[PvP Trial Period] Unlimited Battles on Seas! (Closed)



  • maoyuruimaoyurui Posts: 2Member Beginner
    I've seen this time and time before. There is actually a way to cater to both the PvP eccentric and the casual players. But unfortunately the idea I had before when I tried telling it to Netmarble one of the GM's responded that they had a similar system that they tried before but it created a different drama and trying to implement what I suggested might create that issue again and if it doesn't they had issue with "Man Power". OGP GM just plainly told me the idea is sound but man power is an issue.

    But anyway the issue here is not so much as the Pirates themselves but how the Pirates are actually being used in game. Yup, you heard me right. Pirates on the game are used wrong or rather being directed to that manner because of how lacking the most important side of the game is.

    To be honest though I'm not putting all the blame on Netmarble or OGP or even Papaya. KOIE is also part to blame on it since I don't think they gave full access to the Publishers of UWO the ability to tweak the game that much. But I could be wrong though. None the less after just a couple of days there are lots of missing people online already as I check my account roaming around from city to city.

    I will not go on a debate on why I think this is happening but reality is this move is not really working. I think it's time for the Publisher to look at this at another angle and take a leap of faith.
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    @Dyhalto, Dont quit...just use the 22 days this will run and grind/rank. If you just 'must' go to hostile, heck ask a BH to give you a tow or tag along with you. ;)

    "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"
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    While I talked about this change in the game and other outside forums, I wanted to wait until I saw it in action before commenting here.  And it's worked out pretty much exactly like I predicted it would.  The change has done nothing.

    Checking the Maritime Mediator periodically to see what PvP activity there's been around the world, there's still very little.  I've yet to see any incidents of a single player being farmed by a pirate.  I did see an incident of a pirate being farmed by a bounty hunter, but that was already possible before this change.  There is still very little pirate activity at all happening in the game.  This trial had a lot of hype and hasn't delivered any results.

    Well, almost no results.  You can see some of the things it's caused in this thread already.  The trial, despite no pirates actually taking advantage of it, has panicked many players.  People are more scared to leave Europe than normal.  Some players, supposedly, are simply not playing the game out of protest.  I have no way of knowing how legitimate that is, whether they're actually not playing or just saying they aren't because they're scared of this change, but presumably Papaya has access to that level of metadata.  So what we have is a trial period intended to produce extra PvP/piracy activity that isn't actually producing any extra PvP/piracy, but despite that is frightening PvP-adverse players into thinking there is and making them less likely to play.  I don't know that I'd count that as a successful trial.
  • KlandestineKlandestine Posts: 20Member Beginner
    I haven't seen much difference either Culvern.  I am still getting hit
    once or twice a week and no one has tried to farm me yet.  I have
    noticed however a few pirates who haven't been around for awhile
    back in the game and I think that's a good thing if it means more people
    actually returning to the game.  Hopefully this will be mirrored by an
    increase in the adv/trader population as well.  Time will tell.

    personal matter I don't worry too much about pirates because I have been
    taking precautions against them even before the rules change. I am banking on the hope that the others with red names understand this and that the future of
    this game depends upon a healthy influx of new players and will
    voluntarily hold off on farming traders/adventurers until we have a
    strong enough population to handle that kind of activity.

    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" -Hunter S. Thompson

  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    Thinking perhaps pirates on good behavior until the trial is over so PP will decide to make permanent?  If I were a pirate that's what I'd do...

    Also don't forget a lot of traders have stated they'd stay away until this trial is over.

    Or the fact fine tribs drop like candy from tickets and colony

    Seems like a mix of these three issues anywho its day 8 of the experiment better start seeing some progress or this trial the pirates cried for will be considered a bust...
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    @cpc Some pirates always stay in good behavior.
    Although attacking a fleet of alts in Clermonts carrying 9000 nanban goods and only getting a totally worthless tribute gets tiring.....
    Give us something good from the tributes and all will be happy!
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    Yeah some are lol ...

    Honestly I think spoils should be chsnged to give an effect I'm thinking something like either...

    1. 30 seconds of +5% speed for high speed chases
    2. 30 seconds plunder skill +5 ranks to combat storage
    3. 30 seconds increased abordage skill range

    I think of they gave one of these effects pirates would like getting them 
  • crazyhunter2003crazyhunter2003 Posts: 761Member Intermediate
    @ Culvern can a trader with 1 crew sail away from a full crewed ship that caught him while he was full crew?or sail through 3 sea zones in 10 minutes???

    All the lifting of the 1hr rule does is enable the few grievers in game as I know a lot of pirates like you would not farm traders.

  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    Status of the Piracy Rules:

    1. No increase in population 
    2. Little to no reports of farming
    3. Most Pirates are AGAINST farming but are telling people they're overreacting to the change so they are complacent with allowing farming since it benefits them.
    4. No Pirate except one single one has stepped forward and volunteered to take responsibility and be on record  supporting this should this trial fail and cause more harm than good. ONLY ONE
    5. A good number of traders have not played during trial or refuse to leave safe waters
    6. Prices remain inflated
    7. Bounty hunting remains the same as pirates still can hide during login screen 
    8. No increase in number of players turning to piracy.

    Summary so far: Seeing NO substantial change positive or negative regarding the rules. 

    Day 9 of 22 about half way through it...Need more concrete evidence to support keeping this change during the second half.  
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    I somewhat disagree with many of you fact points.

    From what I have seen:

    The same players are sailing in hostile as they were before. No drop in those sailing (no one extra staying in safe waters).
    I see the same people I always see.

    I have seen a heavy increase I Bounty Hunter fleets out looking for pirates. I have been run off numerous times this past week. (First time that gas happened in well over a year).

    And as a side note.
    CPC you really need to get over Naver.
    He did not make this change. Anyone that signed his petition are also not responsible for it.
    Your crusade to 'make them held personally accountable ' is supposed to mean what?
    Please leave your personal war with him out of everyone's forum.

    And no I did not sign or even read his petition.
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    I wasn't referring to the petition I'm talking about the people who support the changes but at the same time too scared to be held accountable if it fails. The reason I brought it up is to show hypocrisy by pirates that want to reap ONLY the  benefits but NONE of the consequence.

    You claim you don't support the changes but at the same time you're telling everyone we're overreacting and its no big deal and you like the change and things are more fun...its like how can you be on BOTH sides of the fence? So my point is why play it down and advocate for it but don't want the blame if it goes bad? can't have it both ways...If someone is so sure this is "working" and is so good why dodge the accountability??? If you're sure it will succeed then no need to fear accountability and consequence RIGHT? 

    To me if youre  supporting the change but too scared to take the blame if it fails then basically that means you DONT actually believe the change is good for the game because you're too scared to stand by it and you're just here to reap the benefits of it for your class but will quickly turn tail and run from it if it fails... 

    That fear of accountability is a strong argument for traders I mean how can we take you serious and truly believe you that the change is good for the game if you're too chicken to stand by it.  So far the only people that put their a** on the line for it is Spook and Naver the creator. There is no "thing" with Naver I just see "certain individuals" already trying to distance themselves from his rules almost like a pre damage control and pretending like he didnt have ANYTHING to do with it after we allllllll saw it and only him its crazy I SEE what y'all trying to do. He killed for this so why are people trying to scrape his name off of it now? VERY SUSPICIOUS 

    As far as trader read the comments many already said they haven't sail or won't play until its over if you seen the same people cool but you didn't see the people that said they aren't sailing. If BH increase cool I hope Papaya agrees on the 23rd we'll see when PP decides who they will side with...

    Lastly culvern will you be willing to take accountability if it fails? Do you TRULY believe in this?
  • pieratthepieratthe Posts: 419Member Intermediate
    OK CPC I got 2 things for you:
    You know we don't have to be accountable for a XXXX thing  Papaya does.  We can ask for any changes we want and whether or not they are put in, or whether or not they are good changes is not any fault of the players.  So stop trying to get people to claim this was their decision. It's wasn't and will never be the decision's of any players.  Also your prolly the reason we havn't been getting new players.  I'm sure most people check forums of new games they wanna play to see how it's going.  And they see nothing but u crying about piracy buff, that doesn't even affect you.  Not only do you not play, if u did play it's not like u'd sail anyway.  So again SHUT THE XXXX UP.  This post was for discussion between people who are pirates, and those that get pirated.  Not dudes who play chick toons and not even log on anymore to play.  Neither of which are you CPC.  So either start playing and see how it is for urself, or go away.

    #2Who the XXXX are you?  You are nothing on Maris.  You don't even play, and havn't played for a long time.  Yea on GAMA u had a name for urself and people listen'd to you, but this is Maris.  Like for real what levels are you? 20/20/20?????    So again please i ask you. Either start back playing and see for urself that it's not that bad.  Or stop posting and scaring off new players.

    **  FYI this event isn't that bad.  I've not heard of a single person that has been farmed repeatly....well cept pirates but we could always be farmed. **
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate

    Basically to summarize what you said you're TOO SCARED AS WELL to stand by it and only want the benefits no consequence.

    Stand by it fully and ill take you serious until you do that ill count you as AGAINST the change because you wont put your name on it...

    Bawk bawk bawwwwwk!
  • mondobogusmondobogus Posts: 57Member Beginner
    Well...just because you didn't hear of someone being farmed doesn't mean it hasn't happened (which it has). I won't use any names here unless they grant permission. At least 2 of the new players hasn't logged in since for me to ask.

    I have yet to see any argument that makes sense supporting why this should be made permanent. I doubt anyone would be able to since it only promotes bad behavior. Bad behavior effects everyone, not just the traders.

    A test for anyone who thinks it's a good idea: sail a TLG 10min (with full crew) away from the nearest port, then have a pirate attack. Use rescue then see if you can get back to port in 10min.

    I think this discussion has been beaten into the ground, thus leading nowhere other than a flame fest. Perhaps we should be discussing ideas on what they could do to make things better?
    IGN: AngelOfDeath / KnightWhoSaysNEE NI!
  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 636Member Intermediate
    Tbh, there are far less players on North Atlantic which usually had 30-40 before Order of Prince patched. However, I can't say whether we get less players nowadays like my company is almost dead. At least, some players did make comeback even though most of them came for Sagres and Boost event.
  • pieratthepieratthe Posts: 419Member Intermediate
    ...... CPC go play diablo2.  Ur wasting space posting about a game u don't even play.  And WTF does putting my name on it mean?  Whether or not i put my name on it won't affect whether it fails or not.  Game is going to fail anyway.  Also what does it solve if game fails, and u can sit back and cry and blame people for a game closing u don't even play.  I think ur life is just so boring, u have to come to UWO forums so some sort of excitment.  Seriously  Why you post so much?  YOU DON"T PLAY!!!!!!!!!

    I think ur butthurt that all the effort u say u've put in for piracy you got nothing done, and Naver cries once and gets changes.  Doesnt that prove how little u are.  You are nothing CPC.  GO AWAY. 

    Also.  I'm one of the best pirates in the game.  I've very good at finding and catching prey.  And outside of black sea where people are maritime grinding it's almost impossible to farm.  Also If i attack that TLG and he uses rescue (Which BTW gives u min sailors after being pirated) and 10 minutes later he hasnt made it to town and i attack again.

    THAT'S NOT FARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Most of you have no idea what farming is.  Farming is where as soon as ur melee wipe'd and battle is over u have 3 sailors from old rescue, and they can INSTANTLY attack again.  U don't even have the 15 seconds to use logout.
    That's what farming is.  If there's 10 minutes between the time ur hit and the time ur hit again.  That's plenty of time to either get to safety.  OR  

    The game shouldn't protect u from piracy.  You should have to either work or pay for protection.  If u sail to lawless waters u should expect LOTS of risk.  If in hostile waters SOME risk.   U've been babies way tooooooo long buy OGP and SaulCaine, to even understand the game anymore.  Also what's a new player i TLG doing in hostile waters????????   They knew the risk.  They shoulda been prepared.  When i first started that's what i'd do.  If i needed something from carrib.  I hired someone like Chiy or Gameklaas to escort me there.  And even then that didn't always save me.  And until u've been plunder 16x in 1 fight by 5xPAC members, don't come crying to me.  Oh and they could get ur UWC stuff too then.  Oh and back then WHAT???? The game was at it's best with highest population when they restrictions to piracy was very small.  UMMMM  and now restrictions to piracy have been VERY BIG for so long... LOOK  WE HAVE NO POPULATION.  So....do u not see.   Piracy and PVP breathe life into this game.  Or at least it did before it was nerf'd.  Population was VERY high til plunder/deck nerf.  We lost the most we've ever lost to that nerf.   ummmmmmmmmmmm

    But most of ya'll prolly wasn't even here for that, and have no idea what this game is.  U think this is UWO..   This isn't shite but a clickbait mobile game, compared to what it used to be.

  • mondobogusmondobogus Posts: 57Member Beginner
    Sorry pie, but you're limited definition on the slang term "farming" makes you statement incorrect. Any time you attack another player a second time in a row on the same day is farming. The time between the attack doesn't matter.

    "I'm one of the best pirates in the game" - it's easy to judge oneself. I could say in a heartbeat I was the best marine of my time, but that doesn't make it true.

    I'm only replying now out of fun, since servers are down. I could go on, but you'll just troll more. :D
    IGN: AngelOfDeath / KnightWhoSaysNEE NI!
  • Money007007Money007007 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    After playing Uncharted Waters New Horizons through over 50 times in every way possible, even writing and publishing a book on it, my son talked me into playing UWO about a month before it went to Papaya Play. In these months I have developed 5 toons and got their crafting skills up to levels 10 to 15.  I develop my story line as I build their crafting skills and enjoy playing this game just like I did the RPG.

    I have ZERO intention of PVP'ing and have only tolerated the few times pirates have attacked me because there was a 24 hour rule.  I don't like the one hour rule and absolutely hate the current trial taking place.

    I have spent a fair amount of money in the cash shop because I enjoy the game and want to support it the way it was when Papaya Play first launched it. 
  • carssmancarssman Posts: 70Member Beginner
    I have to agree with Pie,, if you aren't playing, you have no place to comment!

    So-far this event hasn't done anything to reduce the amount of traders out there 'Fat traders that need to be eradicated' but I feel that the unlimited SB has done a great job draining the mass amounts of ducats out there 'Mine anyway'

    Good Job Papaya!

    Next step,, make all waters hostile then we will really see some fireworks and drama and WHINING !
  • ccsray88ccsray88 Posts: 40Member Beginner
    I am not sure how other company condition is for this trial period, but my company is almost dead due to this trial. My company don't have many active players, and we are sitting out of this trial by staying in Euro (before server down is my 1st day out to Caribbean as it turn safe water). Grinding and doing quest in Euro is getting boring and members are spending less and less time online.
  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 636Member Intermediate
    Did you see what did he say ? after all I knew there are many fucking pacifists who don't want to do anything with PvP and don't give any fuck what other players think of them.

    I am pretty sure many companies included mine have same problems as u have now.
  • pieratthepieratthe Posts: 419Member Intermediate
    Im sure all companies are having the same problems, but it has nothing to do with trial.  It's cause we are losing players daily.

    Well money0700707, that's ur fault.  The so called game ur refering too isn't the UWO i know.  For more years than otherwise we've have little pvp restrictions.  If u had played since the beginning as i have then u'd know it.  The stuff OGP did to server i do believe was intentional to hurt the server.  Cause that's all it did.  We didn't get new players cause of piracy nerf, we lost LOTS.  And have never rebounded from that loss.  Papaya see's this and is trying to bring players back, and look interesting to newer players.  Very few play a game just to make ingame monies and feel rich.  Just seems we have nothing but those type of people.  So dont start playing the game i play that has since the beginning had piracy and plunder, and cry about it.  There's plenty of other games out there with no pirates and no plunder and no risk/reward system.  I'm sorry you prolly SUCK at games that are challenging and just wanna sail around like this is a single player RPG.  It's not it's an MMO that allows plunder.  If u don't like it there's minecraft.  Otherwise leave papaya alone they are trying to bring the game back to what it used to be.  maybe u should write KOEI and ask to buy a copy of the game so u can play on ur on system solo and make all the monies u want and stack up all the stuff u want and.... not do a damn thing with it.   

    So please, allow papaya a chance to "Make UWO Great Again"
  • mondobogusmondobogus Posts: 57Member Beginner
    Actually pie...the nerfs game from most of the traders and adventurers not sailing->eventually quitting. Farming wasn't as much of a problem until a group decided the game needed more gang like warfare. The nerfs happened because of those actions to bring the adventurers and traders back.

    Was it the right move? Yes and no. It could've been the right move had they not gone to such extremes. While many traders and adventurers returned to the game, nearly all pirates left, or stood around for a while. There needed to be more of a balance.

    They finally had it right with a 1 hour restriction. Even 30min would be fine. After all, the pirates are outnumbered, since it's not a piracy game as a whole, and many of those players spend their money on this too.
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  • THawk420THawk420 Posts: 210Member Trainee
    ok, i've looked over all that in the OP, not goin to bother with replys here. So heres my thoughts on all this.

    Welcome to Uncharted Waters!

    Anyone thats know any Unchated Waters game pre OGP knows its not a game that your ment to feel safe in unless you have resone to the open seas in this time the game puts us in it wasnt a safe place to be any ship you crossed paths with then would of been a possable oponent, the civelised world as they thouht them selfs at war with each other not to even mentsion the piracy (not goin into how n why on that too).

    Now from an in game view, you and your stuff (I mean everyone myself included) need to take into account the world we all play in (there is no room for 'its not fair' this is the world you want to play in). You are out at sea, a friggen wave could of robbed you of your prizzed looking glass the wind of your fresh new hat, the daily assault of sun n salt sea spray of boots faster than any landlubber. there is a good wack of protesion anyone can take to protect there belongings as the travel around the world and most of them are outside of just being able to protect yourself.

    My 2 cents as a pritty much deadicated pirate (ok maybe i think a little more of myself but lets leave that too), with low activity at seas there will be some farming going on it will always happen (should of seen it from a pirates side back when pilage orders worked in PvP,some BHers where Pirates that jumped sides to farm pirates with pilage orders n not have to leave EU or worrie bout sailing there, just some of but it happend). to somewhat stem the farming we all need to be a bit smarter about how we go about things n lets face it a silly ship cpt is never going to get far letalone in the world we play in, if you trib n they attack again try fight, if you cant fight try get yourself sunk insteed of plundered then DONT rescue till you have a shot to slip away,(not here to doll out tips n hints but some of you traders are stupid af, the times i have myself alone kept more than 4 difrent ships in a green zone as they all moan they have things to do, run fools! not like i can attack 4 ppl at once THINK! please). i for one want my targets to smarten up think for themselfs n make me work for evry one of you i get it is your end of the game to try best the pirates they were a problem for the ppl of the time in the roll you want to play now step the hell into it n deal! 

    Just my 2 cents. there some out there i will make life hell for give the shot n half of em know just who they are the other half probly figger it by the 3ed or 4th hit, probly not, probly just cry that i'm a prick. all you out there that have a problem, this is the way the game was made, alot of stuff just cant be plundered outside of the 'baby the richboi sissys' no cash shop stuff plundered (i get it gotta keep the cash cow alive, just a pitty they ones cry harder about paied items being plundered would only bother if thats what they were getteing, here ya get what ya see let me at ya cash crap n you can try have at mine lets get this goin!). just ballz up n get out to sea i bet most of the noise on here is from ppl that havent or wouldnt leave EU anyway 

  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    Like I have said numerous times, but I don't think CPC reads, I don't think the change will be good. I did not advocate for it. But I also don't see it as the end of the world like most are.
    People are way over reacting.

    I am curious what you also believe should be done to those ' that are to be held accountable '?
    I think the same that is done to those that nanban with alts......nothing.
  • dsmack1dsmack1 Posts: 29Member Beginner
    Most of my company hasn't been logging either ...we went from around 30 logging on at least once a week just a couple of weeks ago to maybe 5 in total since the pirate changes. 
    I've been logging on but not sailing outside of eu, mostly doing sb work and grinding other skills.

    IGN- Byrdman and Otherguy
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    That's over reacting. Big-time.
  • mondobogusmondobogus Posts: 57Member Beginner
    There were many in my company upset with it as well as many friends. I helped convince many to ride it out. I don't see this as a change that will stick.
    IGN: AngelOfDeath / KnightWhoSaysNEE NI!
  • dsmack1dsmack1 Posts: 29Member Beginner
    You might be right Culvern, and this might be over reacting, but people will react the way they do, and if 60-100 people quit the game, rightly or wrongly, it'll be interesting.  Some people love the changes, some hate it.  As long as more people come back then people leave things will be ok.  
    I'm more not leaving eu or buying uwc out of protest, if the changes stay but there are no huge pirate orgyfests i'll probably stick around still and sail in hostile waters, but I know a few have already left for good.

    IGN- Byrdman and Otherguy
  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 665Member Intermediate
    Dsmack1 said what I was trying to say to pie and culvern

    Whether you guys think its overreacting or unfounded  fear or not its irrelevant.  The main issue is this... Will this change that a minority of players want cause a large portion of players to call it quits and PP to lose money?

    PP is a business and whether YOU think its fine PP's job is to keep as many players playing as possible and if Traders and adventure think it sucks or isn't a fair compromise and they quit and they lose money the experiment FAILED.

    This "over reacting" as you guys say is a huge risk and you KNOW its a huge risk of loss of players which is why pirates don't want the blame by standing behind it. You don't want players saying its YOUR FAULT more players left because you're selfish and put your wants before the rest of the entire server and didn't care to compromise and selfishly supported a change that majority didn't ask for. Youre fearful to bare that burden...

    I'm sorry you can't play both sides you CAN NOT say I oppose the changes and also still say oh it's not bad at to avoid blame by getting in that middle ground either you oppose or not yes or no. No in between pick a side...can't tell people you disagree and still say they're over reacting...

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