[PvP Trial Period] Unlimited Battles on Seas! (Closed)



  • alegzanderadyalegzanderady Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Removing the 1h would give Pirates ability (exploit) to farm their other 2 alts into turning a sea lawless!!! That's what you should be watching out for. 
    A pirate would just put his 2 alts he's allow to play into barca and kill them with main .. get alt in port .. green flag gone and repeat till the sea it's red.
    And no matter how you want to paint it .. that's an EXPLOIT!!!

  • cages01cages01 Posts: 16Member Beginner
    As a 60% trader and 40% adventurer i see this as a worst idea ever. Not everyone in this game are interested in pvp/maritime. I agree there should be piracy because it gives thrill to the game but i am strongly against limitless farming of whites. 1 Hour rule was great idea,i guess i could live even with half hour rule but no attack restriction is out of mind and i am pretty sure i wont continue to play game even if i love it so much.
  • JohnnyRottenJohnnyRotten Posts: 1Member Beginner
    I think papaya is listening to the people with the biggest mouth and not the general population.
    In other words I am 100% against it. this is a battle/trader/adventurer game not just battle.
    If I can spill just 2 ideas that popped into my head to even it out a bit
    1- Create a new job. The escort. Pirates have to defeat the escort before he can get to the other ships
    This will give non-pirate maritimers a chance to make some bucks and encourage traders to develop a maritime alt.

    2- make the blue flag protect the whole fleet during the trial and not 1 ship. This will dramaticly increase the sale of blue flags as traders band together. wich should please papaya.
  • CrazeeOrangeCrazeeOrange Posts: 2Member Beginner
    In Gama, pirates were able to attack white names repeatedly. We already have experienced it before. And we do know how bad it can get.  I am one of the players who have been around since India patch and have witnessed how players quit due to this in the past and have never returned. Even if they do return, they only do so after a few years, not months. Therefore, a trial period is a terrible idea.
    1)    This piracy change affects players who do not have ships ducats and other resources more than rich players with fast ships. Even f you do have a fast ship like SHC, SLS and so on, when you carry any goods, you face a sail penalty even if you have a ship with 100 wave resistance. You will always be slower than a ship without cargo in the same setup
    2)    Tributes will not work as a countermeasure for many players. Pirates will just follow your ship since they are in a speed setup and you will run out of tributes at some point. Once again, spare a thought for players without resources.
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  • mekroigmekroig Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Really not a fan.  This will only lead to more people quitting the game. Most people in any MMO hate forced PVP. And while pirates are needed ingame, allowing complete one sided pvp and farming is ridiculous. 

    incredibly dumb idea and its obvious that only a select few are gunning for the change (mostly because it benefits them the most)
  • miyamotomiyamoto Posts: 47Member Beginner
    It's thrilling getting chase, But tell me if it fun getting farm or being sunk , and plunder for sure. It much for easier for a adverturer to get away compare to a trader. Most trading ships is much slower in accerate compare to piracy ships esp with cargo. And the worst part most trader is not battle zone train. I doubt they will even use mining skills to slow pirate ships down. 

    However, since the nerf of the piracy . Pirates had been whining for changes. And i already knew they will keep pushing for more. But why not opt for the changes to let them see what it will be like. Debate will useless. PROOF is the best thing to slicence.

    For one thing i'm very sure of , This willl certainly generate income xD.
  • UwonsblendUwonsblend Posts: 2Member Beginner
    While I am not active as of late, I am against this new implementation for a couple reasons.. I do like that Papaya is thinking outside of the box, as well as seeking feedback from the community. I also like the idea of "trial periods" of random implementations, just not this one. Here's why I think it is a bad implementation.

    First of all, there is no reason to do this. There is really no reason a player needs to "farm" another, other than personal grievances with the person. Sometimes certain players actions deserve to be "farmed" but this is a small percent in comparison to those affected by this. Really, it is classless to "farm" a player anyways. If you are a "real" pirate of PvPer, go find another victim.

    Next reason, is this will discourage our already small population, not to venture into hostile/lawless waters. Many players don't have the extra ducats to buy a bunch of Player Tributes, and certainly not many players like PvP, on this server. They may carry a handful of Tribs, incase they run into a pirate now, but once this new implementation occurs, they can lose their entire inventory of Tribs in one farming event. It isn't worth it for many players to venture into these waters. However, this would certainly lead to large increase in the sale of blue flags from Cash Shop.

    Lastly, I feel the 1 hour compromise is best, The Green Flags help a bit but there is still major flaws. Also, I see new loopholes being exploited as well, such as farming alts to flip sea areas to lawless. Also, for example if pirates camp Black Sea, how can you do Battle Reports? A lot of us have jobs/lives, and can only set aside a certain amount of time to game. If I set aside my time to grind BRs in the Black Sea, then get camped, I minds well go watch TV and forget UWO. There are a lot of things that weren't thoroughly thought through here. I do like the encouragement of PvP/Piracy but, this isn't the best way to do it. Please reconsider this implementation.

    Thank you

  • alegzanderadyalegzanderady Posts: 0Member Beginner
    "It seems like many of you weren't even paying attention. The cooldown if u lose is 10 minutes. If you lost in lawless then 5 minutes."

    No Killa .. the protection it's up those time tables !!!
    Because if you enter port to resupply crew, food, cash for trip, equip ..  it's gone and can be hit again .. and again ..
    And a pirate can farm his alt however he wants .. it has no time protection because he would just cancel it entering port.

  • RoiberRoiber Posts: 0Member Beginner
    This is a long post, but I feel there is a lot to say, suggest, and vent about.

    Some pirates complain that the 'seas are dead' and they need this change. However, this change does not bring a flood of new players to the seas, it simply abuses the few that are left, and will probably drive even more out of the game. It is not going to stop nanbanners from flagging, or port hoppers from using liners or logout tow. It does nothing to fix the imbalances between bounty hunters and pirates, which is probably the greater problem.

    In all fairness, most pirates i know do not farm; and they were generally fine with the 1 hour rule. The ones crying for full removal are the alt and white-farmers, and those abuses are the very reason it got changed years ago in the first place. They are not happy with being able to hit the SAME player 4-5 times a night, and will not be happy until they can post in chat "hahaha, look i made _______ rage quit!" like they did back on gpotato and netmarble. That problem was rampant back then, lost us alot of players, and probably kept alot of their friends from ever even trying the game. The current rule and its precedents were in place to prevent this kind of abuse. This is a horrible approach and will do far more harm that anything, and just opens up the potential abuse of non-pvp players mathematically ridiculous levels.

    Lets do the math. In a typical 4 hour session, right now you can get pirated 4 times by a pirate. If that pirate wants to hit ten players, he/she gets to pirate 40 times a day. The pirate cannot abuse a single player, but can hit as many players and they can find during the course of that session, but not hit the same player more than once an hour. With the change, now the SAME PLAYER can get pirated 24 to 48 times in the same 4 hour session (4 hours/10 minutes  = 24, 4 hour/5 minutes = 48)

    How many of you want to play the role of the victim and just log on to be potentially hit 24-48 times during the course of your evening ? With this change it only takes one jackarse to ruin your entire session, or to make a player quit altogether. If your not a PVPr, how many times do you think they should be allowed to hit you in one night? How many times is too many times?

    Tributes don't solve the issue. The numbers above include the cool down times using tributes based on the table in the trial period post.

    Blue Flags only partially solve the issue, but does NOT help people who play this for PVE, or who want to grind skills - you CANNOT PVE or grind on a blue flag. Don't make suggestions about staying in safe waters, the xp is just not there. *A PVE flag from the cash shop would solve this issue; and quite frankly I don't know why they have never offered one for the people who play this game for PVE.

    Some (explicative) suggested logging out. I don't know about you guys, but I log in to play, not hide in a port, and certainly not to log out ten minutes later. When i set aside time to play a game, I expect to actually play it, not run, hide, logout, or forced into gameplay that i have never, in all these years, played the game for.

    Sacrificing the remaining players even further for the enjoyment of a few is simply not an acceptable solution to the real problems. If you want to help piracy, or maritime in general, fix the balance issues between pirates and bounty hunters; do things to grow the server population; increase pvp incentives; fix the 'turning a white into a blue' trick; make the cool down times the same for BH and Pirates; make the search features work the same for pirates, let them go private, semi private, etc. Quite frankly, just applying a change to the search feature would create a ton more action for pirates.

    Likewise, the larger portion of this player base I suspect is sick of those players who think maritime and pvp is the only reasons to play this game, and the rest of us are here to serve at their pleasure. Those players need to get their self-indulgent heads out of their arses and realize it is not the reason many of us, and likely the majority of us, play this game.  Some of you fail to respect (or even acknowledge sometimes) that people play this game for PVE, adventure, trade, or empire building with little or no interest in pvp, or a passive interest at best. Instead you ridicule the reasons those player play the game, belittle them for their choice of game play with taunts like 'farmville' 'kiddie pool' 'boring' 'crier' 'whiner' etc, and act as if your way is the only possible way someone could enjoy the game. That character flaw reaches far beyond the game and likely permeates every other aspect of your life. If you cannot respect the opinions of others and work towards compromise, you will continually fail in life. We recognize that you want to play for pvp or maritime, but you refuse to recognize that we do not, and mock us because we have different preferences than you do. That character flaw reaches far beyond the game and likely permeates every other aspect of your life. If you cannot respect the opinions of others and work towards compromise, you will continually fail in life.

    This last one is a pet peeve, but one that annoys a certain group of us on this server: The misconception that pvp'rs spend the most on this game than any other players. Wake up, that is not the case. The cash players in my circle of non-pvp players has put in as much, and probably far more, into this game than most of the pvp'rs. We play this game for a variety of reasons other than PVP, including adventure, PVE, empire building, ship collecting, etc, all concepts that are probably foreign to those idiots who think this is a pvp only game. If for no other reason, the depth of the game content says otherwise. Get over yourselves, your not as important to this game as you think you are, and we are more important to this game than you would like to admit; some mutual respect is expected and deserved. Other than someone who recently quit, the biggest spenders in this game that I know are not pvp'rs. It takes all of us - pvp, pve, traders, builders, etc - to move this game forward, so get off your little perches and realize your alienating a good portion of the financial support for this game.

    As to FUBB, to clarify what we are doing and stop the rumors:

    We are going to wait out the trial period. If Papaya wants to try other solutions to address the maritime concerns and end this 'return to farming' on August 22, FUBB will continue to support the game and its community. The one hour cool down was a fair compromise in the first place. FUBB will never support a return to the abusive gpotato/netmarble days. If they rethink this, modify it in some fashion that will prevent abuse, or offer other solutions for players (especially the free players) that will prevent them from being farmed while allowing them to continue playing the game (not hiding in a port or logging out, that is just a flipping silly suggestion), then FUBB will evaluate its position on it then.

    After significant discussion during the break between servers, we decided to give it a go and invest our time and money into Maris because we generally liked where the game was on Gama and wanted to try to rebuild and improve on that. I am proud of how FUBB came together and that we brought nearly our entire membership forward to Maris. To those who were not around back then you should take note that we were willing to come back after losing everything when they reset the server, but are by and large ready to leave at the mere specter of returning to those alt and white farming days. That should give you some idea as to how bad, at least from our perspective, it was back then for non-pvp players.

    At this time, if the trial change, ***in its current form***, it not rolled back on August 23 (whether by announcement or action), then FUBB will likely wind up operations and cease to function as an active company shortly thereafter. The majority of the active FUBB family plans to go invest our time and money into another game and is actively researching games now. Some former members will likely stay even if a lot of us go, and that is fine. This is a hard game for any of us to leave, and many of us have been here since the very beginning.

    This was not an easy decision to arrive at, but this is a line FUBB as a company is not willing to cross, and a game mechanic FUBB is not willing to return to. Individual members are certainly entitled to their own opinions, and we have had a great deal of internal discussion about this. Nonetheless, unless you guys can prove to us that this will not be a return to the farm-fest that infected this game back in those days, then myself and those who decided to stay with the FUBB family and leave with me, are out of here sometime after the 23rd. For me personally, I would rather change games, and walk away from a substantial investment of time and money, than put up with the asshle farmers that infested this game back in those days.

    I sincerely hope you can prove us wrong and give us a reason to stay.
  • RoiberRoiber Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Just some other quick thoughts.. i agree with Baby and others that making the spoils worth more that total junk would be good. Speed boosts, charms, real gear, ducats, etc. make it a random draw ticket with some decent prizes. Even the npcs at the colony drop better stuff than the spoils do.

    Someone, i don't remember who, also mentioned Spanish language support. Quite frankly I think this is a fantastic idea. I think you are missing a huge potential market in the Americas by not offering it.

    There are tons of great ideas i see in the posts above mine, and I hope you guys keep making suggestions. After a few days I will try to cull out just the ideas and hold them for a summary re-post of suggestions in one place.
  • kayarrakayarra Posts: 1Member Beginner
    This has been tried before, in the early days of the game, and didn't work, so the cooldown was put in place for a reason. The result will be empty seas, new/low level players being turned away and the server emptying. Eventually pirates will get bored by the lack of prey and will leave the game too.
  • cages01cages01 Posts: 16Member Beginner
    As i can see my posts still need to be approved but what is worse you dont approve them... gg,tyvm.
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    Today I subdued 2 pirates for 2 hours outside Jakarta. I sunk them 16 times.
    Nobody got pirated in SEA or EA on my watch.
  • LawAngelLawAngel Posts: 15Member Beginner
    Love it. Take all the Safe waters away. Safe Waters doesn't make sense. 
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    Someone mentioned stalking being against Terms of Service.Maybe that is a good compromise for all.
    Let's say a player is only allowed to attack a white player 3 times in one hour, and anymore could be considered harassment./stalking. This way we could keep the new timetables which I think are otherwise perfect.
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    I just want to reitierate that this should only apply to white-named players as pirates and Bounty Hunters are basically asking for PVP.
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    Killa you didn't join the game when white names could be farmed you joined AFTER the pirate nerfs I think if you experienced such farming treatment as a mid-level player trying to get simple permits you would have rage quit.

    Bounty hunting helps but its not the end all be all and you cant be there forever. Sooner or later players will get farmed and griefer pirates will make said player quit  and the server will lose money just like they did on Netmarble. I just wish the maritime types would have compassion for farming especially when they didn't experience it on Netmarble.

    Also stalking TOS stalking should never apply to game play its a dangerous territory then you'll get multiple false reports of it. Stalking is limited to tells and using Alts to circumvent block list and joining company to circumvent blocks and PP should keep it that way.
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    Crzy I have been Red Named since level 30. People have been free to farm me since 2013.
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    You was Red in TEF? When was this???
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    After I got pirated by BroonX in Calicut, I gave up spice trading and became a pirate. Then i joined BBB.
  • PotatoCannonPotatoCannon Posts: 26Member Beginner
    This kind of update is nice if there is a bigger community of players. You would have Company alliances and maritime players protecting trade fleets. You could have players turning waters safe on purpose in addition to just grinding. The state in which this game is in now is way too soon for this kind of update. Just my five cents...

  • theedgedemontheedgedemon Posts: 237Member Trainee
    "Let's say a player is only allowed to attack a white player 3 times in one hour, and anymore could be considered harassment./stalking. "

    they were reported back then killa another reason for the nerf was to save man hours of people reading and investigating countless grieving reports
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    mankind never learns...
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    Just seems like we need to compromise, I'm all for Unlimited PVP but I don't want it to cause more people to leave. If you ask me, people really only get upset after being pirated when the pirate  is rude during/after they attack you. I don't mind getting sunk 50 times, but you don't gotta call me a noob, you know what I mean? Also, let's try not brag about it on world chat..
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    Freedoms are good and I support the new timetables, but let's just try not to abuse them too much.
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    Expecting people on THIS game to be mature and not farm people until they quit is the pinnacle of naivety 

    *These are the same people who offered newbies a fleet and to show them the ropes of the game defleet them then attack them and said lesson number 1 don't trust pirates

    *Same people who created low level Alts and asked people for a tow only to have them attack their waiting alt outside and use a trib and turn them red

    *Same players farmed a friend of mine took all his gear logged onto the forum and made post ridiculing him. He quit soon after 

    THESE pirate players in UWO are SICK minded people there is NO MORAL high ground for them. They WILL Farm players and trick them lie to them just to sink them. The worst part is the pirates in this forum supporting this KNOW this is true and don't give a damn you guys just want more targets in game don't even care about the consequences or lost players.

    This is why I feel EVERY Player who supports this should be held PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for any negative fall out or loss of players behind it because you all know how sick the players of this game can be you guys know better but don't care...

  • miyamotomiyamoto Posts: 47Member Beginner
    I have to share the most honest opinion , CPC.  UWO will not last and days is numbered !! Maris server will not even exist soon. But those player still can swtich over to play at asian server if they like.
  • InfamousKillaInfamousKilla Posts: 165Member Beginner
    Whether or not people quit because of the change, if it does stay..
    The game will go on, and it will be a better game that maybe even EVE players could enjoy.
  • pieratthepieratthe Posts: 419Member Intermediate
    Ok Time for me to chime in.  How the F can u be farmed when u get 10 minute green flag??????????????

    You can farm ur alts to turn the seas red/blue right now before the update, cause after update u will have to log ur alt off and back on to re attack. unless u sit there for 10 minutes waiting on greenie to drop?

    You people???  This game is almost back to the way it was when the population was exploded.  So why do you assume this will hurt the game.  It will just rid the game of all the cry babies.  Those that are scared of a little pvp.  Its not like u can lose anything, most poeple if not all have uwc sails/plates on their ship as trader/adv  and also u prolly have mostly uwc gear since it's better than 90% of the ingame shite.  So STOP CRYING the game mite actually bounce back cause of this nerf.
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate

    You better be right for YOUR sake. Y'all rallied to push for "The Naver Piracy Rules" so you better be prepared for the mountain of criticism ridicule and bashing from the community if it fails. FUBB a 50 person comp said they will quit if this is permanent that's already a bad omen 

    Y'all made Naver your god so you better be prepred to take the fall with him if he's wrong.

    No back peddling
    No coping a plea
    No distancing yourselves from it

    You're all in you'd BETTER be right...

  • viennasviennas Posts: 52Member Beginner
    I think that many people are already looking for a different game,..even if they would cancel the trial, they did already by now a lot of damage which they will see end of next month,by their income. Even if they would cancel the trial, I bet a lot of people will be far more careful to spend any money by Papaya again. I do think that this game will go down in one way or another. They might consequently  empty the server with the new rule or even if they do not implement this rule,I bet people will watch out far more if they spend any money by a game which is running by such company and consequently this will lead to close down the server. In my opinion this would be actually a good thing, if a new company gets this game, can't be worse.
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