Server suggestion for Venezuela

ruben1010ruben1010 Posts: 2Member Beginner
Hello, I wanted to know if I can incorporate servers in Venezuela for BlackShot because I have a very bad ping in other servers like World, Brazil. I would appreciate it very much. and also if you can put the Spanish language, thank you for reading this suggestion, I hope you incorporate it into the game


  • DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 838BS ServerHead Intermediate
    Hello ruben1010,

    Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us. We will forward it to our administration to be taken under consideration for future improvements.

    Regards, DSH-DIABO
  • ruben1010ruben1010 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Thank you, I hope you implement it in the game, I know it's not the best country to host it, but it would be nice to see the variety of servers, sorry for my bad English. I'm using google translator.
  • avivakler10avivakler10 Posts: 51Approved Member Beginner
    It's nice to see someone who cares about this game and share suggestions as you do, @ruben1010 . Your idea to add a local server in Venezuela can surely help many players to have a better connection and a better gaming experience, and also expand the audience of Venezuelan players.

    However, I doubt they will do such a thing in the near future, if at all, due to some reasons which they can or can't share with us. So if I were you, I wouldn't be developing high expectations. But it sure is nice to see users who care about the game and invest their own personal time in sharing their suggestions with the rest of the community.

    Have a great weekend! (-:
    Best regards,
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