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This game is been taken from hand to hand and evry new one sh*ts more and more on it ... 
1. Deleting the most unique thing in all FPS games:
  Mastery system and rewards from it! There were no such perfect idea :) 
2. Removing rank system and its own rewarding system.
It was a bit of adrenallin rush when u rank up! My favorite was to rank up on black rank ^^...
3.Removing normal weapons ...
Dude.. there is no game that doesnt have D.Eagle, AK-47 and a bloody M4A1 ... u'v got to be kidding us all... U'v killed all kind of SKILL PLAY... No head lines, no tacticks no strategy to play, no position stands ...just run and kill with spacecrafted weapons ^^ 
4. Lets say, update stay forever.
At least u'v had to make better money making system, cuz that one suck :) 
At least u'v fixed "join game" freeze, lost tample stairs bug with hp, laggers , empty servers, 
5. The most worst thing is that U REMOVED NATIONAL FLAGS!!!!!!
I am proud to have my country's flag! And u just ...removed it ... 

d3athgripp here! I hope i will meat some old players i other games ! My nick is, and will be the same ! 
Gratz suckers, u'v killed 10+ y veterans! <3


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    Game's completely fine. 

    Less P2W and more about skill and not who cashed the most to be honest.
    Yes, some QoL-things are gone like Mastery or Rankrewards but I'm sure they'll find their way back into the game sooner or later.

    Same goes for weapons. Eventually we'll get them back in the game, just rebalanced and reworked.

    I'm pretty sure Vertigo can generate a lot of revenue from this kind of cash-model aswell, if done right like for e.X IronSight has shown already.
    They probably just wont get money anymore from non-skilled people who tried to compensate with overpowered bsc-weapons.
    Question is...are you one of them? :-) 

    P.S Blackshot is barely around for 10 years....lol
  • GMGhostKillazGMGhostKillaz Posts: 7BS Game Master Beginner
    Hello punkstyle,

    Regarding the loss of Mastery System, there's going to be an online hall of fame with your old mastery data. Additionally, there's no reason there can't be a new type of Mastery System in the future; the developers are open to returning these features when a lot of players demand them.

    Regarding the missing weapons, you'll be pleased to know that we're bringing back a whole bunch of them into the game in an upcoming patch. These weapons will be re-textured and re-balanced. Among them is my favorite, my beloved M1A SOCOM. Yay.

    If Revolution seems really stripped back, its because the developers wanted to see how things go with the rebalanced weapons and currency system, then slowly and gradually add things back into the game. It's based on player demand that this upcoming patch is happening sooner than they initially planned.
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    Sir please unbanned my account i will not do it again My Account Name is ARMY25
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