more players who are already on the edge.    
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  • xvBabyvxxvBabyvx Posts: 6Member Beginner
    Hmmm you know originally thoughts on this when I was told "Hey baby pirates will be able.to farm....." my initial thought not going lie was wooohoooo maybe now I can get into my blue dress that requires 18000 notoriety that I seen like ohhh back in January....
    Because I'm not a port camper .... I don't farm alts... I want my noto to be legit... I wont farm npc fleets for noto....

    So 18 000 noto is hard when in 3 hrs you can go from 10k notoriety to 2 or 3k even without being hit by bounty hunters...

    Want to make pirates happy legit atleast the ones who have been around since netmarble when this Idea caused massive issues....


    1. Make it so we sail off less noto...
    2.make discharge petitions and or pardons something obtainable.in game besides just at colony printer...

    Ie a special.handicraft book
    Just like ribs and ceasefires...
    Or maybe in shipwrecks
    Dungeon drops...

    Make the items you get from spoils worth it... or lower the noto requirements on some...

    Talk to the pirates that actually go out and freaking pirate and aren't statues in Seville courtyard for months at a time that just want to rant rave complain and whine....

    How about some kick arse female pirate attire that is nonplunderble
    I mean the guys got lion kings outfit
    And a few other nice looking + plunder items...

    How about Grace O'Malloy dress
    Or Anne Bonny's corset and skirt..

    I get you are trying to please people but its a game.. you will not please 100% of people...Ever...

    Try to be more realistic.... to be bluntly honest

    This will cause a massive loss in players...we have lost enough players in the last 2 months trust me I'm on almost everynight... I have seen the drop in numbers.. those numbers were Loysl veteran players of 4+ yrs

    I have been around since netmarble... dont believe me when I give my blunt unbiased opinion....

    Go in world chat ask someone about me... I joke i kid around.. I try to make people happy but if they ask my opinion I ain't dumping tons of sugar on it

    ===---- xvBabyvx-----===

  • xvBabyvxxvBabyvx Posts: 6Member Beginner
    - better get a fkin cooking for biting her tongue and keeping it g rated-
  • THT3rdTHT3rd Posts: 47Member Beginner
    Ahoy! To all Known Sailors and unknown Sailors alike, this my take.

    The way I see it, its only a 22 day trial, I won't openly form any real opinion or vote on it until after I've experienced the 22 day trial for myself. I will only share my opinion and views from my personal standpoint :o

    When I first ever played UWO and even now, there is and has always been a 'keep your eyes peeled' feel for pirates who lurk when you try to sail and port hop from place to place. There is no ingame GPS system mounted to our ships directing us to get safely off the seas, so that feeling of 'I hope I dont get seen by a pirate' is natural. I look forward to the updates to come and am excited to see what happens during the trial period. If it stays or if it doesn't stay, I still enjoy UWO. Not all things are water based in UWO by any means. If this 22 days is not your thing, get inland and sell some items you may have discovered that may be of some ducat value. It's not the end of the world. There will still be a few 100% safe waters areas too. There is merchant chat for conversation while buying/selling/trading or All chat for general conversation and a few other chat modes as well. Heck, chat in your company or to friends. You can be ingame while not necessarily in action.

    I'm not sure if this is the right area for the rest of my post but I'll share here anyway.
    I just don't see how players down talking the game that they themselves are currently active in, telling players to quit because they're quitting soon because things aren't going in their favor is a remedy or way to make things they say they've suggested go their way. On top of that, a few later will be same ones asking why no players are around now. It's like asking a friend to your house, making them uncomfortable enough to leave then asking why they left.

                                                                                                Thank you ~~ ThirstinHowl

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  • GrayBeardGrayBeard Posts: 2Member Beginner
    What a crock. What an absolute and complete piece of idiocy! Yeah, the criminals (Pirates are criminals after all) complain because they can't steal things easily enough and so the solution is to make it easier to be a criminal and reduce the consequences of criminality. Yeah, that's how I taught my kids the world works.

    This is not primarily a PVP combat game, or at least it didn't use to be. It is (or was) an adventure and exploration game. The fun was in the comeradiere and social aspects of the game. Indeed, it would be a better game with far MORE players if there were no (As in ZERO) player pirates. Making it wasier for pirates will simply kill the game because there will not be any one for them to sink. If players want a sailing game that is almost exclusively PvP they should go to Pirates of the Burning Sea.

    This rule change will, if it is made permanent, quite literally kill the game because there is no way anyone who is not a pirate can possibly survive.

    What non-pirate player in their right mind would EVER go to SEA or do Nanban when they can be endlessly plundered? I really don't know if many of the people who run this game realize how
    bullied, and threatened many of the players, especially new players
    feel about being forced into PvP. And, it isn't an answer to say "Well
    stay in safe waters"because if everyone stays in safe waters then the player pirates would all have to abandon the game because there wouldn't be anyone to to plunder. The level rules are a joke when a guy selling spice or doing an adventure quest is attacked by a player whose spent $250.00 dollars of real money to build a pirate ship that could sink the Bismark and Yamato without breaking a sweat. It is literally no fun to spend the time cargoing up and then have everything plundered. If you know it can happen not just once but repeatedly why would you bother? I won't.

    The net result will be to run players off and kill the game entirely.

    This will also kill the economy rather quickly because if players don't go to far places then there will be no need for foods, ship parts or the other crafted items. Thus even players staying in safe waters couldn't really make a living other than coastal trading and a couple of dungeons.

    I'll sit out the next 22 days. If it become the standard policy I will give my stuff away and abandon the game.

    Oh, and if you're a pirate who disagrees with this, you're wrong. Don't bother to give me a thumbs down. I don't like you either.

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  • Zakari1967Zakari1967 Posts: 12Member Beginner
    This seems like a marketing ploy to boost sales of No War Pact Epistles, so for the 22 day period I will not be purchasing any UWC.

    The current system was working fine, but some "pirates" aren't happy unless they're causing intense griefing, and if that's the message you're trying to put out that you TOTALLY SUPPORT griefing then you'll be the only company operating an online game that thinks that way. Full credit to you for cornering the market in that respect!

    I'll also remain in Safe Waters for the duration of the "trial period" and watch the griefers, that you're pandering to, complain that there's no-one to attack.
  • Zakari1967Zakari1967 Posts: 12Member Beginner
    You may also want to read your own ToS and amend them...

    You agree not to take any of the following actions:

     (j) "Stalk" or otherwise harass another

    This "trail period" will enable, support and condone griefers to stalk other players.
  • chiCzachiCza Posts: 29Member Beginner
    red names -. pirates : so let's  do the plundering  > and if nobody likes -. the game will lose its boosts .
    players' boosts to play more time from  24/7  to 1/7-> smile> jokin'
    give peace a chance ; let us enjoy the game
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    Thank you so much for giving the game another shot at long term survival. 
    Please just bear with us and keep in mind, this is only a TRIAL RUN.
    They are making a concerted effort to improve the game as a whole.

    I won't be pirating, I'm going to be a Bounty Hunter for the 1st time ever.
    If anyone needs any help dealing with pirates just pm KillaDub.

  • viennasviennas Posts: 52Member Beginner
    This is insane, it's like saying to all traders & adventures, pay real $$ or stay in safe waters,  crazy. Wondering how many people will deinstall the game now. Papaya should sell this game fast to some other company before they ruin it completely. And thx again to purplepirate, Culvern, Naver,...soon you will sail on an empty server, where you can farm each other. 
  • JamesHart2JamesHart2 Posts: 15Member Beginner
    Unlimited piracy is idiocy and will loose this game more players. I have no issue with pirates as such that is part of the risk reward aspect of the game. However even with the green flag setting you suggest it is impossible for a ship with only 1 sailor to escape being farmed. the majority of time I have been pirated it is by a ship with an overwhelming number of sailors and I am reduced to only the 1 guy I get when recovering. The ship now moves at 1/4 knot, thus escape from being farmed is impossible. the one hour rule prevents farming. For those pirates who would not farm the 1 hour rule is not a problem to them.
    You have already made most of the crafting in the game pointless please don't render the rest of it also pointless. 
  • WatchkeeperWatchkeeper Posts: 36Member Beginner

    Nothing wrong with giving this a trial, I don't fight ships
    but so what? A bit of risk when you are sailing around is fine.

     If you want to sail from EA to EU with your 6 or 10 cargo
    ships full to the brim with goods you should put up with the risk. That why
    there is a profit in doing it - or it should be.

     Now if you could force a deck battle on a Pirate when they
    decided to board you then that would be even better. A pirate that is too scared
    to fight 1 to 1 with another captain would soon lose his crew - or lose his
    ship to his crew.

  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 666Member Intermediate
    See that's the thing nobody is complaining about pirates stopping our journey or losing our goods or having  risk as all this can be achieved with a simple 20 to 30 minute immunity from a pirate after defeat or trib the problem is the farming NOBODY wants to sit and get hit over and over again after we've already tribbed or already lost. The little time we dedicate to this game we don't want to sit around and repeatedly get sunk it's stupid If the pirate gets you OK you won fine let me leave the area don't keep attacking back to back

    They should only allow this in lawless water then that would make sense but otherwise you just make the game suck. Also the shipwreck command makes you lose items so that's annoying as hell. 

    I reckon the pirates only want this just to feed on tears of hitting people over and over nothing to do with balance at all... 

  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 977Member Intermediate
    @viennas You really are a moron viennas. First off i'm not a pirate or ever have been, NOR have i even wanted any players to be farmed, this has been clearly stated in many threads and shown in game. You don't even read peoples posts! In every thread i've always argued for 'balance' when it comes to this farming issue and offered possible solutions looking at it from both sides. Even in this thread you can clearly see that, or go back and read what i wrote in this thread and see for yourself. I even wrote a thread about this issue (Proposal for a balance game system) to show a balance for farming and to counter Naver's (petition to remove the 24hour piracy rule)! You just assume that just because the word "Pirate" appears in this account's name that she must be a bad person who just wants to grief other players??? Ya, you are a moron.

      Secondly, you think that Papaya OWES you a 'complete' gaming experience at no cost, why? This is a free to play game and you get to try it out for free, but every free to play game like this one has a pay element that "unlocks" other features of the game that will give the FULL experience. It's up to you as to how far you want to go. A 24hour blue flag only costs $1.50 so if you want to see the full experience then either pay the money or go there at your OWN RISK, simple.
      Blue flags cost you NO MONEY if you buy them in game from other players as they are easily attainable, just shout WTB. You don't just buy them and use them, they idea is that save them until absolutely necessary that's why you also carry tributes. You can sail around for days (real time) and never run into a pirate so why waste them! Now if you are a player that spends no money then you don't deserve even to have an opinion here because Papaya can't and shouldn't have to run a game for us for free. You don't realize how lucky we all are that a company even picked up such an old game with a small player base! You should be thankful and gladly do your part by throwing in a couple of bucks to help keep the game going!

    IGN: Samantha99
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    I know what you will all say "Culvern is a pirate so he is biased"
    I started playing this game back when netmarble took over. I played as a Merchant. I never once used a tribute and actually enjoyed trying to escape pirates when leaving ports or at sea.

    I have used blue flags, but only the ones that were login rewards.
    The best part of being a trader was trying not to get caught, otherwise there was Zero excitement or reason to even play.
    I managed to not get farmed endlessly back then and I was a low-mid level player.

    Do I think farming is a good thing? No I do not.
    I will not farm even with the new rule. I am sure there will be those that do.

    I like the 1 hour rule, but think 30 minutes would be a good compromise between 1 hour and no limit.
    Zakari1967JamesHart2DanielFreedomHuntersRoiberHuseyinGazipurplepirateTHT3rdFleabagNO1ChadnChiaSigheruand 3 others.
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