Suspicions of the Experienced Sailor who goes by the name "Sailor"

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I have been traveling across the seas as one of the rulers of the world; under the banner flag of the Venice. And from my days, there was one person who truly caught my eye. His name of course is "Sailor". He has always been there throughout all my life you see, and we gone through much. From the Voyager School, to a discussion about Sagres, to College, even solving a conspiracy in Russia; there were many problems however. We Circumnavigated across the world, we even solved National Issues. But what caught me was this, this experienced Sailor, I do not think he's no ordinary man. He goes by "Sailor".


I am sure you all have heard of this man and what he has done. So far, I do not know much about "Sailor" aside from the fact he came to join my crew and we went on to go across the seas. Yet, I do not know anything about this Experienced Sailor aside that his name is "Sailor". So I ask you all, and I ask myself as well, who is "Sailor"? I sometimes call him the Irish Sailor, but I come to realize that he might just be in fact go by the name, "Sailor". My theory is this. He is a Renegade father from the Holy Roman Empire who left his own Kingdom in search for adventure. He was in fact, Emperor Sailor of the Holy Roman Empire. Here is his original clothing...


So these are my thoughts. He might actually be my true enemy. He might actually be the TRUE MAIN ANTAGONIST of the Story. But we built a relationship, he and I. And I do not wish to face "Sailor". And I am sure "Sailor" built a relationship with me while being on my crew. But the question is, what is "Sailor's" End Goal? What exactly does he want? Soon we will find out... soon enough...


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    By Oxford dictionary, a Sailor is a person whose job is to work as a member of the crew of a commercial or naval ship or boat, especially one who is below the rank of officer.

    In UWO his goal might be to seize the seas, his past, as well as the future, doesn't matter, all that counts is an adventure.

    Nice story of yours, any continuing?
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    This might actually be in the former lord of Portugal, "Leon Franco" you see, he was a prince who married the princess, and had a son. The timeline completely fits. And knowing that Leon Franco's friend was none other than a man who also looked like the sailor (being a shipwright), he took his appearance later on in the years. This is why, he is trying to re-live his life.
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