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please. change it back to the old one. i played blackshot since it in Garena. everything was fine, thr cash item, the gold item. but now? really disappointed me. THE REVOLUTION in it doest mean u need to change everything, maybe u just need to change the character only, or add a new item for the "REVOLUTION" it is. The most important thing is when we dont longer can see our rank, in this game we have target which is the rank it is. if u change it with level, who give a damn care about it? the ranks make it alive. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK, or soon u gonna bankrupt


  • AFUBARGameMastersAFUBARGameMasters Posts: 127BS Game Master Master
    Hi haziq,

    Due to BlackShot Revolution being a new version of BlackShot. Items that you have will no longer be compatible with the new game mechanic. Because of this we have no choice but to remove the items from everyone. However, what you have is being returned. Some will be converted to gems while others like BP and items that you have acquired not through actual cash purchase will be returned to you either as the weapon itself but with the new stats compatible with the new BlackShot Revolution or as a package. 

    If you need us to keep track of your item returns do send us a Support Ticket so that we can help keep track for you:

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