Dekaron Gem Issue Statement

gmedengmeden Posts: 12Approved Member Beginner
Hello Everyone!

We have prepared a plan to restore your gems manually, this requires us to collect that information from you. If you have lost your gems from your Helpyron items please give us the following information.

Your Papaya ID:
Your in-game name for the character that lost gems:
Which gems and how many of each type you lost.
If you have previously sent us a ticket with this information please send us a ticket number

Currently, this is the timeline for this plan:

- Gathering List: Aug 28
- Confirming List: Aug 28-31
- Final Look: Sept 4th
- Gifting Testing: Sept 4th
- Full Gifting Sept 6th

We are fully expecting your gems to be restored on the 6th of September. Please be as accurate and honest as possible as your account logs will be checked for verification of those gems existing at the time of the maintenance when they disappeared.

We also want to assure you that our team is working on listing all the bugs that were reported after the 23d of August patch and we hope that the solution for these bugs will be implemented during the next week's maintenance.

You can DM any of the MOD or CR members with this information on our Discord channel.

Thank you for your support and patience on this matter.


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