[PvP Trial Period] Unlimited Battles on Seas! (Closed)



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    I don't agree with Cocoa regarding company delivers since they do need to keep their company to maintenance so that they can get rank. Most players probably will send their aide to fleet mission anyway. 

    Oh, I checked via search to find out that 66 players were at North America East Coast ,so I guess they came there for Thanksgiving Festival.
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    Perhaps some should empathize and put yourselves in the other person's shoes, if only for a moment. We all want to have fun; it's a great game with a lot to do. Of course, not everyone wants to pvp and I respect that. But as a poster said earlier in the thread, it does seem like some just want to sick back and become rich in the game

    As I've stated before, I'm not a fan of the trial period rules. However, as I have stated on the "treasure cove" thread (you can read it to see why I think they way I do), perhaps there could be a compromise.

    Perhaps EA (and also SEA) waters could become permanently lawless or hostile, and in those areas the cooldown period could be shorted to five minutes. This way:

    - there is a real element of risk going so far away;
    - ducats will not flow out of EA and SEA so easily (helping to keep prices down);
    - other areas will function normally.

    Adventurers should have no problem with this since their time on the ocean would probably be limited at best (in EA and SEA), and they can go in, do their quest, and then leave, or whatever they have to do. Since adventurers tend to have the fastest ships, they can take a few tributes with them, depending of course, on what they need to do and for how long.

    Maritimers should have no issue with this.

    The only people who would be opposed to my suggestion would be the players who are farming ducats out of EA and SEA as they please. Again, such players can use tributes, rank storage, or use blue flags among other things if they want to have an easier time.

    Remember too that pirate ships tend to have lower cargo than most ships; hence a pirate can only plunder so much anyway, if he can plunder anything at all. If he plunders nanban, he will need to go to Europe in most cases to make a hefty profit. It would be risky for them too.

    This, imo, is a fair compromise.
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    above: "sick back" = "sit back."
    IGN: Milvio, Caroline, and Nasrin
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    >Leave for 2 days
    >52 new posts

    Camp A:
    Pirates never hurt me, but I read that they can theoretically farm me now so I quit the game just to be sure I don't risk losing money while trading.

    Camp B:
    Lmfao y'all overeacting nothing is even happening

    Imagine being a PP moderator and reading all of this AND getting paid for it.
    Like taking care of a damned kindergarden.

    Kudos to you GMwhoever is reading this.

    My two cents as a pirate:

    New players aren't directly affected cus raised level restrictions so w/e who cares.
    Experienced players should have enough experience to accept a loss so now and then.
    If you can't, you prepare for a loss or try your best to challenge the pirate.
    I used to be a low level trader being camped by Nukeshaw in Calicut.. What.. back in hecking 2010?
    Yes that sucked and made me pissed, but those memories I got back then stayed fresh in my memory.. The talks I had with the others sitting at port unable to move.
    It forced me to play with others and join companies to get me through these rough times.
    It gave me a reason to play, god that adrenaline rush the first time I won a PVP fight, it was right outside Calicut against Nukeshaw. If I remember correctly I used a Vaisseau against his Turkish Galley and I won. My god that adrenaline rush, kept me shaking for 30 minutes straight. (Mind you I was probably like 10 y/o or so back then.)

    But we can meet somewhere in the middle and get the 30 minutes protection I guess.

    Imho yall non maritimers kinda got used to a laidback clicker game, fair enough it's hard to accept to lose what you got addicted to. As a pirate I'll accept a 30min cooldown.

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    @Whitejacket - I oppose the way you argue and what you argue for - and I neither "farm ducats" in SEA nor in EA - I havent done a nanban run in months.

    BTW the argument you just stated is called the "no true scotsman" argument - its one of the bogus arguments that serious debaters frown at.
    You also happily use straw man arguments and cherrypick data to spin the world to fit with your view.

    If your point of view has any merit then why resort to that ?
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    As an addition to my previous post:

    I think most people are afraid of the pirates that block you from departing a port, whether that be by just sitting outside said port or by cruising from left to right and catch people when they enter or leave.

    One side of me thinks this is fine, because that would be something that'd happened or could've happened back in the 1600s, and then 'bounty hunters' would try and come the traders to the rescue by killing the pirate(s) blocking the port.

    But this doesn't really work in UWO at the moment because:
    We got greenzones,
    Lack of bounty hunters,
    Piracy alt spotters.

    So here are some suggestions as to what I would change (and I should probably put this in the Suggestions section but w/e)

    Overhaul to the piracy system:

    1: Once a pirate gets killed BY A BOUNTY HUNTER the pirate gets teleported back to the nearest pirate port
    By doing this a BH will get some use, the pirate won't just suffer a 10 minute NoVS restriction but he'll be dropped back to his home.
    The pirate will get stripped of ALL his notoriety and effectively lose his pirate status all together.
    2: No notoriety loss by sailing
    Because a pirate loses everything when he dies, this is not necessary anymore. I guess it makes sense that it drops because after a while of not killing anyone your name kinda 'fades' people forget about you.

    Overhaul to the BH system:

    1: Once killed by a pirate the BH gets thrown back to his capital and loses his BH state and all his gained 'notoriety'
    This would only be fair since pirates get the same thing happening to them.
    2: No 'notoriety' loss by sailing
    Same as with the pirates, makes more sense imho. You lose your fight, you lose your name. Easy as that.

    Change to players in general

    1: When logged in, have an NoVS mode for 10 minutes
    This NoVS mode is to prevent people from logging out their mains with speed while their alts can see anyone leave and log in at high speed so it'll be an easy catch.
    However, if a player takes a drink at the tavern the mode is immediatly lifted.
    And if a player is participating in an ESF he/she will not get the NoVS mode.
    2: NoVS means no attacking and not getting attacked
    Should be obvious, if you log in you get invulnerability for 10 minutes.
    3: When logging out at sea you need to anchor your ship and wait 30 seconds before completely logging out
    This would prevent combat logging, no one likes a combat logger. That's disgusting.


    Asking for alot to change, but hopefully this is more usefull than the complaining of others.

    I like Rogue like games, I'd like to see the death of a pirate/bh have some more impact.
    Change some basic rules to prevent combat loggers and pirates/BHs using alts to give players some more chance if they want to run away.
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    What is the point to have any kind of piracy system in a game, which is so out of balance as UWO? Pirates make in this game only ghost seas - literally and their real impact everyone can see when unsafe waters turn into safe waters, the traffic there increases for at least few 100% literally. They have such destructive impact here, due to hardcore pay 2 win model, and completely unrealistic ship abilities, rigged in pirate favor for 100% win guarantee against adventures and traders. If this game would have at least a touch of reality where traders and adventures could fight back, I would not have any problems with piracy, in UWO is that hilarious.

  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    Then come up with some idea's instead of just slamming your head into a wall.

    And be realistic, piracy won't be removed from the game, no way KOEI would accept that.
    Come up with realistic ideas to improve the game in your eyes, give PROPER feedback.

    No one will take you serious if you act like a baby as you're doing now.
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    @Spookles you talk about what would 'realistically' happen in the 1600s.

    Well realistically pirates were not paddling around in battle galley-sized ships with 200+ crew. Galleys only made sense in the context of slavery.

    And if you've ever kayaked or rowed a small boat, you will understand why: (a) they were coastal vessels; and (b) why they only made about 3 to 4 knots.

    @viennas makes some valid points.

    Piracy in UWO has almost zero basis in historical fact.

    Of course Koei will never remove it from the game. But it remains a part of the game that's more about satisfying 21st century PvP lust, than about trade and exploration in the age of sail.

    That's why it's so difficult to resolve the two aspects of the game. There's no solution, only compromise.
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    Pirates are once again trying to "change" the issue to create a straw man argument… good thing I'm here to see it and refocus it... Again

    *Traders DO NOT hate the change because it causes them to lose their goods

    *Traders DO NOT hate this change because it hurts financially.

    *Any pirate saying that is a liar and is trying to change the narrative to win the justify the rules that benefit ONLY them.

    Once again this is about the ability to get hit over and over in quick succession while not as frequent as a red name it still is highly disruptive to the point people will get stuck sitting at port(NOT PLAYING)due to being either being camped or losing excessive items due to getting hit and robbed of all goods then limping back to port then having the time expire then hit be able to get hit again after ALREADY losing.

    See losing isn't the problem its people not being able to play the game by being camped in port and the fact you're losing more after already losing to the same pirate.

    30min same pirate attack immunity after sinking or trib is The very BARE MINIMUM  as compromise and 15 mins green flag from a trib bare minimum and remove tribs from box and tickets. Anything less will kill incentive to want to sail to trade and with BH or not if none are present which happens ALOT due to the low population traders will see it a risk not worth taking then pirates and traders will BOTH be screwed.

    If creating a straw man argument is the only way to justify the rules maybe you need to RETHINK what you're standing for. 


  • CrzyPsycoChickCrzyPsycoChick Posts: 662Member Intermediate
    Spook been playing a long time he was there even when I first started wow :P..anywho I like all our suggestions except these two...

    Teleport back to pirate port can be used as teleportation  especially if used while assailed by a BH by using an alt

    I also don't like lose all notoriety as that also can be exploited in place of pardons again with an all

    Now the change which i suggested is similar to yours and I think would have the most significance to improving piracy and BH is the no login and attack for 5min rule and your anchor 30 secs b4 logging out rule.

    THIS rule is the best because it would make pirates actually have to SAIL to catch their prey I Know crazy concept right? Lol 

    You would need to be actively at sea stalking prey or sailing in pursuit of them this would actually allow BH to see the pirates to attack them at least for 5 mins rather than hiding at the login screen also it allows traders to see the pirates in the waters rather than see nothing then BAM out of thin air a pirate magically appears on top of you.  I can't imagine why only a handful of pirates suggested this... Maybe they're  login screen Poo C pirates or maybe it just so happen it "slipped their minds" lol. I mean it would help pirates too as BH wouldn't be able to use the same cowardly tactic on you either just saying....

    Please don't turn this into game into...

    Uncharted punk a** pirates hiding at a Login screen Online


    Uncharted Sitting At a Dock not doing a god damn thing while being camped for hours Online

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    I never said you farmed ducats; I have no idea where you got this idea from. I admit I generalized a bit, but it's far from a "no true scotsman's" fallacy and I certainly wasn't using a strawman argument. You can oppose me and that's your right, but that doesn't make you on the right side of the argument.

    You may not farm ducats in EA, but others do, but others do.

    If there are other ways ingame to farm ducats on the level of EA (and SEA), please tell me how to do so, and lead me out of ignorance.

    My point: any generation of ducats in game  - BY ANY METHOD, including nanbanning, dungeoning in EA, or any method which you can tell me, without sufficient counterbalances, increases the money supply and raises prices. Any bitching or arguing otherwise doesn't make it so.

    The point I was making on this thread was that perhaps the rules can be changed in EA and SEA to make it more perilous to farm ducats. Nothing to do with a strawman argument. I just didn't explain the whole concept because this thread isn't the place for it.

    ANY other in-game method  - ANY - that generates in-game ducats without a sufficient countermeasure needs to be curtailed as well. And, if indeed there are other ways to generate massive in-game ducats and "make money" as you have claimed, then my suggestions of making EA/SEA permanently lawless/hostile should be implemented immediately.

    P.S. As an aside, there was an interesting discussion in world chat about how watered down the game has become. I understand that people like you are afraid of change because you have had it so easy. Again, for the record, I am not saying farming is wrong, and most agree with that.

    You have indeed given me a lot to think about. I have new ideas I am thinking of; maybe I will present them - ideas such as: removing the body language skill and make languages fully functional again; removing clermonts from the game; removing millionaire boxes from the game; no cargo on trains; I can think of lots more.

    Want to keep going? I have NO issues removing ALL of these from the game.
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    Correction: I am saying farming IS wrong; this forum really needs an edit button.
    IGN: Milvio, Caroline, and Nasrin
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    When there was a 24 hour rule, I sailed lawless and hostile waters quite often. 

    Once it became an hour rule, I stopped sailing and just started working on my crafters.

    I have no ill will against PvPers. I would love it if Papaya Play opened another server and made one full time PvP for those who enjoy attacking each other and the other server full time PvE for those of us who enjoy crafting, trading and adventuring but do not enjoy being set upon by other players using all sorts of tactics to take our goods and damage our ships and crew, items etc.

    Every time my toons have been attacked by other players I just drop anchor and wait for them to get it over with. Knowing they can do it again and again now with very little time in-between attacks has my friends and family discussing other possible online games to play.

    I used to play UWO exclusively for hours and hours each day. Now I spend most of the time looking for other games to play wondering what the end result of the current trial is going to be.

  • ASaltedJimASaltedJim Posts: 22Member Beginner
    What is most interesting to me about the comments in this message thread is the people who want player killing at will seem to flame and grief the people who don't want to PvP in messages here. 

    If they flame and grief here in the forums even though most of the people they are flaming and griefing haven't attacked them in any way, gotta think that they will be far worse in game if this trial becomes the rule.
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner

    I know your intention is good which you are trying to save the game and calm people around, but to the least, your points and facts must be at least, reasonable. The more you emphasize that 5 mins is enough for a trader to escape from a pirate's non stop farming is near to the point of ridiculous.

    In another words, what you are saying are simply not helping, kindly please realize that. For those who had experience in trading and nanbaning, we all know how long it takes for a full cargo ship to accelerate to reach its top speed. Your words only may affect those who are not familiar or never sail to trade nanban before. It has no effect for those who are experienced in trading.

    If your point is to persuade that this change is nothing and over-reacted, then you have to give something that is realistic and reasonable. Keep saying that it is over-reacting is pointless. Everyone is already shocked by the changes Papaya made. And it is a great shock.

    Ever since I deleted uwo, with intention that I may coming back to play of course, I did not waste my time trying to survey for a new game. Instead, I picked an old game which I am familiar with its design and structure and spend my time there.

    To my surprise and disappointment, I found there are reasons why some old games are losing heat from where they are the most famous one time, are now a game with couple of players left. From the point I am looking at that old game I played, and I looked back to uwo, I somehow see something clear for me.

    Most of the time, it is not the game design is bad. In another word, it is not the game's fault itself.

    If a game is well managed properly, it could have continued to be popular for a very long time. Some problems come from the players. Some comes from the company that managed it.

    People do not seem to understand that. They interpret that a game have its lifespan. I didn't view the same.

    It is not the game's fault. Nor it has a lifespan. It is the people who managed it, or the attitude of the players who are playing it.

    It is not about the game itself at all. That's what I could see.
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       I find it very hypocritical that people 'say' that they are leaving because of this patch but yet talk alot of BS. People like viennas, sailorpapaya all state that they are done with this game and have found others to play but yet THEY ARE STILL HERE! Story up people, you've all said you don't like this patch which is fine but we don't need to hear your 'broken record'  comments over and over again.

    This comment just makes me laugh as it makes no sense...

    @SailorPapaya Ever since I deleted uwo, with INTENTION THAT I MAY BE COMING BACK to play of course

    pure hypocrites here. If you are indeed done with this game then don't waste our time with empty threats like this. Delete your accounts and be done with it! If you don't want to play then leave, if you are going to remain then contribute feedback that can help with the future of the game. Piracy and pvp is here to stay weather you like/want it or not. When you make threats like this but continue to remain here, it shows you have no credibility. Put you money where your mouth is people and don't talk shite.
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    Oh btw, people that haven't logged in since the start of this trial.

    May I be honored to inform you that not only is the caribbean safe waters atm
    Boston is aswell, and so is EA.

    Like litterally, every relatively busy sea is safe atm.
  • SailorPapayaSailorPapaya Posts: 81Member Beginner

    I actually not thinking of making a post but I saw someone attacking me.

    "Ever since I deleted uwo, with INTENTION THAT I MAY BE COMING BACK to play of course"

    Follow by the next sentence I posted below:

    " I did not waste my time trying to survey for a new game"

    Now tell me, are you simply illiterate, which part of the sentence, you do not understand?

    My point is simple. I disagree with the change. I refuse to play in an environment which I am being made a fool, to be a tool, for the pirate players to farm on me non stop. That is why I delete the game, there will be no hesitation for me if this change ever stay permanent.

    I don't bother to "seriously looking for a new game to play now", because Papaya said it is a trial run. So nobody knows at the end of the day, they will keep that change or not. 

    If they remove the change, I may come back to play. They insist to keep it, I am done for it.

    This is a very simple sentence. With very simple meaning. I can say everyone here can understand what I said except you alone. 

    That is why I said you are simply illiterate.


    Fact Number 1:
    I am a civilized person. I DO NOT MAKE THREAT, TO GET WHAT I WANT.

    So you better get that point straight into your head before you throw any funny things on me next time.

    Fact Number 2:
    There is no need for you to tell me what to do. When I said if the change if to be made permanent, I will leave, and leave I will.

    Of course I have the right to voice my opinions and my disagreement on the change.

    One thing you have to get your head straight.

    I am NOT NAVER. I am not here for you to attack. Who do you think you are? You can judge people around? Order people around? How big you are? Don't act here? Don't act to me? Act to the world you are big! Best if bigger than Trump.



    You want to be the king of pirates in this game? Well, like I said...

    Go ahead!!

    I let you win! I leave! I hope you could enjoy yourselves in the game with only pirate players in the game ya?


  • OberrillOberrill Posts: 133Member Trainee
     @ ASaltedJim
     Same thing I used to do. I quit the game because of the reset, but if I had continued playing, I would be sitting out the "trial period". Papaya is even more clueless than I had thoght.
  • OberrillOberrill Posts: 133Member Trainee
     Before you say anything about me, yes, I did delete
    the game and no I will not play this game again. I only come back to the
    forums to see old friends. Unfortunately, this time around I see NONE. Maybe they all just stay away from the forums now, but I would bet most of them have quit. I know at least 2 have because I ran into them in a different MMO. We are now in the same guild.
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    Day 16 of Piracy Farming Rules Experiment Status Report

    More players were lost than gained

    Still after 16 days only ONE player volunteered to take personal responsibility if the rules failed 

    More players threaten to leave if rules become permanent

    Experiment is so successful they trying to pretend like its creator had nothing to do with its passing shows just how confident they are this is working that they doing damage control early I guess...

    So much more piracy going on I heard the major trade seas are SAFE LOL. Wow this is sure increasing piracy

    Pirates best defense of the rules at this point is "you're all over reacting" LOL

    SO MUCH WINNING! You guys are sure showing us Traders how this game should be run :D

    It's only day 16 folks :P

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    because hes right, the games not about stacking cash its about everything along the way 
  • silentHbombsilentHbomb Posts: 0Member Beginner
    omg i dont want to be a trader..... why cant i buy anything..... 

    dont want to be strong in battle dont cry that thoes that do have the uper hand. you see pirates not buying your crap, probly cause the get it them selves
  • barrett190barrett190 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Strange, many are leaving when I'm ready to return. I guess I'll play with myself. :-(
  • PlanAAAPlanAAA Posts: 0Member
    lets be real as someone who goes in and out of the eu alot i havent seen a pirate besides in eu tf they doing?
  • purplekush1993purplekush1993 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I am 100% with this being lifted, pirates didn’t have rules or limits before, why limit the life of a pirate, I left game, but would return 100% if this is to stay
  • KlandestineKlandestine Posts: 20Member Beginner
    I'm not really surprised that there hasn't been much difference to this point.  I really expected things to go one of three ways.  Either there would be rampant ganking from the start of the trial or there would be little to none until the trial was complete and made permanent or there just wouldn't be any changes at all due to low server pop and lack of pirates generally. I never expected this change  to attract more players to the game because  I never viewed piracy as the problem with regard to maritime play.  To me it has always seemed to be more of a general PvP game-play issue than anything else. I still don't approve of the rules change because of the potential issues it might cause.  It would only take a few bad actors making a concerted effort to cause serious problems that could have the potential to lead to the end of the server.  I am gratified to see that, among the current population at least, we don't appear to have those kinds of players.
    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" -Hunter S. Thompson

  • mropsomropso Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Now in the right place....

    Feels at like standing up in AA meeting but someone had to say it.

    Stop moaning, there are not enough Pirates in the game to spoil your day very often.

    The game is not just about running Nanban and accumulating wealth. IMHO (well, not very H) it is that play style that debases the game more than any other. To balance that, to the whining adventurers, where is the adventure without some danger?

    So you might get hit by Pirates, learn how to play the game to mitigate this, spend some time grinding skills not just levels. UWO is, in case some of you had not noticed, an Asian grind fest game.

    Papaya, please keep the changes after the trial period.

    If you wanted to balance for the adventurer / trader communities then force a pirate to accept a deck battle - they then have to master 2 sets of combat skills others can chose to develop one or the other and can work on their other, preferred, skill sets.
  • MikeR2MikeR2 Posts: 20Member Beginner
    I have read many of the comments about the proposed Piracy rule change, and I don't see enough suggestions for a balanced compromise.
    Here is what I do know:

    1.  Traders and Adventurers don't want to spend a lot of real money for Blue Flags.
    2.  Everyone is willing to be attacked from time to time, and lose something, but not everything.
    3.  No one wants to get locked into a port or farmed.
    4.  We need a better balance between the incentive to be a Pirate and the incentive to be a BH.
    5.  There need to be more ways for a player to get help, before they get PO'd, and quit.

    How about we stop arguing, and start looking for better solutions.

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