Weapon Mastery System

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BlackShot New weapon mastery system

mastery should be something that keeps up the retention rate of new players due
to the feeling of achievement. Meanwhile it should benefit players that put the
time into leveling up their weapon mastery. I was sad to see that the weapon
mastery system was removed completely.

With this
proposal I am trying to keep things fair for new players while the mastery
still benefits people with higher weapon mastery. Previously weapon mastery was
shared between all weapons of the same class. The idea with this system is for
each weapon to have its own mastery level. Previously weapon mastery had
different tiers between each rank. However, personally I feel that with each
weapon having its own mastery having even more levels might be overwhelming.


Rookie                  Approx. 10 hours of gameplay                   10.000 Experience

5% Weapon
repair cost reduction

Elite                       Approx.
25 hours of gameplay                   25.000

10% Weapon
repair cost reduction

Pro                         Approx.
60 Hours of gameplay                  60.000 Experience

15% weapon
repair cost reduction

Expert                   Approx.
125Hours of gameplay                 125.000 Experience

25% weapon
repair cost reduction

Master                 Approx.
250 hours of gameplay                250.000

40% weapon
repair cost reduction

   Approx. 500 hours of gameplay                500.000 Experience

75% weapon
repair cost reduction

The idea is
that an average player can do about 1000 experience per hour.  This means that weapon experienced gained in
SD should be higher per kill than in TDM, TFM or other game modes that earn the
player a lot of kills for the amount of time played.

Experience Gain

SD 50 experience per kill à An average of 20 kills per hour

TFM 20 experience per kill à An average of 50 kills per hour

TDM,RM 12.5 experience per kill à An average of 80 kills per hour.

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  • DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 838BS ServerHead Intermediate
    Hi iTnTragin,

    Thank you for sharing your improvement suggestion with us. We will forward it to our administration to be taken under consideration for future improvements.

    Regards, DSH-DIABO
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