Keeping the game alive

Naso97Naso97 Posts: 1Member Beginner
The update was 'alright' at best. It has ruined a lot of things. 
1) Gameplay
Its literally so easy to kill, there is no skill required to get headshots or anything. just hold left click and get kills, simple as that. Wheres the fun in trying to headline people so you can tap them in the head.
2) Ranks
There is no purpose for me or anyone else to rank up. We do not achieve anything out of it. The numbers that change mean nothing. At least give us weapons that come with each rank. Bring back the symbols that represent a rank. Lots of people worked hard to acquire certain symbols.
3) Mastery
People effortlessly spent hours trying to level up their rank so they can get gold weapons, NX weapons, NZ weapons etc. But now some gold weapons can be found in the goldbox. Bring back a mastery system that revolves around kills rather than exp. This will make the game more enjoyable. Perhaps once you reach a certain stage, you can make your own "customisable skin" for a weapon of your choice thats in the shop. For example, if i were to reach grandmaster, i can make my own graffited weapon. It will be similar to the clan mark, in the sense that there would be a list of images and what not you can put on. You can change the colour of some parts of the gun, etc. This makes the game more enjoyable
4) Pistols
pistols are the most op thing. PEople run with the dualies just spraying and camping. No need for a primary weapon. the DE can shoot out all its bullets in 5 seconds or less. Change this, and make the fire rates slower. this is insane.
5) Smgs 
Fast as hell. We already die quickly and the fact that smgs shoot a whole clip in a matter of seconds is insane. people just run around with it senselessly and get 30+ kills, again, emphasising the fact there's no skill required at all
6) Servers
Servers are still laggy. Are they even 32 tick or are we still stuck with 16?

Also, i usually throw nades with my mouse-click and sometimes the nade isnt thrown due to a bug or whatever. This has been happening even before the revolution update. 


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