Restrict and Ban Hackers Permanently

Rambo722Rambo722 Posts: 1Member Beginner
Hi, Can Papayaplay please help to catch and ban all those hackers. Its not fair play at all. Most people quitted BS due to so many hackers using all sorts of hacks in order to win, cash, points earned. Suggest to place a strong anti-hackers program to stop all these noob hackers. Nevertheless, Please input more variety guns and items such as MSR, aztec, barrett guns, Better armour suits like bullet vests. Anyway Goldbox not as attractive than older version of BS. Lastly, how come all my previous collection guns and items are all gone after this revolution updates? Wasted lots of $$$ invested into it. Please reply. Thanks.


  • xqae24xqae24 Posts: 0Member

    Regarding the first issue you've mentioned, ALL users that are caught using hacks will be permanently banned from their accounts. If you ever come across any users using hacks in game, follow the guidelines mentioned in the thread here and actions will be taken against them if they are found guilty. 

    Secondly, since Revolution, all weapons are balanced equally. The game is no longer leaning towards 'Pay to Win' , but 'Play to Win'. Only the strongest players will survive. Train hard and don't give up. 

    As per your weapons and inventory prior to the Revolution update, your inventory will be converted into Gems/Gold depending on what you have. You can read more about the Revolution from it's FAQ (here).
  • GMSantaGMSanta Posts: 111Member, Papaya Play, BS Game Master, BS ServerHead Professional
    Hi Rambo722,

    On our part, we are consistently working with BattlEye in order to effectively block and ban these hack tool users. However, everytime BattlEye updates, it is expected that the hack tools will update as well. While we are committed to minimising these hackers, we know for a fact no game can be hack free. For those that we miss out or rather for those that BattlEye is still working to block and detect, we could use your help!

    If you have a working hack file, please submit them to us privately. You can do so through Discord or Facebook private messages. 
    If you encounter abusive players in-game, please report them with the evidence through the Support Ticket:

    As for your feedback on the content, there will definitely be more guns being released progressively. As this is only the beginning stages, the content is still limited. But you can look forward to more content as time goes by! 

    Thank you for your understanding & support. 

    P.S. Thanks xqae24 for assisting to clarify as best as you could! 

    BlackShot SEA GM Team
    Discord: GM-Santa#2638
  • WaerzeWaerze Posts: 13Member Beginner
    For the point about new weapons, can I make a suggestion?
    Maybe new weapons need not be overpowered or anything, they can share the same stats as the current weps, or maybe alter it a little, but not until the point that its overpowered. The key I feel is variety, in the old Blackshot T5000, AWP and TAC-50 were essentially the same, but they have different models and anims. Maybe we can do this for the new blackshot too, where we introduce new guns simmply as a primarily cosmetic thing instead of having advantages over another per se.
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