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WaerzeWaerze Posts: 13Member Beginner
Suggest stricter punishment for hackers eg IP ban. Reason being even though now cannot use fake email to create account, people can already have alot of accounts from Garena and Playone because there you can create using fake email. People who hack aren't the high levels, they are just low level characters who just want to destroy the game more, even if you ban those there isn't much problem to them because they have like 10 other accounts that can hack. Need to stop the person, not the account.
Also, please ban more actively. I've played for 1 hour today and I already send 3 support tickets for hackers. Either up the anti-hack, or get more GMs to ban hackers. Or get GMs to play incognito and when they see hackers just ban. Problem is take too long to ban people. Thanks.


  • GMSantaGMSanta Posts: 111Member, Papaya Play, BS Game Master, BS ServerHead Professional
    Hi Waerze,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback! We too share the same concerns as you do! This issue of hackers and hack tools is and will always be a top priority for us. We are stepping up our cooperation with BattlEye to step up efforts to block these hack tools and hackers. 

    We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and will try, as much as possible, to process the abuse reports faster. We do however, require some time to conduct our investigations, reviews and checks. 

    Thank you for your understanding and I hope to cya around! 
    BlackShot SEA GM Team
    Discord: GM-Santa#2638
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