Custom SB Guide

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Custom SB Guide

Since Order of Prince introduced Custom SB to UWO, it divided by 3 parts. Also, freestyle ships 
are no longer to get free ship skill and boost stats like I mean you would need sail, gunport, and 
2 parts to build freestyle ship in old formula. You need only hull to build freestyle ships while
you need ship parts to mod ship skill for custom sb. Unfortunately, freestyle ships becomes expensive 
because of that since you have to spend ducats not only to build freestyle ship especially high end 
but also optional skill. Modding ships won't be cheap anymore since SSIP cost you roughly 30m ducats
that means 1st one needs 3 SSIPs which would be 90m plus materials for sails, gunports, and 2 
armaments. Ship parts are usually 10-20m ,so it's 40m-80m unless you make them.  Oh, hulls are usually 
10-30m while official hulls are probably around 150m or so.

1. Build Ship

There are 2 parts: Normal and Freestyle. Normal allows you to build ships then select panelling 
which depends on port's development. You will need hull to build freestyle ships while you also
can select panelling that port offers or you can make panelling or buy one at SF craftsman. Make sure 
to scroll up to pick panelling-made or SF's panelling.

2. Optional Skill

You can mod 2 skills plus 2 extra skills if you fuse your ship to get skill slot 1 and 2. You need 1-3 ship
parts depend on ship's requirement to get ship skill. Also, you can reset ship skills for free.

3. Original Skill

It's same as old formula ,so it doesn't change at all. You just need OSPs and ship parts to get Original
skill. You can replace it with new skill after you use OSPs and different ship parts.

6 is the max that you can have ship skills (Inheritance, skill slot 1/2, 2 normal, and OSP) ,but I must
warn you that refit ie exploration does count ship skill for some reasons.

Now, I can you one example for Ghanjah Dhow, you would need Large Flush Deck style hull then pick sail,
gunport then use Admiral's Cabin and Money Chest to get PO4 in old formula ,so you recieve Ghanjah Dhow 
with Cedar panneling and PO4 skill. Oh, you would need to be r15 sber to build one.

As for new formula, you will need hull to build a ship then can select Teak since Calicut/Hormuz has teak.
Then you will have to mod Optional skill with ship parts. Of course, price goes up since Teak is expensive than
Cedar plus you have to pay to get Optional skill. Not to mention that you need to be r1 sber to build any ship.
But you need to be higher rank sber for mini/max total cargo, though.

However, some ships lose best panelling ie LMS/LS normally get teak ,but they won't get teak since Company 
doesn't have teak. So, you can make teak panelling or buy SF's teak panneling then put into your inventory that'sway you can build any ships with teak as long as you have these into your inventory.

Last, many ships changed stats ceiling ,so there are 2 tiers: high end will have higher ceiling. As for heavy ships, adventure is focus on hort/vert, TS, and WR but less for other status then trade is focus on cargo and wr then battle is focus on durability, armour, crews, and guns but less for cargo and wr. However, some ships have unique  stats ie Clermont has battle stats for some reasons.

If you wish to sell ships, many players prefer high end ships ie BTC, LMS, Maltese Galley etc ,but some players want to buy San Gabriel, Cruise Galleon, etc,for ship skill or sw though.

I built BTC with teak that cost me little over 9m plus 10m from SF's teak then 30m for materials and I think around 3m for optional skill. Then I would spend almost 52m ducats to build BTC with 967 total cargo and EA ,but I was able to sell BTC for  80m rather quickly. Although some ships don't sell very well because it's not on high demand/supply atm. Oh, some high end ships  especially battle are very expensive to build ie 80m to build Victory while Large 3 hull is usually around 30m or so.



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    Thanks for the blog :) For new players, could You kindly use full names of objects? Thank You.
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