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This guide was designed to help new and returning players. It contains basic information about getting started and leveling up as well as a list of important milestones.

Getting Started

After you create your character and enter the game you will find an item called Papaya Start Package in your inventory. Once you open this package the only temporary item that will begin to expire is the White Tiger Special. The other items must be opened individually before they begin to expire.


Holy Water of Allmighty 7 Days:
Makes getting started a lot easier but players who are reluctant to use the Cash Shop may want to wait until they are a higher Lvl before they use it.

Premium Costume Box 15 Days:
The stat boost that it provides aren't that great but the HP boost can be helpful early on. You can hide your costume by un-ticking “View Costume Lock” in the “options” window.

Lvl. 48 +9 Weapon 15 Days:
Looses it's advantage somewhere around Lvl 78 but don't worry because finding an upgrade shouldn't be too hard.

Super Nobel HP/MP Potions:
Not much to say. They make getting started a little easier.

Papaya Accessory Package:
It can not be opened until Lvl 130 and dose not contain anything that will be immediately useful to you. Papaya Belts and Papaya Armlets can be enchanted using Papaya Crystals and gain additional and increasingly better stats the higher their enchantment Lvl goes.

White Tiger Special 15 Days:
Not a very useful mount in the long run but it's better than nothing. All mounts enable you to auto-run by clicking any point on the map or mini-map. This comes in handy when you don't have the Holy Water of Allmighty buff and cant fast travel.

After you get settled in make your way to Iron Blood Kale.



- Do Main Quest and any General Quest that require you to kill the same monsters or go to the same location as a Main Quest. This website has every Main Quest listed by Lvl and includes the names and locations of the NPCs who give you the quest as well as the rewards. It dose not include the Lvl 170+ Main Quest that you get in Mitera.

- Repeat the the purify 100 and 500 evil spirits Commission Quest as often as possible.

- Participate in Deadfront and Ice Castle as often as possible once you reach Lvl 100.

- Run the solo dungeons available to you. The Exp should be decent as long as you are within 20 Lvls of the entry requirement. Dungeons with no entry cap that consist of killing hordes of monsters without a lot of walking around like Infinite Battle or Magic Filed of Crack/ Crevice are an even better source of Exp when you have Runes in your inventory.

- Many party dungeons can be completed by one or two players. Party members don't have to meet the Lvl requirements of a dungeon or even be on the same map in order for you to enter. You wont be kicked out for having too few members either. This makes using alternate accounts to solo group dungeons a very simple process.

- Around Lvl 170 leveling up becomes so tedious that you pretty much have to start using Runes. Rune packages can be purchased from Jack in Ardeca with Seeds of Dream or from the Cash Shop.


Lvl 102: First Wings and Final Basic Skill.
You get your last basic skill and can do a quest to receive your class's first wings.

Lvl 131: First Transformation and Basic Transformation Skills.
You can do a quest to unlock the transformation skill and 3 skills that go along with it.

Lvl 151: Second Wings.
You can do a quest that will allow you to trade Artifact Fragments from the Deadlands event for
Intact Artifacts. An Intact Artifact can be exchanged with Hosea in Parca Temple for your class's second wings. Hosea will give you Lvl 161, 171 and 181 versions of your second wings if you bring him additional Intact Artifacts.

Lvl 165: Second Transformation and Advance Transformation Skills.
You can do a quest that allow you to raise your transformation skill past Lvl 3. The appearance of your trans up form changes and you get two additional transformation skills.

Lvl 170: Meister Qualification and First Meister skill.
You can do a quest to become a Meister which means you must choose between two specializations for your class. Depending on your class this could mean choosing between a DPS or tank oriented build or specializing in a specific weapon. Once you've chosen you will be able to raise certain basic skills five levels past their cap. You all so gain the ability to learn 3 unique skills that are leveled via an upgrade system similar to the reinforcement system rather than skill points. Your skill points will be reset after you become a Meister.

Lvl 180: Last Meister Skill
You can learn your third and final Meister skill.

Lvl 185: Helpyron Equipment
You can now use Helpyron equipment.

Dekaron.cf is beyond helpful. Some of the information is outdated but the majority of it is accurate. If you are having trouble deciding what class to play I'd recommend checking out the “Skill trees with skill tables“ section. (I am not affiliated with Dekaron.cf in any way).

I have a list of information that everyone should be aware of while leveling up (with pictures :D) that I will post as soon as I can.


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