Can somebody give me a valid reason to even play now??

MPVshotMPVshot Posts: 71Approved Member Beginner
EVERYONE is rank 99 I was 3 star and I see fresh fish with lvl 99 like me in this update so what was the point in my grind to 3 star?
No weapon rankings or anything....
Competitive should be a meme because the rewards are a troll.....



  • avivakler10avivakler10 Posts: 51Approved Member Beginner
    Hi there @MPVshot !

    In short, there really isn't a good reason to play at the moment, with the game at it's current state. I feel the same regarding the ranking system, which have become meaningless with everyone reaching level 99 in a few days. We lost that thrill of encountering players with high ranks, which not many others could have reached.

    Moreover, based on their own promises, a rankings page should be available during August, something that has to happen TODAY otherwise they will yet again fail to deliver. I honestly doubt they will publish the rankings page sometime soon, and I have quite a few good reasons to justify my doubts.

    If that's not enough, flags in TFM matches can be captured even if the teams are not balanced. In other words, a team of 2-8 players can "bash" and humiliate a poor single guy who can't really defend himself against so many enemies at once, not to mention being able to save his own flag. I truly can't find a good reason to enable this in the first place.

    I can't refer to your arguments regarding Competitive Mode, since I personally prefer not to play it. However from what I hear so far from fellow players, it sure sounds like there are many problems with it as well.

    Many features which were unique to BlackShot and gave this game an edge over other FPS games were removed, such as: partnership system, original clan wars, weapon mastery, etc... The game lost it's uniqueness and became a simple "run-and-gun" shooter which doesn't give you many reasons to enjoy playing it, as you suggested yourself in the title of this forum thread.

    And what seems to be the game's worst problem? In my opinion, it's definitely their total disregard of our requests and arguments. No matter how or where we try to share our thoughts, either they ignore us or they postpone the conversation with their default "we will discuss about it" answer which leads nowhere.

    We can't do much more than we currently do, to be totally honest with you. after all, it's their company and their game. We can't force them to listen to our demands, and they don't seem to care about the majority of their community at all. As long as they reach their income goals, they will continue to follow the current path without doubting it even for a moment.

    At the end, all we can do is hope for a miracle. And maybe, just maybe, someone will be able to enlighten Vertigo eventually, and give us all a new reason, or a new HOPE!!, to play BlackShot - our beloved game.
    Best regards,
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