[PvP Trial Period] Unlimited Battles on Seas! (Closed)



  • theedgedemontheedgedemon Posts: 237Member Trainee
    "Players do not stop playing if a game is too hard, at least the 'gamers' won't."

    "Only pathetic players leave a game if they get a minor setback."

    wait, remind me again how many "faithful" PVP players had left in the last 9 months since finding easy prey was too hard?

    man logic is in such short supply these days
    Desire spawns madness, madness collapses into disaster.
    mankind never learns...
  • SStuart1SStuart1 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    To keep getting hit over and over again would put me off playing the game. Where is the fun in sitting around unable to do anything? 

    I do think the 30 minute rule would be better than the no limit rule as Culvern said. 

    I'm mostly an adventurer, so this no limit rule would put me off even doing that. Why spend  hard earned money to loose it on a game where there is a very high chance that I will not even get the benefit of using my bought items before it gets taken away?
  • EscapistLoreEscapistLore Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I'd like to add my voice to this.

    I'm new. I've only been playing for around a month. This change does affect me, and I am deeply concerned about how this change is going to play out - and so are my friends.

    This affects people like me the most. Those who don't have the resources to buy blue flags or the speed to outrun pirates - yet have the levels to get hit. Sure, you can tell me to stay in Europe all the time and.. well, right now I am! Sure, there's stuff to do but... My progressions gonna be pretty slow. Which, I mean, it would be anyways, I'll admit, but slower, since I need to figure out ways to make money in Europe only, since.. well. I don't wanna lose everything when, to be frank, I really have no chance against a pirate right now and won't for a while staying only in Europe.

    I love exploring in this game, and can't wait til I have the funds and levels to be combat ready but that as it was, was going to take forever.

    I am against this change as of right now. If this works out decently and I don't feel trapped in Europe because of it, I may change my mind. But as of right now, I've seen no logic to convince me it's a good change.
  • PrestigaPrestiga Posts: 15Member Beginner
    So how do posts work around here? I made a post yesterday and have yet to see it show up, altho many have posted after me..is there a waiting period?
  • SStuart1SStuart1 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    This has to be the worst idea I have ever seen on UWO. I will not be playing a game just to become pirate fodder. No fun in being attacked constantly.

    If this becomes permanent my online friends will leave, they are what makes the game the most enjoyable for me. I only recently coaxed one of my friends back since the wipe, they will certainly leave if this becomes permanent and I do not blame them.
  • PrestigaPrestiga Posts: 15Member Beginner
    Im just getting back after a long while..I come back to a server wipe and start over like everyone else. I have no issues with pirates. I know a few and get along fine with them. Pirating IS part of this game. The only thing I have a problem with is 'farming players'..ANY players...I dont agree with farming pirates/BH/or trader/adv.

    We all know how long and tedious this game is already..and the 'no limit' is going to make for bad mojo all around. Trade/Adv types need to understand and accept that there are waters where pirates lurk and take actions to prevent being hit if they want to go into those areas. Pirates need to understand and accept that there are Trader/Adv types who DO NOT WANT TO PVP. {it doesn't make them scared or cowards..they just have a diff playing style} If this game was intended as total PVP, then they shouldn't have created it with the ability to 'opt out'..Trader/Adv types do not have to PVP if they dont want to...and they shouldn't be run into the ground because they choose a diff route in the game.

    For the most part, the pirates I know do'nt care to farm...they chase, attack, plunder, and move on to the next victim who wandered into their domain unprepared...In real times, pirates had no reason at ALL to re-plunder a victim..they killed the victim and looted their stuff..end of story. If by some slim chance they were allowed to live, they were LET GO to trade another day.

    This game of course doesn't allow for total kill off {TG} but it def makes it hard to swallow for those who grind for weeks and months only to lose everything they have worked for to repeated plundering..and nothing else gets taken, if there is nothing left on the victims ship, so farming is basically stupid imo. and is done for no other reason but to ruin someone else's game play. It'll ruin the game we all love even further..it's like a ghost town out there as it is.

    I've been thinking about it, and since the PVP'ers want more battles, and more challenges, why dont the game devs make some seriously bad@ss NPC trade ships for pirates to loot that actually throw out something good, and make it worth it to try to take these on? What happened to the Ghost Ships? Are they still out there?

    They could also make the game worth playing for true PVP types, and make the BH's an actual job..BH's WANT to PVP..

    Idk..Im just throwing things out there..all random n stuff :P

    At any rate, I vote NO to farming of ANY player. Your gonna end up with nothing but a few farming pirates and the game will die a painful death.

  • WildDiscoveryWildDiscovery Posts: 21Member Beginner
    @SailorPapaya, et al:
    Uwaoo~. For years since well into OGPlanet days, can use Lifesaver item or Rescue skill after defeat to get back minimum required sailors (or max crew cabin fill if ship bad modded) needed to sail ship, which always is 10 plus sailors, or even dozens sailors, depending on ship being used at time of defeat. Even little barca requires 2 sailors to sail full speed ahead. And some rowboats require over 70 sailors to sail full speed.
    Lifesavers / Rescue skill is / are your friends. Frieeends!

  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 636Member Intermediate
    Hmm I don't see much different ,but I guess many anti-pvp players avoided hostile waters for being time.
  • lefox271lefox271 Posts: 495Member Intermediate

    A life saver gives you one crew member. You can't sail or turn at normal speed. You can't fight your guns with normal effectiveness. But meanwhile, as soon as you use the lifesaver you are vulnerable to attack after your green flag expires.

    If it happens to you, probably best to wait until the pirate as got bored and gone away.
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    Well from what I have seen so far there is no difference.
    I have not seen or heard of anyone getting farmed. The green flag still applies and if you used a tribute you still have full crew to sail at full speed for 5-10 minutes to escape.

    I guess I suck at piracy. Everyone claims that pirates take all their stuff. I usually only get a tribute a few 100k. If I do plunder i am luck to get a ship yard sail or cannon. That is hardly enough to hurt anyone's gameplay or cause them to go broke or quit.
    And I am one of the most active pirates out there.

    I see all this concern as unfounded fear.
  • dsmack1dsmack1 Posts: 29Member Beginner
    I can't believe i'm doing this but of course you aren't seeing a difference Culvern, you aren't a port camper but prowl the trade lanes.  
    There hasn't been a huge pirate orgyfest yet that i've heard, I'll admit that.  But people i know have called it quits while trying to reset ports in india or ambon.  A port camper last month could hit you once, maybe twice depending on how long you took.  Now a port camper means you are done playing the game for the day or until he/she gets bored and leaves.  Spice traders are mid level players, not noobs, but not uber rich yet either, are working their way up to nanban and can't afford the tributes or the po4 needed to make quick in and out trades.  These are the people this is hurting.

    Even if only 30 people leave the game, and 10 old pirates come back ...that's 20 less people out of the 200 or so playing (i made up that 200 people number but it seems reasonable) We need more people not less.  And of the people still playing, even more will be doing nanban as it's a 1 time in and out of port so less tributes to use, so less people but even more ducats in the game.


    IGN- Byrdman and Otherguy
  • DyhaltoDyhalto Posts: 26Member Beginner
    100% against this, Basically quit while this is on. 
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    @dsmack1 I can see your point. At least you made a quality argument. Most just say 'I quit while this is happening' out of speculation and fear.
    At least try and see before giving up.

  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner

    Rescue skill is my friend... please, don't talk like I am playing uwo the first day, will you.

    Non stop farming, is non stop farming. It doesn't mean a pirate won't hit you non stop, during the 1st August to 22th August, they won't do that after "the" 22th August.

    I believe my head is rather clear on this point.

    I didn't login the game ever since 1st of August. Instead I deleted it before August. 
    Don't get me wrong. I still miss the game and wanting to come back, not with that non stop farming allowed in the server.


    Now is already a week past. The deal is clear on this point. Papaya is clear and aware of this issue, and every single players in the game knows what they want. 

    The deal is on and it is time for them to make the decision.

    My suggestion is, take off the non stop farming change and give the pirates something else. Something else, that is not extreme and give other players space to survive and the space to have fun.

    I do not know about the others but this is all I hope they would do. If they really want to go with this, I am done for this game. There is no need to hesitate a single thing about it. I am done if they do that, and they can keep all the pirates players for themselves. I don't care and I don't want to see nothing anymore.
  • dsmack1dsmack1 Posts: 29Member Beginner

    A lot of us played back before all of the 'pirate nerfs'.  I liked the nerfs, i supported the nerfs and I'm not happy they are undoing them, but I played back then and for the most part life was ok.  Most days were fine and it was the odd day you'd hit some jerk who'd make you're life hell and you'd want to quit the game, and you wouldn't log back in for a week.  Then you'd be fine for a couple of months ...rinse and repeat.

    If the game gets as bad as it was sometimes back then, then i'll quit the game, but it's not atm.  Other then a few players being kept in harbor by port campers, i haven't really heard of any increased pirate activity.  

    I kinda agree with Culvern, wait and see.  You might be right and all the pirates are being good atm to try to keep the changes permanently and we'll deal with that when it happens.  In the meantime if you want to hold onto your money and not leave safe waters as a protest, all power to you.  But quitting before we know how bad the problem is seems overkill.

    IGN- Byrdman and Otherguy
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    Farming? I still don't get how anyone gets farmed. ONLY a pirate can actually get farmed. ONLY A PIRATE.
    A 5-10 minute green flag is a lot of time. Can cross several sea regions even in a grad ship most times.
    I don't think the change is good for the server due to those that will refuse to play out of unfounded fear.
    A 30 minute to 1 hour timer would be suitable I believe.
    What I would like to see is usable item from the spoils (tributes). The current items are useless and unsellable so they have no point or worth.
    Farming is not happening not is it profitable for the pirate. Item plunder is so restricted normally all that is acquired is a shipyard sail or shipyard part. Neither is killing the game or really having any affect the way everyone is screaming it is.

    Let's look at how it is actually doing and not how you think it MIGHT be.
    Facts not speculation.
  • lefox271lefox271 Posts: 495Member Intermediate
    Er ... if no pirates are taking advantage of it, why is it needed?

    I don't use tributes. I made that decision because pirates were saying they were pointless. But by doing this for pirates (I.e. out of respect for you) I now open myself to being farmed.

    So it's a matter of principle for me.
  • dsmack1dsmack1 Posts: 29Member Beginner
    lol  lefox ...just because a pirate says tributes are pointless doesn't mean you don't use them.  Pirates say pirating is an important part of the game (i disagree) but it is part of the game and we live with it.  Tributes is part of the game and they have to live with it.

    Please don't quit the game because you don't want to use tributes out of respect for pirates.

    IGN- Byrdman and Otherguy
  • WhitejacketWhitejacket Posts: 86Member Beginner
    Hi Culvern,

    I sunk a pirate the other day and then saw an icon. I assumed I could not attack him again. Are you sure there is no cooldown period for pirates as well?

    I don't like the trial period rules either. I think a half hour protection from all pirates is a good compromise for white players. It will keep the pirate population down while at the same time making it more safe for white players.
    IGN: Milvio, Caroline, and Nasrin
  • lefox271lefox271 Posts: 495Member Intermediate
    @dsmack1 you misunderstand me. I choose to not use tribs; like I choose to not sail 'private'. After listening to what pirates say (and this is not the first time we've discussed piracy on this forum lol) I decided to offer pirates a fair chance. If they can catch me (and they do) then it's my storage skill v. their plunder skill.

    It's how I've chosen to play - I call it fair.

    And I'm not quitting the game any time soon - unsure why you thought I was.
  • ASaltedJimASaltedJim Posts: 22Member Beginner
    Just tell us if Papaya Play has decided to take UWO to full time PvP player killing so those of us who enjoy the PvE of crafting, adventuring, socializing, trading can move on sooner rather than later. No sense in dragging it out a month and then announcing it.

    Then again, Papaya Play could open a PvE server and let players who do not enjoy PvP transfer their toons to it. Might be easier though to make the current server all PvE and let the players who champion the cause of PvP move to the new PvP server since it will be fewer transfers top deal with that way.

    Ive heard the arguments all before going back to 20 years ago when Ultima Online coddled player killers and watched as droves of PvEers and socializers left the game. Until competition opened ie EverrQuest and Asheron's Call they got by with whatever they wanted. Once competition opened, PvErs and socializers left UO in masse. A UO developer told me they were losing 8 PvErs to every PKer they coddled. UO soon opened a mirrored shard/server that was full time PVP called Fellucia where players on PvE world could portal to for a greater reward/greater risk game experience. Perhaps UWO might want to try that concept too. It saved Ultima Online and that game is still going with a dedicated audience 20 years and counting.

    Either way, just tell us what direction Papaya Plays wants to take UWO in so PvErs can make a decision sooner rather than later. My family, friends and I will be leaving UWO if PvP is the future of the game.
  • ASaltedJimASaltedJim Posts: 22Member Beginner
    The simplest solution is what EA/Origin did with Ultima Online17 or so years ago. Make amirrored world where PvP reigns and put many portal points to go back and forth from PvE world to PvP world. Make the reward for doing everything in PvP world higher since you take a risk being in PvP world. That way everyone wins. PvErs get to play in peace on PvE world and PvPers get a world of their own and everyone can portal back and forth between the two worlds depending on the risk reward they are willing to take at any given time.
  • WhitejacketWhitejacket Posts: 86Member Beginner
    I don't think the trial period rules will last. I have a maritimer player acting as a BH, a very high-level trader/crafter (and sometimes nanbanner), and a pirate-in-training toon (still white). I am looking at it from all angles. A 30 minute to a 1 hour compromise would be, I think, more than acceptable. There was nothing wrong with the way it was before.
    IGN: Milvio, Caroline, and Nasrin
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    @whitejacket the symbol you saw once you sunk the pirate was the no-piracy symbol. Which means a that pirate has to wait 10 minutes and then port before he can pirate again.
    You could attack a pirate over and over.

    @lefox. I like your gameplay.

    Overall a 30 min to 1 hour cool down is fine. The so called farming rule is not really needed.
    Although if you look at it, farming is nearly impossible as these rules are. 10 min green flag and such. So I don't really know what the fuss is all about honestly.
  • TonyFields95TonyFields95 Posts: 0Member Beginner

    Hello to all.

    100% against this new implementation.

     Furthermore a few ideas:

    1.      Sea Battle,
    as per definition in the event (Unlimited Sea Battle) is NOT giving tribute to
    a pirate player.

    2.      Presently, also
    don’t consider fighting in a clipper against a 300 crew pirate galley much of a
    “battle” (it’s clearly one sided)… unless they could remove item plunder, which
    would change things.

    3.      50% of all plunder/farming
    concerns would be off without item plunder. No more worries on being ripped off
    your gear and items. Plus, if in a non-combat oriented ship, you as a white named
    toon, can always go into forced deck battle, fully geared and this time REALLY
    fight back. I think pirates would agree that this way is much more fun for them

    4.      Only concern
    is if you win you’ll be turning blue, but someone else just made the suggestion
    of turning blue only if you initiated the attack, which makes sense and solves
    some exploits already covered.

    5.      Regarding the
    no time restriction, I would settle in a middle term, like 30 minutes cool down
    to avoid some alt farming exploits and to allow some time consuming activities
    (weather phenomena, Shipwrecks, etc).


    Bottom line,
    my suggestion to improve gameplay:

    Remove item plunder (Keep trade goods plunder).

    Keep some cool down time between pirate attacks.

    Best regards

  • xdracusxxdracusx Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Ok guys. I am a new player, and let me tell you the QQ is real. The patch is not even out and with 100 ways to avoid fighting I do not even see how this is an issue. 

    Also is it true that once a pirate attacks 5 times they have to go to a pirate port and "restock" on attempts?So technically no one can get farmed. 

    Side note: I came to this game to play a privateer / bounty hunter. I'd like to make money in this game escorting merchants. You do not want to tribute than hire bounty hunters. Bunch of blue named fleets might deter pirates. 
  • technoxxtechnoxx Posts: 12Member Beginner
    I just an adventurer, i hated being farm non stop. I buy SS monthly, not using ducat. But this unlimited pirating, i feel i should not buying SS as i can't enjoy adventuring and storing the item i get from adventuring.

    People say there green flag...., i adventure couple hour per day, and i get unlimited stalking every times i port in/out. Yet, people say, use tribute, yet once again they forget, there is a tipping point where hostile water become red and tribute is no longer usable. People say blue flag, it cheap. couple of dollar. I don't play 24hr, not even 6hr, buying daily (u add up, it substantial). Well, i don't mind buying blue flag if PPP can create another blue flag that isn't 24hr, but is 6hr costing just .50 cents :D
  • occlusion12occlusion12 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    terrible. from sailing game with pirates to chiefly a pirate game.
  • halancarhalancar Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Well, I've done plenty of trading and so far since the change I've not been pirated. The fact that East Asia has been safe may well have helped there :)

    But from my experience previous to the change: Culvern, it's not what the pirates take that has really hurt me, it's the other consequences. It's having my prize crew of well-fed, loyal sailors killed, and being forced to sail on with the thieving, mutinous, quarrelsome scum that I have to replace them with. It's having my beautiful, freshly painted hulls shot full of holes that I will have to patch, one by one. It's losing my pay chest and seeing my aide's trust melt away.

    And none of this are of any benefit to the pirate. But they make sure I will always keep my tributes on my first custom slot, within easy reach :)

    My suggestion to make piracy viable without forcing the traders off: focus on the trade goods. Let the pirate fill his holds (such as it is if he's using a LLM :) ) with my most valuable trade good, or his choice of my trade goods, rather than randomly with the 2 sardines I was keeping for my crew's dinner. It's probably worth more than my paychest, or any ship part or equipment I carry that isn't unplunderable already (and if they were plunderable I wouldn't carry them, except by accident). It will come with a built-in anti-farming mechanism: once the holds are full, the pirate just can't pillage anything more until he's unloaded his previous booty.

    And add a surrender option to the fight, so I don't have to watch as I'm beaten to death by an opponent I have no hope of beating off. Of wait, that's what the tributes are for :) Well then, by all means make the tribute include that 'plunder as many trade good as you can carry' option. Hopefully that will make piracy pay for itself and a viable game style, without frightening all the traders off.

    From my trader's point of view, well, my holds are far larger than any pirate's, so I'll still make some money off the run. Or not lose too much. Or I can find some other stuff on the way to fill my cargo. More importantly, it will be a clean stroke: I am caught, I pay, I can go on with my regular playing without spending the next hour trying to fix all the random damage...
  • cyrusrobertscyrusroberts Posts: 0Member Beginner
    You can include my vote for "against" this adjustment to PVP rules. 

    My ship simply isn't fast enough to get to safety in a reasonable amount of time, even with tributes. I'm too newb to have a fast ship that "most people" have, but I'm trying to focus on trade. So I am a trader, with a fast(for me) ship that is still ridiculously slow by everyone elses standards. I cannot even begin to defend myself and when I get hit even with leveled up storage I lose enough stuff that it puts a sizable dent in my progress when a pirate gets even slightly lucky.

    Even before the changes I've been hit by pirates almost every day for a week. I can't even begin to fathom how much I would've lost had these rules been in place earlier. So my options in this game that I praise for its freedom have been reduced to A) sitting in Europe and focus on grinding skills or B) just not playing the game at all.

    Three weeks of nothing but skills grinding is going to drive me crazy. I hope that if my interest lasts for 3 weeks of boredom that UWO will again be a game that caters both to the blood-thirsty and to those that just want to enjoy the experience without worrying about being constantly harassed.

    I'm not against piracy, I feel it adds a sense of risk to the game which I feel is very important but with any game there is the chance of abuse if looting is left unrestrained. I feel the 1-hour limit was a reasonable balance, but if the PVP rules got changed to a 30-minute rule, that would be fine by me since that would still be what I would consider "reasonable", but tributes every 10 minutes will leave me broke by the time I'm even close to Europe and by extension all my aides trust will be at or near 0.

    This doesn't add "excitement" to the game, it suffocates your options. It limits fun.
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