[PvP Trial Period] Unlimited Battles on Seas! (Closed)



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    I do not believe that Naver or any other pirate here is responsible for this trial,...I think it's simply a coincidence that this game is currently under a publisher which looks on UWO as on Counter Strike. People like Naver are in my opinion only scapegoats, Papaya is doing battle and piracy changes from the start of this server,..before any suggestions,.. appeared in the forums,..even though all changes so far and events (as pirate event) have failed to bring any ''big battles,..'' or whatever, this event is only their latest attempt to achieve,.. it's seems noone knows what they even want to achieve,..but obviously this latest attempt do have visible consequences.
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    Your statement accomplishes 2 things.

    1. Prove again that there is a huge double standard in which Maritimers get away with anything.

    2. Ensure that this farming idea aka what I'd like to call the 4th stupidest idea of all time happens again. 1st Forge cannon tools, 2nd Putting a player as a GM, 3rd Removing Plunder and 24-hour immunity and 100% imp hold 4th. Farming traders will save UWO

    I'll explain...

    1. Maritimers get away with murder I'm sorry they do and whenever they do something stupid or inconsiderate the community comes to their aide but if a TRADER does anything they're ridiculed and degraded. When Spartan says its ok to farm newbies until they quit y'all kiss his butt when Naver threatens boycotts and curses out CA's  and GMs to allow farming of skill less traders that are only here to be fodder for maritime for MONTHS then all of sudden oh he had nothing to do with it...what is wrong with you people???
    Do you remember how much hell CCP got for being one the people against piracy or me for encouraging more land battle by asking for a more balanced deck battle or even you for being against the farming? Can you imagine if you or me encouraged traders to quit if they don't remove plunder from the game then PP finally did it?? They'd tar and feather us everyday.  No CA stepped forward to say they pushed for this no GM I know actively plays this game and would even KNOW about farming. So where the heck did it come from? The fairy pirate mother? Nobody stepping forward I WONDER WHY?
    Stop bailing out Maritimers and kissing their butt when they screw up treat them like EVERYONE else and let them fall on their sword. Keep the same energy for selfish inconsiderate grief obsesses maritimers that you have for us "over reacting" "whiner" traders.

    2.  This trial is the 4th dumbest idea of all time not just because the majority hated it not just because it was already tried on Netmarble and failed or the fact it is having little to no effect on the game now.  The reason its dumb is because the wants of the majority were IGNORED for the wants of a RADICAL minority.  Everyone that felt their wants were more important than the majority of the server and supported this or downplayed the feelings of traders you need to KNOW how dumb of an idea this was so you NEVER EVEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR try this crap again I don't care how much money a player drops a month its not worth losing a large players because of it. Make decisions to make the game fun for EVERYBODY not some radical dude. So to the supporters your name is on it so we won't forget how selfish your were with this idea...

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    @ALL Maritimers and Pirates who lie about the "golden age" of uwo

    To all you LYING A** PIRATES I'm going to say this loud and clear so that you finally get it. The game DID NOT achieve popularity due to farming. YOU  were NOT the reason that period of time being the golden age.  The game was popular because it was UNIQUE and appealed to MULTIPLE types of players which all tied together it wasn't just YOU. If me a person who isn't a gamer who thought MMO Games were cringey would think wow let me pick-up this game and try it for 8 YEARS then you know you have something special!

    This game has a community of ALL TYPES of players we make up this game and if the publisher forgets to encourage all the types they are destined for failure. Balance is the key to this game if I don't like PVP I should be able to make items for pvp people or if I'm maritime I should be able to protect traders or if an adv finds a rare weapon maritimer should want it.  SEE how everyone has a purpose ?? That's what makes this game unique and fun not farming. PP please refocus your efforts to giving incentive to all groups not just pirates.

    Pirates stop lying farming didn't build this game all players working all at once being a game unlike any other did...

    Now can we finally end this dumb a** only pirates farming traders can save uwo trial please and focus on ideas that actually work!
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    I checked in forum everyday to follow up the progress. CPC's reply a bit high so it makes me want to post as well :p

    Same as the usual, CPC, your view on the game is quite interesting from a different angle, I agree most of them, but at the same time, I still wish that I could persuade you, NOT to put your focus on the pirate players in this game.

    For me, I will not put my focus on those who made the request. People like Naver is just a client that demanded for something. But the one who hit on the desk and make the decision, is always Papaya. Don't focus on the irrelevant person. Focus on the party who has the authority to make the change. My focus is always on Papaya. The one I hope who could have a look at my post is Papaya. Not Naver. Never on Naver, or any other pirate players.

    You have to remember one fact. When Papaya took over uwo, the entire players of the server cannot stop Papaya not to reset the server. How can a single person, Naver by himself alone, can force Papaya to do what he wants now? Papaya always do what they want. Naver is not the focus. Like Viennas said, to me, he is just a scapegoat.

    Naver, put on a petition, and many pirate players agree on that. That doesn't mean it is the pirate players' fault. Because the petition give a lot of advantages to the pirates. The same if a trader make a petition and demand Nanban good price should sell 10x higher in EU, all the trader players will agree on the petition as well. Because the petition favors the traders.

    Pirate players, join the petition, not because they support Naver. They agree because the content of the petition favors them.

    But given if the pirate players know, that all the other non pirate players, the maritimer, the adventurer, the trader, the shipwreck player, all are seriously affected and will lose their interest to play on this game if that petition went through, I believe the pirate players will not want that as well.

    Why can I assure you, CPC, that the pirate players do not want this change now as well?

    The reason is simple. Because they are the group that have invested a lot of money in this game. What they seek, is more privilege. They are not seeking to make the server collapse. Because their money is already put into this game.

    That is why playing as either an adventurer, a maritimer not but a pirate, a trader, I never afraid of the pirate players. If they demand too much and cause all the other players in the server unable to play the game, then I will not hesitate to leave myself.

    Although, the pirate players and the traders/adventurers never agree on each others so far, but there is one common thing we all share together -- we all love this game, so fcking much. There is no other games outside are similiar to uwo. Which mean if uwo falls, there will not be uwo2 out there we could find. It will be a total different game we have to seek.

    So what Papaya needs to understand is, the pirate players want more privilege. They are not seeking to make the game worse. This is natural, because pirate players are the group that spent the most. And as a publisher of uwo, Papaya has every rights and responsibilities to grant the pirate players more privilege, without damaging the balance of the game too much.

    Uwo will not survive with just pirates alone, neither it can survive without the pirate players, because the other non pirates do not spend as much as the pirate players.

    We all have to understand this fact clearly.

    As a word for the pirate players:

    I understand the pirates have been nerfed and there is a lot of frustration and unsatisfactions for the pirate players. 


    Whatever you want, you should not push it at the current state of uwo. 

    After the reset, the pop of uwo has went to the lowest in the history of uwo. Your demands are just as putting poison to a severely sicked person, who is about to die.

    Like I said before. When a game has a huge pop, nothing is a problem. I do not mind if the non stop farming is implemented, when we could attract a lot of players to play the game. But if you implement that on such a low pop, the rest of the few players left, are totally unplayable.

    The weight of what the traders said are insignificant to Papaya, because we are not the group that spend a lot. But if the pirate players are willing to pull back their request, that will certainly weight more. 

    The pirate players can always demand for more privilege, they deserve it, but if you understand my point, the time is not now. Now, is the time we try to get back as many players as we can, when the reset had chased a lot of players away.

    We have to find a way, to persuade all those old players, as well as anyone new who is finding games such as uwo, that there are something worth to play here, even after the reset we have to start all from zero again.

    Keep on demanding, on a low pop game, will only destroy it at the end.

    Everyone here is an adult. If you love uwo, you will know what to do.
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    As a pirate I have been hunting during the trial period.
    What I have seen is little to no change in the traffic on the seas.
    Also those that I have pirated, 80-90% used tributes. I am not one to farm people but I did follow numerous people after I had attacked them. Of about 60 people, only 2 I could have attacked a second time when their green flag ran out. The rest had EASILY made it to safe waters or port.

    The moral of the story is: even if pirates try farming, I don't see it being possible really.
    If the paralyzing fear of this rule is causing loss of population that is unfortunate and the rule should be removed.
    It's ashame that the traders have been getting what they want for soooooo long that now they are too soft to play the game for real.
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    The problem with your post is, usually after I finished reading, it always makes me into wondering. The points you made, the logic you applies usually counters each other. Simply said, it doesn't make sense.

    The point you made is simple. You said that, even with the implementation of this rule, you are unable to farm a target continuously. So, why the pirates need this rule at all? It has no effect, so it should be removed.

    The second point is, the area you are looking into, is a very small area. You only look into the trader's part.

    When this farming rule has been implemented, it affects not just the traders. It affects all other players and none of them can be escaped from it.

    Adventurers who do shipwrecks. Players who is grinding their maritime level on sea. Adventurers who is doing their quests. The worst is, event time where all players get to stay on sea for a long time to achieve the goals of the activities. Then this non stop farming rule, is extremely destructive.

    When the players have been hit by the pirates, it is not that unhappy feeling that they are complaining about. We are here, looking at the realistic damage that could be done.

    Multiple hits on the players, could result in severe items plundering, lost of money that reduce the loyalty of the aides. 

    Simply said, if once a player been hit multiple times, that damage is so great and he is done.

    You are "measuring" the case, in a very perfect situation, which every players have a tribute and a very good ship, with a speed boost on to run away from the pirates.

    You are assuming all the players have these things:
    A) A good ship
    B) A speed boost
    C) A tribute
    D) Non-lawless sea

    What if a player careless, and got himself melee until 1 sailor left?
    What if a player forgot to take his tributes out?
    What if a player sail into a lawless sea by mistake?

    Second angle.

    And then, we are looking as well on the pirate's part.

    With the new rule implemented with no time constraint in between, can the pirates decide which sea region to be made lawless? Yes they can, by farming their own alts.

    The pirates can change any sea region into lawless as they like.
    And any mistakes a player done could result in an indescribable damage.

    The third angle.

    The pop is so low at the moment, so the very few, same players, are going to be farmed by a lot of pirates out there. So that means a same player is probably going to be raped by several pirates, several times a day, if he still insist to keep sailing on the sea.

    Given all these disadvantages and such an imbalance situation, who else is able to say that this rule is okay? 

    Then he would be highly illogical. If not, it just mean he tries to make his points very forcefully.

    You have to understand the FOCUS of the arguments that all people has discussed so far.

    It is not a matter that they are not willing to be sunk by pirates.

    It is a matter that once they are been caught on sea, they are finished. 

    Would you worried? Would you feared? Of course they would. Because they cannot afford to be caught, not even one fcking time.

    When you modify the game "until like this", come on man, take a moment of silence, hold on your heart, and ask yourself this question:

    If you are a trader, would you come to play this game?

    The reason why I am against this rule so hard, before it is made permanent, because I know this is so serious that it cannot be ignored.

    Because once it is made permanent, its game over.

    We need to face the situation honestly. Don't mislead, and don't try to persuade something that is untrue.

    Can't you see, it is pointless.

    You can lie to them temporary, yes. But later when they found out the truth what it is, they will be frustrated, and they will leave the same?

    And by that time, the rule is already been made permanent. There is already no returning back.

    So can you understand why I am doing this? I am trying to save the game. That is what I am doing. 

    When the pop is high, players can tolerate about the non stop farming. Because there are plenty of friends around with them to play with.

    Now when the pop is low, the same few players are going to be farmed, repeatedly and repeatedly, again and again. 

    Who the heck will do that? Nobody in this world will do that.

    Kindly, please come to your sense. Be realistic. Be rational. This rule, is NOT going to work. 
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    Got a sonogram to go to so I will brief

    I mostly agree with you in what you said All decisions are given the final OK by the publisher. Just like Saul gave the final OK on removing plunder from uwo despite traders complaining about it he was the final say so.  That part I never disagreed with that and I agree Naver isn't totally to blame. My argument was PP did it based ON Navers actions and made the change and the farming of traders DID NOT come solely from PP or our CA's that is a fact. So technically you have to blame PP more for actually listening to him but the fact still remains without Navers actions PP wouldn't have tried this because they knew nothing about farming traders. Get what I mean so he has to take some of the blame too not all but some.

    As far as the pirate supporters and Naver they should get blame too for being selfish and inconsiderate because they sided with a change without first thinking or caring about fellow players.  They only agreed because they saw they can benefit from it and it wasnt based on the notion is this good or FAIR to everyone.  

    I'll give an example imagine if traders cried wah waaah traders need more money and should be way richer I think people who spend 6 hours a day in Seville should get 500 mil daily... While I tend to benefit GREATLY from this I would be wholeheartedly against it as it wouldn't be fair to others who have a different playstyle and would cause an imbalance despite me getting filthy rich from it. SEE thaslts called being considerate and thinking for the greater good and not just myself. My gripe is the supporters didn't even care...when plunder nerf happened and 100% improved hold was introduced I'm a trader and I opposed it... People must think about fairness for all players 

    This is why I disagreed with Culvern stance he said he's against farming but then he says this...

    "It's ashame that the traders have been getting what they want for soooooo long that now they are too soft to play the game for real"

    So to me it sounds like you're against it but you're salty and took a shot at traders because people opposed it and you'd have something to gain from it.  Hence why I say that's playing both sides of the fence. Has nothing to do with having it good or being soft a dumb idea is a dumb idea it itsn't working and only caused traders to quit and opened up an UNNECESSARY opening for abuse causing more fear and departures.  Nobody is "soft" for opposing a stupid idea its about fairness for EVERYONE not just pirates.

    24 hour rule reduced to 1 hour
    100% improved hold nerfed
    5 kill limit you must reset removed 
    1st ever pirate event done by PP and hopefully many more
    Spoils become more worthwhile(hopefully).

    See pirates are getting love too they've made great advancements but it seems its not about that it seems more about punishing traders than benefitting the game as a whole... You pirates made advancements and rightfully so but just let it be already... Damn smh

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    @SailorPapaya are you simply illiterate, which part of the sentence, you do not understand?

    Actually, what part did YOU not understand? Why don't we actually finish your passage and see ourselves shall we...

    "Ever since I deleted uwo, with INTENTION THAT I MAY BE COMING BACK to play of course"
    Follow by the next sentence I posted below:
    " I did not waste my time trying to survey for a new game"

    what you conveniently left out was the end part, this is the whole message...

    Ever since I deleted uwo, with intention that I may coming back to play
    of course, I did not waste my time trying to survey for a new game.
    Instead, I picked an old game which I am familiar with its design and
    structure and spend my time there.

    You yourself SAY that you are playing another game, so thus i called you a hypocrite because you still remain here and refuse to delete your accounts. What's the goddam point of even saying you're deleting UWO if you are keeping your accounts and plan on returning??? And yes you are still here...


    You want to be the king of pirates in this game? Well, like I said...Go ahead!!

    I let you win! I leave! I hope you could enjoy yourselves in the game with only pirate players in the game ya?


    LOL, this one really made me laugh. Your use of oversized fonts and show of desperation is indicative of a juvenile temper tantum. XD

      Now that that is aside, i will say that unlike your earlier posts in this thread, your most recent posts are showing you to be at least someone who's willing to try to add input into the current situation with conversation rather than your earlier ramblings (which are mostly about you comparing UWO to other games and acting like you know what pirate players actually want in this game, even though you've never played as one). To many people are to quick to just quit largely due to misinformation. If you are staying then so be it.

      It's true what you said about Naver. I don't believe this trial has anything to do with him. Since the very beginning of Maris, it was stated by Papaya that there was going to be more focus towards pvp. That's one of the reasons the deck and plunder system was brought back. Also the whole chapter of Order of the Prince has a HEAVY focus on maritime. This might have been the plan from the start so Papaya can judge how to balance the system fully. After all they would have to see from all perspectives to fully know what works and what doesn't. On some of the Asian servers they use this rule but it has the balance that pirates can only have 5 attacks total (not necessarily all from one person) then they have to return to pirate port to reset. Everyone knows that you can't just have unlimited attacks on a server with low population, that understanding is ubiquitous. Even Naver can't be that insane lol.

      It's always been known that most of the pvp in this game revolves around pirates and BH's, as those are the 2 facets of this game that put the most effort into battle (white maritimers tend to be primarily adv/trad players that do mocks/esf/bc events). Fact is that battle skills take the longest to build in UWO. I think this is also why we're seeing more events that revolve around pirates, it's part of finding a balanced pvp system before it gets released back on steam.

      As a trader, yes there is a huge disadvantage if you get caught at sea unprepared (and can be hit over again multiple times). But if you travel out totally unprepared then that's going to be a possibility, this is why it's SO important to make sure you are prepared (bring tribs/flags, make sure your most valuable items are left in bank or strongbox, ask a BH to escort you, etc.). The world is suppose to be a dangerous place, being prepared for it is part of the game and the game provides many different ways for you to protect yourself.

      Loosing sucks for everyone especially when you get items plundered. Last week i got plundered twice in a row and lost a cheap armor plate and a fully forged master's cannon (1818dam)! I put real money into CFT's for it, it sucked loosing it (no i didn't get it back lol) but i took it as a learning experience to know what 'can' happen if i'm not prepared properly. It certainly didn't make me want to quit!

      Bottom line no one should quit a game that they love just because of the trial of a new system. If you love the game that much then it takes very little effort and/or cost to buy blue flags for the duration and keep playing your game as before.

    IGN: Samantha99
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    @Oberrill Why would i have anything negative just because you want to leave? That's your choice and your right, especially if your friends have all left earlier. My beef is about people who come onto the forums and spread 'misinformation' about the game and reject all helpful advice they are given., like viennas spreading misinformation that the game is 'impossible to play now" and that you "will automatically get hit and farmed endlessly if you leave safe waters" and that the game should not have pirates or pvp in it at all.
      Ironically, if people would actually READ my posts then they would see that i've been arguing FOR traders protection this whole time, not for unrestricted farming! Going back to navers 'removal of the 24h rule' thread, i've been calling for balance if any rules were to be changed to prevent people from leaving and being farmed, i even wrote a counter thread against naver about it. Changes are going to happen weather we want them or not, this is why myself and others on this forum have been trying to offer helpful advice on how to deal with the changes and offer ideas for balance for those changes.
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    The same stuffs I don't feel I want to say it twice. That sentence I post is clear enough, if you cannot get what it means, that just mean you are simply illiterate. End of story.

    About the next topic you are discussing.

    Nobody is spreading "misinformation" about the game. The one who could misinterpret this circumstance needs to worry about his IQ level. 

    You need to understand the facts very clearly.

    Unlike Naver. No one here is organizing a petition. Nobody here is organizing a boycott. All the unsatisfied people who posted here, they just say two simple things:

    "Hey, do you know the Order of the Prince, they will remove the 1h protection?"
    "This is absolutely ridiculous and unfair. If they do this I will quit for sure."

    Everyone who gets to know that the Order of the Prince update will remove the 1h protection. 
    And there everyone comes with the same response.

    Misinformation? About what?

    What is the false information? Say it out clearly here. What is it? I want to hear it as well. What kind of wrong information has been spread.

    Papaya has their rights to do what they want on the game they published. However, my personal point is obvious.

    If I found my rights have been severely abused, I will, object.

    There are weirdos people say that this is misinformation.
    There are "trying-to-put-out-the-fire" people say that this is over-reacting fear.
    There are even naive people say that this is such as making a threat.

    I am scratching my head over here. I am trying to defend my rights, and I am been told I am making a threat?

    Ah.. so, I supposed we should just stay quiet and let anyone decide about what is your rights and so yeah...

    They brought back the item plunders, I can't say anything, because I am still able to play the game.
    They want to allow the pirates to farm on all other non-pirates non stop? 

    Forget about it. Nobody will accept it.

    "This will bring back to the good old glory day of UWO!"

    How about this dude.

    You can look into the mirror, every morning, and keep lying that to yourself.

    What should be said, already told. There is nothing else to do anymore. Just wait for the 22th August of their final decision.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 977Member Intermediate
    @SailorPapaya misinformation

    I never said 'you' were making threats. I am referring to the panic that has been expressed over the 'impossible to play now' attitude some people have expressed since the patch came in. All you have to do is read the reaction to just quit that many have written in various threads since it's started. Low population also means lower number of pirates that are sailing around out there (the seas aren't crawling with pirates). I'm not saying that repeated farming won't happen, i'm only pointing out that if people love this game so much then there shouldn't be a problem using blue flags over the time that this trial is on. After all it's suppose to only last a few weeks.
    IGN: Samantha99
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner
    Blue flags, is very expensive, when it comes to a quantity. It is not depend per month, per week, or per day. It is not even depend per trip. It is depend per pirates that you met.

    Moreover, it works per toon. Not per fleet. If you are sailing with 3 toons, you are using 3 blue flags. Try to x3 the cost.

    Most of the subscribe game now are monthly 15 usd. Their servers are very crowded. The games are up to date. And the graphic is good.

    What Papaya does, is asking us to spend with all the changes incoming, a great deal. I quit the game temporary to protest against the rule. That is the only way to deliver the message to Papaya.

    What I said is true. During this 3 weeks, I found back a game, which is now became a free-to-play game, an old game which I have a lot of good memory with my old friends before. 

    This old game has the same problem with uwo. I didn't even last there for more than a week, because I found the reason why the majority of the players ditched the game. And that game once ago, I tell you, every Mon-Fri is full of players at the evening. Every Sat-Sun, wooa~~ crowded till sometimes you have a hard time login.

    But now it becomes like around 20-30 players in the server. I will give it 40 the max. Why did it become like this?

    It is the alts problem. The game allows open as many clients as possible, as long as your pc can hold it. I played 2 character at the same time in the old days. I didn't know the negative effect brings forward is so great.

    The warring system and the competition system, are now been manipulated by a few players over there. Let me give you an example. 

    There is a competition system in the game play. Every players can take place and the winner from 1-10 will offer very good rewards to the players. 

    How is it manipulated?

    The players within reached an agreement by themselves. The place of no 1 till no 10 is fixed by them under the table. Which person will be no1, no 2, no10, is fixed.

    One of the possible way to do this, is create a lot of alts id and train them to the max level.

    The game is already dead. The majority of the players already ditch the game.

    Now, the very few players left over there, using the rewards given by each events, warring and competition system, they slowly build up their alt accounts, and secretly plan to sell to any new players who happen to land in.

    I am the "new player" there. In less than one week, I have been offered by a lot of accounts selling. 2000-3000 usd per accounts. Very good accounts. And almost all events and competition system I am unable to get anything from it. Because the result is already "fixed"

    The game is a good game. Else it would not have attracted so many players in the beginning.

    It is the management that ruined the game. When they allowed unlimited clients to be opened, the game is already done.

    I am a person who witnessed a lot of games which is in its glory days, and at the end of its time. So this is what I can share with you.

    When a game allows unlimited alts, that game is already as good as dead.

    Games like WoW takes monthly subscription. That eventually force majority to play only one toon. The uwo in Japan last till now. Wow has over 10 years.

    It doesn't matter whether the game is old or new? It matters with how you manage the game.

    This is the 2 cents I could give to Papaya. I hope they understand the meaning in it.
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    @SailorPapaya your lies and hypocrisy never cease to amaze me. You say that you don't want to say things twice yet your posts are full of repetition. 

    No one here is organizing a petition. Nobody here is organizing a boycott.

    This is just a straight up lie! CocoaPuff made a petition to boycott papaya because of this patch which YOU responded to and supported!

    This whole thread is full if lies and misinformation, but let's just examine YOUR posts for now...

    The patch now says 1h protection removal. That leads to non stop farming. I see no space for traders to survive. 

    This is straight up misinformation. There are plenty of ways for traders to survive without quitting or 'boycotting' the game.

    Once it is confirmed Papaya will do that on the 1st of August, I will delete the game right on that day and never return. 

    Yet another example of your hypocrisy, it's now Aug 22 and YOUR STILL HERE! another lie from you...

    Do you guys read all the posts that tell you "How many ways Traders can counter and play?"
    My advise is = Don't give a F about it. 

    See you are one of these 'toxic' players that actually want traders to be farmed so they will quit. We are trying to prevent players from quitting by helping them while you are trying to coax them to get farmed by denying them help of any kind!

    They told you to continue be a trader. But everyone is switching to pirates.

    more misinformation

    This change -- farm non stop will not have any effect if there are no targets on the sea to begin with.

    more lies. funny how there's still just as many traders sailing around now but yet not one person has reported being farmed over and over again yet... misinformation!

    For me, sry to say I don't owe Papaya anything, and Papaya didn't owe me anything, so I do not need to do that for them.

    well if they don't 'owe' you anything they what does it matter to you what they do with THEIR GAME?

    I could go on but i think you all see the point that is creep is a toxic element that is causing more damage than helping. I was against this patch at the start but you sailor have convinced me that it is a good thing. UWO needs an enema to cleanout all the crap and toxic players from damaging this game, YOU are one of those toxic players that cause more damage than good. I hope they do keep it so we can be rid of all your crap once and for all...

    You can't even provide any links to any references for any of your arguments as you have NO credibility. You don't even read peoples posts, i never said it would bring back the 'glory days of UWO', that was naver moron. Learn to read you illiterate jerk...

    IGN: Samantha99
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner
    Insanity. Crazy. Mental Disorder.

    These are the only things that come to my head when I read your post.

    To tell you the truth, whether Papaya enforce the rule into permanent or not it doesn't really matter with me. It gives me more reason to quit because even now if they remove the rule, I am not even sure that I should return to play. 

    The game pop already drop to the near zero. Forum except you and me arguing each others there are no presence of the other players here. How long can Papaya host uwo? Will they end the service in the future? Even if I continue to stay, what's the point if the game ended in a year later? Or even a few months later? Nobody knows.

    Despite all the argument whether the rule should be implemented or not, you are such as the kind of a person who are never able to focus on the right point. The main focus here is the remaining population of uwo. If Papaya did not reset the server, this circumstance wouldn't have come to place. More patches they made, more changes they do, more players that are pissed off. I already mentioned here, I was absent like 6 months ago because of my real life, when I came back, several hardcore players are nowhere to be seen.

    A player I had known whom he is still playing uwo even he is lying on the bed on the hospital, I can't even spot him in as long as 2 weeks.

    I don't have to support any petition. I don't have to support any boycott.


    Papaya really should take up the responsibilities of what they have done, many people keep on advising them, but they seldom take it in. Worthy players such as the CAs Cadillac, Gazi, who knows a lot about the game, their opinions are not been consulted with. They keep taking decision based on their own views and they seldom take consideration into what the players felt.

    I mean how can you not considerate how your players feel? Their are your customers. It is true that the game is yours and you have all the right to do what you want. But if you can't please your customers, what's the point with all those decisions making? There is no point to emphasize your rights on how you could manage the game, if you cannot get the heart of the majority of your players.

    That is the most important!

    Many players left after the reset. I came back to play because I saw some of my old mates rejoin the game. I support uwo by continuing playing. I spent on my own budget. Whenever I see anyone who needs help in game, I will try to help as much as I can. When someone has a question, I try to lead them to the right answers as best as I could.

    It is not just me doing that. The entire community of uwo who rejoin the game after the reset, are doing that. We have done our parts, we have done our roles. You can't blame any of us here anymore. Players are pissed for a reason. We do not complain just to have fun. Papaya should review back entirely their actions and decisions in the past and realize what have been gone wrong. This is THEIR responsibility!! You cannot blame anyone who is posting their unsatisfaction in forum. These posts are all for their references of how their customers thoughts are. That is not the cure to the root of the problem to blame people who post here. You need to be mature a bit. Because what you are talking so far seem really naive and childish to me.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 977Member Intermediate
    @SailorPapaya Blue flags

    It is not depend per month, per week, or per day. It is not even depend per trip. It is depend per pirates that you met.

    AHAHAHAHA, i can't believe you just said that? You've just shown yourself to be the dumbest player in UWO history, you make this to easy! That's not how blue flags work. You use them once and they give you TOTAL immunity for the full duration whether it's 30min or 24hours. You don't use them over and over again each time you encounter a pirate you moron. Once activated they prevent all attacks form all npc/pc attacks even if you run into 10 pirates. LOL

    Blue flags, is very expensive, when it comes to a quantity. Moreover, it works per toon. Not per fleet. If you are sailing with 3 toons, you are using 3 blue flags. Try to x3 the cost.

      How is $1.50 expensive? That's how much they cost each in the uwc shop for 24hours protection. You don't even have to spend real money if you buy them in game from other players (100m cost in game). With 9k cargo selling at 50k/unit that's 450m value for one trip. 3h average per trip over 24hours is 8 trips totaling 3.6 billion less 300m for 3 24h blue flags leaves 3.3b for one days work! That's ONLY spending $4.50 per day to make sure you can make that kind of money in the game since blue flags give total protection! As a maritimer, i'd be lucky to make 100m per day hunting pirates!

      Now when it comes to using 3 characters then so what? You DO realize this game is designed to be played with only ONE TOON. Alts weren't allowed until later in the game history. Us maritimers only play with one main toon. Yes we have other toons but usually apart from our main we have a secondary for crafting and the rest for storage but we rarely travel around with them on a regular basis anyways. You traders and your 'bending the rules' by playing 3 toons at the same time have FAR more advantage over one toon players when it comes to skill diversity and cargo. If you are going to play with 3 accounts at the same time then YES you should pay for all of them! That's the cost of having that advantage in the game. Even if this server was subscription you'd still have to pay for 3 accounts!
      It's no different than how we pay for our battle advantage by spending on the best ships and gear in the game. I know people in the game that have spent 10's of thousands of dollars since the server started but regardless, playing as a trader/adv is far cheaper than playing as a maritime. I'm not saying that trader/adv players don't spend at all on this game, but with the exception of a few of you, most of you spend little to nothing on this game.

      Honestly do you really think Papaya 'owes' you a compete gaming experience for no cost? Why? This is a free to play game and you do get to play it for free. But like most 'free to play' games out there, it has a 'pay' element that will give you the full experience. You can still experience the full game without paying for protection but it will be at your OWN RISK. You get full choice in this matter and that is probably the most 'fair' rule that a business can offer it's clients. And make NO MISTAKE, Papaya is a business and will do what they need to do to keep their business running, how else do you expect them to host this game for us? Or is it that you expect us maritimer's to pay for your experience here, like we owe you?

      You and your trader friends that want to hold this company hostage by not playing or not spending are acting NO DIFFERENT than Naver. You people have turned into the very icon that you all curse and hate the most in this game, just because you're to cheap to spend $1.50 in the game. Shame on all of you...
    IGN: Samantha99
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner
    You are hopeless.

    In order to get the money of those of the few who spent 10s of thousands of dollar, you need an existence of a large population who spent little to nothing in the game.

    Because those who spent 10s of thousands need a mountain of preys to hunt and fulfill their satisfaction.


    If you want to catch those few 10s of thousands, go figure out a way how to capture a large groups of players who spent little to nothing in the game.

    This is a very basic knowledge of a free-to-play hosted games. If you can't even understand that basic, that means we really have nothing to discuss about anymore.

    You are truly lack of knowledge and naive.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 977Member Intermediate
    @SailorPapaya This game has never been a total free to play game. It had always had a pay element, it was designed like that, atleast for the north american market. Some of the Asian servers use the subscription method which takes that need for heavy spending away as most items are gotten in game but that's not how it works here. Papaya has been testing various aspects for business purposes, just look at the new treasure cove. They spent months listening to our feedback with the whole captain tickets, and now the new cove uses some of our ideas (like the recycle and items listings). This is just another method they are testing before they release to a larger audience like on steam. They want a system that works but also that they will sustain the server with.

      You say that without targets then the pirates will leave and the 'big spenders' won't be spending anymore so the server will fail. However, this is 2 sides of the same coin, because without those big spenders all that's left are the NON PAYING FREE TO PLAY players, who won't have any reason to pay anything in a non competitive environment. So then the server is full of players but is broke and closes down because no one spends anything! You live in a fantasy world to think that this server can run with everyone playing totally for free! You are the 'hopeless one' here mister that can't see that!

      Paying for blue flags allows everyone to play together that is a fact! This is why blue flags are so Cheap! This is the most 'fair' rule Papaya can come up with to keep everyone happy. Now you traders can play in peace just like you asked for, and us maritimers can ease off a bit now that you are also helping support the server. It's win/win for both sides!
    IGN: Samantha99
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 666Member Intermediate
    Piracy Farming Rules Farming Report:

    1. Traders who boycotted the game are awaiting PP's final decision on these rules before deciding to finally call it quits or not. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

    2. After a full 22 days only one pirate offered to take personal responsibility for any negative effects of these rules.

    3. So much for the captain going down with his ship. The creator of these rules I heard is NOWHERE to be found. Guesss he raaaaaannnnnn for the hillllllsssss LOL.

    4. Did not do a damn thing to improve the population or game play the major seas went safe during trial that should tell ya.

    5. Led to needless arguments and division in community JUST what we all needed during this time of lowered population 

    6. Pirates mostly disagree with the rules because they know its having a negative effect on the game  but are still mad because they wanted Traders to suffer.

    7. After 22 full days no CA or GM has stepped forward to say they personally pushed for these rules. They Want NO parts of the shame of having their name tied to these rules.

    8. HUGE Waste of time all this effort put in for a Failed trial could have went to better more effective changes that we actually asked for...

    9. Caused many newer players to fear sailing due to having the risk of being farmed regardless if it happened or not.

    10. Hurt Player confidence in the publisher on whether they know the proper direction this game should go in. This was a bad business move...

    Final Result:

    Complete FAILURE.

    From this trial here's what we have learned...

    1. Don't listen to a radical person just because they spend a lot money doesn't equal to knowing what's best 

    2. Players being farmed was NOT what brought this game to greatness it was it's uniqueness and appeal to multiple players. Like we been saying all along if this were not true the trial should have exploded the seas with activity yet this did NOT happen.

    3. We ALL lost due to these rules players , pirates , traders and publisher all lost. We lost players and caused more division and  PP lost confidence and money.

    4. Pirates need to stop trying to get back at traders and punish them and instead focus more on changes that improve the ENTIRE community. This petty bias has y'all looking REALLY bad right now and has utterly killed all confidence that you guys care about what's best for uwo and you can only blame yourselves...

    5. UWO is NOT  just a PVP game it many things which is why its  popular.  Maybe listen to CA's and community more before trying something so bold and unpopular like this trial... this ain't Fortnite  stop trying to make it into fortnite.
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner

    " hey spent months listening to our feedback with the whole captain tickets, and now the new cove uses some of our ideas "

    I didn't know that. I could feel tears running down my cheek when I read these lines...

    No offense purplepirate. Like I said, the more I read your post, the more I could see you are seriously lack of knowledge and you are very naive. If they took you as a pro and listening to your ideas, its game over.

    They should really consult with players such as Cadillac and Gazi. They know the game a lot better. It is not that I hope Papaya would take advise from them. It is that I hope they could understand what uwo really is and after they know the structure of the game better, they would be able to make better decisions.

    And about the blue flags. (Man this guy is just too much for me to handle with, he really needs to take an IQ test)

    Calculate the total cost of blue flags, given if you only play 1 toon, as a trader, making nanban trades everyday. Consider you run 3 rounds a day.

    Kindly please include the cost of NPC as well.

    Calculate the in game ducats you could earn.

    Calculate the in game ducats you could get by selling SSIP, or NPC.

    Calculate the difference between them. Which one result in more ducats profit. And the amount of it.

    And another case other than the trader's side.

    Because this rule affect all non pirate players. (He can't even view something wider and bigger)

    Given I am a player who wish to grind either my maritime skills, or level up my maritime through battles on sea.

    Tell me am I able to do that with pirates roaming on the sea I am grinding.

    And then tell me is blue flags going to help me to avoid pirate non stop farming as well as able to grind maritime on sea.

    You should take a rest and stop suggesting anything to Papaya purplepirate. There are many others in uwo with much more experience and qualification to do that. CAs by so far is the best choice I could come up with. But sadly, these people are not like us and they are not likely to involve themselves in a big drama like this, nor they would volunteer to suggest, unless they are asked to.

    Purplepirate, you know very few about the online games. You have to accept that.
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    I have to ask. Sailorpapaya, were you farmed during this trial period?
    You have gone on and on restating the same thing in every post.
    As you are not in favor of the trial rule, you could have made you post stating that and be done.
    Instead you rant and make personal attacks against other players.
    Nether is good for the game or the community of players.
  • miyamotomiyamoto Posts: 47Member Beginner
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner
    Culvern, I admit I launched an attack on purplepirate, but that is after he attacked me first. Like I said, I am not Naver and I will not stand there quietly and let everyone cyber bully me. You have to be strong so others won't bully you in the first place. That's how the world is.

    During this trial period, I didn't even login the game. There is nothing to trial about, because every trader/adventurer players are staying in safe water or doing other stuffs.

    I do not understand your point, Culvern, really. I felt you are kind of illogical but you seems like a rational person, so that makes me very confused.

    Let's say I make a law, everyone is free to have a gun and when you kill somebody, you are allowed to do that and no criminal charge will be done on you.

    So what Culvern, you said is. Okay, the rule is there. But did you see anyone kill somebody with their guns? 

    Then I was like.. wtf..?\

    So wtf are you talking about? When the rule is wrong, it is wrong. It doesn't matter some pirates have "successfully" farm on another non stop, or not, that doesn't change anything at all. That rule, is unfair and not needed at all.

    You cannot give in to persons who keep demanding non stop. That will only make things worse and worse.

    Try negotiate with the pirate players, and give them something else.

    All the players in the server who did not spend a lot, they are grateful to those who spent to keep the game up. They will respect any changes that favors to the pirates, given if those changes are not ridiculously unfair.
  • DANMARK37DANMARK37 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    this is a nightmare you cannot do anything you get hit so many times that ADV/grind/trad is no chance if this is perment i am out off her 
  • Chrisco62Chrisco62 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    On the notification page, it says that it's going to be 30 minutes after the update tomorrow (August 22).

  • theedgedemontheedgedemon Posts: 237Member Trainee
    And the trial is Over, the final decision is actually one that was discussed on this thread and one that i personally agree with, so i would like to believe that besides the inflammatory remarks here and there this thread did serve its purpose, thank you all who contributed your opinions. 

    P.D.: @SailorPapaya i could not let it go, this kind of opinions are better not generalized.
     i do agree with any changes made in favor of improving the community as a whole, but i do not respect or agree with any changes made in favor of any particulars in detriment of others, no matter the reasons they are brought in, 

    Desire spawns madness, madness collapses into disaster.
    mankind never learns...
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