Currency Overhaul Issues

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Dear Vertigo Games representatives and BlackShot game masters,

I would like to submit an inquiry which addresses one of the most common questions, bothering me as your costumer along with many other members from the community of BlackShot, following the recent patch - "BlackShot Revolution".

When "Revolution" was announced, we already knew that drastic changes are expected to be made in the field of the game's economy system. As further details were published regarding the patch, we were introduced to the new types of currency and we were also very satisfied to find out that all of our progress in terms of owned items and money will not be lost. Instead, the money (BP & BSC) and items will be converted and our accounts will be credited "no later then July 31" (refer to appendices 1, 2 and 3).

Today, August 2, two days late from the date we were promised to receive our money back, and without an official announcement on this matter, I must say that you failed us as your costumers. We understand that the development of BlackShot Revolution requires work around the clock and the fact that you had to address many issues before, during and following its introduction. Yet, as a company that respects itself and its costumers, I believe that the least you could do in order to avoid this unpleasant situation was to inform us about the delay and give us a general idea of what is going on.

As known, knowledge and transparency are the elements around which a healthy relationship is formed, either personal or business related. Just as investors don't want to buy shares of a company whose situation is unclear, players also want to know what's going on with their beloved game. And considering the issue at hand, nothing is supposed to be confidential or internal. As your costumers, we deserve more than to be thrown into the darkness.

In conclusion, the community is looking forward to receive an official response on the matter. Let us know why we couldn't get our money so far, and try to specify a date on which the compensation will be delivered to everyone (this time for real). Moreover, if you don't mind, I'd also like to ask what the company's current impression of the latest update is. Do you find it successful? Also, what are the company's goals and plans for the short term, based on the feedback you have received so far from the community?

Appendix #1:

Appendix #2:

Appendix #3:

Thanks for your time and good luck.
Best regards,


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    08.08.2018 and still no official answer to this great post.
    Only thing that happend was the "gem compensation" being really really bad / bugged. :-)
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    Will BP also gets converted into Gold and what about the weapons in storage ? BP weapons and BSC weapons ?
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    It is sad to see that no response has been given to this thread. Even more, now that the conversion rates of BSC weapons are far below what anyone expected. Furthermore, we speak a lot about the weapons that people had. However, I do not see anything mentioned about BSC Gears and items. How are these items compensated?

    As a community member I kindly ask Vertigo to release a conversion chart where people can see what they should get as their compensation. Furthermore, it would be great to see that every customer of your company receives an email with the exact compensation that they have been given for each item.

    Vertigo, you are playing with people's money here. Be very careful with that. Your customers expect a service from you. You have not been able to fulfill this service.

    Unity3D Game Developer & Designer
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    According to the original plan, it was intended to compensate also BP weapons and items.
    However, time have passed and no progress has been made, so they suddenly decided to cancel it and instead gift us better "veteran supply packages". It was also claimed that transferring our BP would have undermined the game's economy. To tell you the truth, based on the fact that weapons aren't really permanent, I believe that BP compensation wouldn't harm at all. It's still possible to deliver, and as the known phrase says: better late than never!

    Your demand for an official conversion table is justified. As you wrote, we are talking about people's real money here, and as Vertigo's customers we have every right to ask for explanations. Let's just hope that we will finally receive a proper response on the matter, because their ongoing disregard is outrageous.
    Best regards,
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    Hello avivakler10 and thank you for a very well written and articulate post. First of all I must apologize for the multitude of communication failures on our part regarding BlackShot Revolution conversions. To give you the honest truth, the past month has been a very confusing period for us as well, and that confusion has translated to a series of miscommunications with the players. It's inexcusable and from hereon out we absolutely must do better. 

    The miscommunications stem from several unexpected issues that cropped up in the leadup to Revolution's release. Without overstepping my boundaries, it involves the decision to standardize BlackShot SEA and BlackShot Global in terms of conversion, rewards, events and so on, as well as a reshuffling of the team structure to accommodate that. Such a decision is fine under most circumstances, but to do so in the midst of the the buildup to Revolution was, in my opinion, a bad choice, and I have reflected my opinion about this to the team in the strongest possible terms so that we can avoid something like this from happening again.

    Now with that out of the way, allow me to clear up the air about how conversions work.

    1. BC weapons will be converted to BC by taking their 30-day price and dividing it by 30, then multiplying it by their remaining days to get the final number.

    2. For example, let’s say you have “Badass Weapon A”. Its 30-day price is 60 BC and it has 5 days remaining in your storage.

    3. We divide 60 by 30 to get 2. Then we multiply it by the number of remaining days, which is 5. 2x5 = 10 BC.

    4. We then convert that to Gems by multiplying 10 by 0.72. 10 x 0.72 = 7.2

    5. We will then round up the decimal point. In other words, you will get 8 Gems for Badass Weapon A.

    6. As for your unspent BSC, it should have been converted to Gems in a 1 to 1 ratio.

    Regarding your BP, please read this article for full details:

    Although the initial plan was to simply do a straight conversion to Gold, the team decided to do a simulation of this and found that doing so broke the game economy. The reason is that Gold is now actually valuable, unlike BP, and is a crucial lifeblood of Revolution. To do a straight conversion would cause incalculable damage to the game. Therefore, they found that the best solution instead would be to do Veteran Supply Packages, which mix Gold, Items, and Gems. I know what you're thinking; this should have been figured out well before Revolution. I told them the exact same thing, and we as a team have agreed to learn from this experience. 

    I hope this clears up a lot of ambiguity, but if you have questions you are free to message me or any of the Global GMs and GAs on Discord.

    The GLB community hasn't been getting the attention it deserves and myself and the team are here to turn the ship around. Once again I apologize for the chaos and confusion, but I hope from this point on we can move forward to making things better.

    GM GhostKillaz
  • avivakler10avivakler10 Posts: 51Approved Member Beginner
    First things first, your reply is very appreciated.
    Thanks to you, we finally understand what was going on behind the scenes and what were the difficulties that postponed the BP and BSC compensations. You also provided actual and in-depth conversion details which, without a doubt, helps many players to know what is going on with their money.

    Thank you for the time you spent explaining everything we asked about and for giving us an alternative contact addresses. But above everything else - thank you dearly for giving us a new HOPE!!! (reference to one of the most famous animated shows in all times). I am excited for a new era in which there will be close communication between the community and the management of the game (or the community managers).
    Best regards,
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    thanks a lot for your reply and granting us some transparency regarding the recent changes and compensation / compensation issues.
    Looking forward to the improvement of communication as the game itself is already on the right track now! :)
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