[NOTICE] Moderators - Session 1

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Dear Players,

We are delighted to announce our new Dekaron Server and Forum Mods for the term beginning on August 17th. We have selected two Moderators:

Here are their introductions in their own words.

"Hi everyone, I am your new Discord and Forum mod, some of you may know me as FaithsFavour or Lover in game, I’ve been a part of the dekaron community since nov 2007 (abbadon 4 life) on various characters, I’ve probably forgotten more than some of you will ever know about dekaron. I am a trove of often times useless dekaron information.

I am here to be a voice of reason and a person you can report any bugs, issues or grievances you have, I am always happy to listen, arbitrate and sometimes even advocate on your behalf.
I want to do my best to bridge the gap between the community and the powers that be, just shoot me a PM here or in game.

See you all in game and happy hunting."

"Hello !! My name is Lorraine. I am pleased that I have been chosen to help moderate our Discord channel.

I live on the east coast of the USA and have been playing Dekaron for approximately 1 year. I am in the guild iRage (an ally of Divine). My ign is MISSvaMpe. I look forward to assisting in any way possible to ensure our time in discord is pleasant."

Moderators are an extremely important position their responsibilities will include:
1. Carry out tough, but fair, judgment.
2. Communicate with the players in-game and promote the Global Discord Server.
3. Moderate and ban users who harass others and interfere with the regular process of the game.
4. Effectively manage the Discord server, interact with players, collect opinions, and diagnose the general mood of the community.

Please contact Moderators on all issues that are server related.

Thank you.

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