About the Revolution update.... (REAL POST)

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Dear Vertigo and the gamemasters of Blackshot,

All weapons in this revolution thing have so less recoil almost no recoil, seems like it, and no weapon is one shot headshot, no subzero too so that means all will use spray weapons to dominate and that is so bad and unbalanced, no balance in that, and where are the old school weapons? Like the old ak47 and scar? Where are those weapons? Why couldn't you guys just keep the shop and remove all OP weapons, the shop was great, now it just got ruined, and about the boxes? It has so much better weapons again, looks like pay2win, as example Scar aurum is literally like the scar omega now, Vertigo buffed every weapon with with giving them so low recoil, almost no recoil, with the recoil and with that having no subzero would have been a great balance, but you guys just ruined it, and smg's don't have any bloom? You know what that means right? That all will spray your ass off everytime and same with the rifles having no recoil, idk you guys just simply ruined this and AGAIN keep in mind that we don't have subzero and all weapons have really less recoil almost no recoil so with that not having subzero as well will be a big problem, all will spray your ass off like that, and there is no one shot headshot weapon as well... and the snipers are so inconsistent as well... you guys have to fix this or else people will be gone and gone each day, the best thing would be to just bring old Blackshot and the masteries etc. The game was great back in 2013, then it got ruined a bit, but now then the MSR's came and the OP rifles... I saw this as a great idea until the update came, hope you guys will forward our feedback..

Kind Regards,

Old player iTn_Lightning


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