[PvP Trial Period] Unlimited Battles on Seas! (Closed)



  • miyamotomiyamoto Posts: 47Member Beginner
    @ Wild, Uwo is a gobal game.  Wouldnt it be interesting to play and learn in another langauage and making new friends all around. There some player who play GAMA , they dont speak english either yet and they are here to learn . Life is an adverture so is gamming isnt it so? :D
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner
    So what my 2 cents to Papaya is, don't make the game play, bias to a certain group, because of what they asked, what they demand. 

    Because by doing so, you won't help improving the game play.

    This kind of doing things is very shallow, and it will not solve to the root of the problem. It will not even reach them.

    So to understand what pirates wants, first, you must understand what pirates need.

    Pirates, they need to hunt.
    They need to have a target to sink.

    But pirates are getting bored in the game. Why so? Because of the design of the game.

    Most pirates are having fun in uwo in what sort of pattern?

    They camp outside the port. They sink targets, and they needs a place to brag.

    Why so? Because the battles the pirates is having, does not have the 2 basic fundamentals. Excitement and tense.

    Everyday you just camp in a fix place and you hunt in a very close area. So what kind of excitement is there, I do not know. Because it looks boring to me.

    Tense, don't even mention that. There is no threats for pirates to begin with when they camp outside a port.

    Lagging these 2 kinds of fundamentals, they need to express their excitement by bragging. This can be noticed very, very obviously.

    Did you notice that the pirates are relaxed all the time, they can sink someone and brag at chat leisurely, relax.

    I know that very well, because I played very very intense battles with guild mates before.

    A truly, exciting battles that is filled with utmost tense, you don't really have the time go and chat around. It is so intense, that you might just lose your concentration a bit, and you are done for good.

    When the battles are done together with guild mates, that kind of in depth interaction, leadership command on spot, the feeling and experience is unforgettable. 

    So understand, what you pirate players need.
    Not what they think they need.

    When you made any changes to the game, is this doing could achieve fun? joy? excitement? tense? additive? mind occupying?

    From the angle of pirates, because I never play pirates before, there are a lot of fundamentals I do not aware of.

    But from the point of a trader, I can tell you an example about trading.

    If it was me to modify the game play, if, I will set the price of nanban to be sold in each region to be greatly differ.

    That means, Paper Lantern could have a very lousy price all over England, but have a very good price in Oslo.

    The joy of Trader, is the process to find where your trade goods worth best return in what market.

    By doing so, many of the trade goods has the value to buy and sell.

    Instead of limiting paper lantern only to england and venice, imagine when paper lantern can be sold all over the place in europe.

    That should be the way how traders play. 

    When we made changes to the game, we must first, protect the game play.
    With good game play, we protect the loss of the player base.
    With good player base, we protect our revenue.
    With good revenue, we prolong the continuing of the host of the game.

    When the sea are full of sailors, traders and adventurers. Pirates have targets to sink and hunt every where.

    Do you think they will complain? No they won't.

    I mean, look, there is a lot of "fish" out there, are you sure you do not want to go "fishing"?

    Finds out what they truly needs, before you act, not what they asked.
    Because what they asked, they can't solve any problems out there.

    Did you see any suggestion from the pirates has finally successful to help improve the uwo state and return it to the glory day?

    So far no. 

    If you really want to help them, find out what they truly need.
  • lefox271lefox271 Posts: 495Member Intermediate
    It's difficult to 'balance' the game when there just aren't enough people playing it. Most of the people in the game are traders and adventurers, but there still aren't enough of them on the seas to make the game interesting for pirates (and hence BHs).

    This trial makes up for the lack of 'prey' by exposing players to repeated attack. That just doesn't sound like a long term solution to the problem.

    I've tried life as a pirate, and frankly this rule would not have made it any more interesting or exciting for me. 

    Something needs to be done to give pirates/ BHs more of a game. But I don't think this is it. 

    As a matter of principle I think we shouldn't have rules which make bullying and harassment possible.

    For what it's worth: I don't use blue flags; I don't use tribs; I don't sail 'private'; and I don't complain when I'm sunk. I want to give pirates a fair chance to catch me. But it's got to be a "fair" chance.

    I'm not going to use hostile/ lawless waters during the trial period - I want to help pirates and BHs, but this is my protest about the way it's being done. 

  • YunoAloeYunoAloe Posts: 114Member Trainee
    I don't care, I have an SHC. ¯\(°_o)/¯ 
  • kanattakanatta Posts: 19Member Beginner
    So... Six years later and back to where we were at the start. 

    Even the gear is more forged than ever, (due to transmutation). 
    Deck battle is back and soon the farming of "white names" as well. 

    Of course over this long period of revolving back to the starting point, the game managed to lose most of its player-base, by repeating the same mistake non-stop:  being overly concerned about how piracy is doing in the game, either piracy isn't doing well enough or it's doing too well and needs to be nerfed. 

    And of course depending on the ever-changing piracy rules some are either quitting or coming back and in the end, we end up with fewer players than we started.

    I don't know, but can't we just play the game and adapt to any new rules?
    Taking on the challenges of beating others at their own game?

    Complaining, boycotting and crying in the forums, got us this far...

    There might not be much of UWO left in the upcoming years, 
    so why not, for once, just try to
  • ccsray88ccsray88 Posts: 40Member Beginner
    So the bad trial of unlimited battle/farming started :( I will stay in safe water and play during this trial.

    The only thing I am glad about is that Papaya does listen to players, they made this change due to petition from Naver then quickly changed it from "perm" to "trial" and start a forum thread to gather feedback after detect lot of negative response from us the traders and adventurers players. Maybe in the future, these changes can be introduce as trial or event to gather feedback first.

    Papaya can consider trying out some of the suggestion make by players in this thread to balance the game better instead of one side shifting toward piracy.
  • mondobogusmondobogus Posts: 57Member Beginner
    There are so many players arguing here other their idea of whether this is a good or bad thing. Why? Just port your "yay" or "nay" with whatever reason and move on. You really aren't making a stronger case for yourselves. I don't think the GM intended this to be a place to argue.

    You have a right to your opinion, but that doesn't give you the right to shun those whom disagree.
    IGN: AngelOfDeath / KnightWhoSaysNEE NI!
  • mondobogusmondobogus Posts: 57Member Beginner
    other = over
    Whoever designed this forum should be fired.
    IGN: AngelOfDeath / KnightWhoSaysNEE NI!
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    I read about 1% of most of the posts.
    Really don't need to write a novel to indicate whether or not you like the change.

    My point is No One is reading you crazy long posts........
  • chiCzachiCza Posts: 29Member Beginner
    this will be good to make players have  doubts and cautions : so that you will learn to fear while sailing - based on my experienced as being attacked by -----> from NO FEAR to let there be FEAR .
    so  last days sailing - i'm in fears  so does more until now : ^_^ so scared to be plundered and attacked.
    experienced what i've  been through : but  GIVE PEACE A CHANCE ^_^ enjoy your game 
  • viennasviennas Posts: 52Member Beginner
    It's pretty much pointless to argue with such stuff as going on here. it's like Blizzard would out of the blue decide, they gonna turn World of Warfract into Counter Strike, might sound laughable and absurd, but this is doing papaya with Uwo, I don't think it make much sense to argue with such folks, I have also already install a different game, it might be better to wait that papaya close down the server, I don't know few months,.. and re-join the game by other publisher.
  • dsmack1dsmack1 Posts: 29Member Beginner
    I played during the netmarble and ogp piracy orgy days.  I won't play through them again.

    Nay to de new rules.  I probably won't play during the trial.

    IGN- Byrdman and Otherguy
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner
    It is time to be realistic.

    Please allow me to copy this sentence from a great man in my country.

    "I Always Think The Best Solution To Be Achieved, Is When EVERYONE On The Table Is Unhappy. Because When Someone Is Totally Happy, Then It Is Not The Best Solution."

    The logic of this sentence is simple.

    Everyone must get some, lose some, tolerate some. We cannot get what we wanted for full in our expectation.

    Rule 1
    Traders MUST have increased risk to be sunk on sea. There must be fear. In order to get such huge rewards from Nanban trade, yes, I could agree to that. Please note that this is what I could accept myself, I do not represent any other players in the game because I have already deleted the game for now and didn't even login for so.

    Rule 2
    Pirates MUST have more advantage on sea. Those who spent more money should be able to enjoy more supremacy from those who spent less.

    Nobody is going to spend 1000 usd if they are the same with those who spent 10 usd.

    They must be able to own other players who do not spend more in game. This is a respect to those who has more modal to play the game.

    Rule 3
    The above 2 rules, cannot exceed rule 3, which is, no matter what is done, the balance of the game play cannot be destroyed. 

    I am not asking for a perfect balance. The balance here I mean, no matter how weak a side is, they must be given enough space, to survive.

    Rule 4
    I seriously do not agree on item plundering can help to boost the moral of the pirates. But I could sacrifice a bit to please themselves.

    There are a few borderlines that must not be exceeded. This is the same as the non stop farm rule that leaves totally no space for traders to survive once they get caught.

    1. Cash shop items should never be plundered.
    2. Items that only could be obtained per character (some sort of sword from adventure quest), should never be plundered.

    For other items, you need to take measurements that how much value this item is worth for. 
    So, if this is an item that takes days for a trader to produce, yes, it can be plundered.

    If this is an item that is a rare mob drops, that someone could farm 2-5 weeks to get this item, then the chance to plunder it to set to a very minimum %, for example, 5%

    The longer someone takes to obtain an item, the smaller the chance it could be plundered.

    There must be a limit though. If it takes 2 months for a trader to obtain that item, then it should not be plunderable.

    Why? Because I can guarantee you this player will quit on more than 50% chance, when he spent 2 weeks to get it, and lose it in one plunder.

    It is a guarantee of more than 50%. A confirm. An absolute.

    No games do that now nowadays.
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner
    Papaya could try to organize some event between BH and pirates. After all, there isn't enough players around in the server as their targets. 

    Traders, usually the best targets for pirates, I went to Sakai, a city which always filled and afk with nanban traders, are now almost empty.

    When Naver do a petition, don't agree to its content fully.

    Try another suggestion to offer him. Explain to him why this will not work.

    So what the petition of Naver brings to the server now? Pissing all other players except the pirates.
    You do not want that to happen.

    Alternate suggestion could be offered to him.

    Such as, the time can be reduced from 1hour to 20 minutes.
    Or, reduced from 1h to 10 minutes in lawless sea.

    Even he asked for non stop farming, that doesn't mean we should give it till the full content.

    When you are asking for a compensation in the court, the judge will not also judge it to the full content of what you requested. You can request for 10k compensation, the judge may only give you 6k.

    So you don't see people crying from that. At least when there is compensation, people will be satisfied.
    Unless you ignore totally what Naver is requesting. If, what he requested is reasonable.

    Such as, when he request to remove the 24h, it is partly reasonable.

    You do not remove, but you reduced to 1h.

    If he request more, you reduce a bit more. You should not give it to the full. Because what he requested, like I said, give totally no space for traders to survive. That is way too extreme. We don't follow extreme ways in dealing things.
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    Yes Naver has TOO MUCH POWER in uwo because of his excessive game spending as many suggestions the rest of us give all the time but get ignored but when Naver start whining he get what he wants its not fair. 

    We have good suggestions too ya know. But money talks BS walks… and its like nobody cares about that. 
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Posts: 79Member Beginner
    I love playing this game, and building wealth, exploring, and getting rewards for my efforts.
    But that takes a lot of time, and hard work.
    If everything that I earn and possess can get farmed by a pirate in an instant, I will quit this game forever.

    Papaya - If you lose me, you will lose others, and the game will fail.

    There have to be more ways that players can avoid being plundered, or maybe only slightly plundered in  hostile or lawless waters.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Posts: 79Member Beginner
    I love playing this game, and building wealth, exploring, and getting rewards for my efforts.
    But that takes a lot of time, and hard work.
    If everything that I earn and possess can get farmed by a pirate in an instant, I will quit this game forever.
    Papaya - If you lose me, you will lose others, and the game will fail.
    There has to be more ways that players can avoid being plundered, or only partially plundered in lawless waters.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Posts: 79Member Beginner
    I couldn't find "Blue Flags" at the UWO shop, until someone told me what they were called.

    Blue Flags (Secret No-War Pact Epistles) cost 135 points and only last one day.

    So if no one tells Newbies about Blue Flags (SNWPE's), and they get plundered, and plundered again and again,  they will give up on the game.

    Papaya needs to explain to everyone how to avoid piracy in Hostile and Lawless Waters, and it shouldn't cost 135 points each day!!!
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 941Member Intermediate
    @xxxxxxxxxxxxxx they are in the uwc shop, look under comsumables and/or on sale sections. But if you are new to the game then you probibly don't even need them go to papaya main page and check lvl restrictions for pirates to attack. If you are low enough you probably can't even be attacked in the first place and don't need blue flags !
    IGN: Samantha99
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner
    Yes Papaya, we will help you to improve the game.

    I am a reasonable person. I do understand from this hard time which the players are less and the weight on those who spend more, are more important.

    I understand, it is not that I don't.

    For me, I am willing to surrender to their requests, if that makes them happy and willing to spend in the game. But the point is, not until to the level of being a total fool which the consequences is too huge for us to negates any meaning of playing uwo.

    If our items can be plundered non stop and unlimited, anything and everything we farm and grind for, will lose and given to the pirates, no players will do that kind of deal.

    So you have to be serious about it. No one will agree on that kind of deal.

    We are here to play as well. We are not doing a charity, wasting our time and continue to stay in a game that we no longer recognize and able to have fun from.

    All we ask, for any chances that you are going to make now or later on in the future.

    Please. Give us some space to survive. That's all we ask.
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    I thought the 1 hour rule was fair, I would prefer a 30min rule but it still seems fair.
    I pirated about 5 people today. Farmed no one.
    Got a few tributes which are WORTHLESS completely. And made about 15m in a few hours.
    Got about 2m worth of garbage ship parts.

    Guess the game is ending due to my actions, at least according to most of you.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Posts: 79Member Beginner
    Hey Culvern,
    Historically, nations sponsored ship captains.  The successful ship captains were rewarded with real money.   
    However, in this game, it costs real money to be protected from being plundered, plus more real money to buy PO's to buy goods to resell to build "in game" wealth, which is not real money, not to mention the time spent to build that wealth.
    When a pirate takes all, or most, of that "in-game" wealth, why do I want to spend more of my hard earned real money to rebuild my "in-game" wealth?
    Also consider that there are many players playing from countries where their wages are $10 to $15 per day real money.  One Blue Flag costs 10% of a day's real wages.  How do we convince those players to stay in the game and keep being plundered?  We don't want to lose half this world's potential player population.
    I'm quite sure if players from lower income countries could earn real money by playing this game, we wouldn't have to worry about this game surviving in the future.
    I'm all in favor of having pirates as a potential threat to make the game more interesting, but like everyone on this forum is saying, there has to be the right balance.  
    PvP pirating which can begin when a new player reaches a level 30 in one career, or total levels of 50 seems too low.  Those players are still newbies in my opinion, and we don't want to lose them either.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 941Member Intermediate
    a 'blue flag' cost $1.50 from the uwc shop
    IGN: Samantha99
  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    Players do not stop playing if a game is too hard, atleast the 'gamers' won't.

    Only pathetic players leave a game if they get a minor setback.

    What the heck happened to the whole challenging aspect of games.
    Every game these days are a hecking funfair, people can't even stand a lil bump in their virtual online non existing character that does not relate in any way to the player his real life.

    Play some dark souls or something, jeez.

    Yo any pirates wanna hunt some seas with me?
    Hit me up.
  • carlalexcarlalex Posts: 187Member Trainee
    Challenge ?

    In ALL pirate encounters I ever had since Netmarble times, the outcome was predetermined (SPLAT u are DEAD).

    Where is the challenge in that ?
  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    That means u lost the challenge already. However there are still options if you can't out run/smart a pirate.

    You can force deck battle on them :)
  • viennasviennas Posts: 52Member Beginner
    In ALL pirate encounters I ever had since Netmarble times, the outcome was predetermined (SPLAT u are DEAD).
    Where is the challenge in that ?
    It doesn't exist and that's the entire point what keeps pirates in this game. Completely unrealistic and unfair system which gives pirates 100% win assurance. Do you really think pirates would troll about a ''challenge'' if traders and adventures could fight back in this game? They would never play this game. Hardly any other game offer such horrible battle system which gives certain players win guarantee, so they stick to this game which offer easy ''wins'' and they can troll about a challenge,...
  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    That's why you should always do your best to prepare for the worst.
    If your best isn't good enough than you were predetermined to lose to begin with.

    Have a bunch of tributes before you leave
    Wear good equipment with a ship with decent crew levels so you can enter deck.
    Have your alt use a high crew ship and make him melee the pirate while you run out the circle.

    That all you traders are preparing like a sheet of glass is your own fault.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 941Member Intermediate
    @viennas why are you still here TROLL?
    IGN: Samantha99
  • viennasviennas Posts: 52Member Beginner
    Okay, you are often frustrated that I ignore you. I will tell you why I do that. I bet you are just a kid, at least judging by your statements,..What should I write you, you have 400+ posts and consider someone else a troll, maybe you should not write all of your thoughts in this forum, sail more,discover Hamburg, Oslo,..you can do all that, by spending more time in game instead of a forum. Then you can also sail into unsafe waters,...get ganked now,... you will have your fun with the game instead of constantly giving everyone else advices how to play the game with your immeasurable greatness. To answer your key question, as other people, I'm waiting when or if Papaya will turn this game back to normal and if is even worth to come back, or will be the game till 22. a ghost place, the forum is practically already quite dead,....

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