why my account have abnormal action?

why my account have abnormal action? i not using any hack,tools or edit any file... i just play with my friend yesterday normal...my friend acc name in bs sea is ijul007 you can ask he ...plss fix that ...idk why ..what problem if you ban people play clean no hack you ban? that so many hacker i face yesterday in competitiv i lose many game you not ban????...pls fix that.


  • AFUBARGameMastersAFUBARGameMasters Posts: 127BS Game Master Master

    Did you sent us a Support Ticket regarding this issue?

    If you need a conclusion of the problem do send us a Support Ticket so that we can check with our Technical team on the issue that you are facing.

    To send a ticket click on the link below:

  • IPrOfEsSorDevilIPrOfEsSorDevil Posts: 1Member Beginner
    i alredy sent Support Ticket about this issue ..pls check it 
  • firdausmayos97firdausmayos97 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    hye..im ijul007....i want to tell something that my friend didnt use any illegal methode in playing ...that night...we playing together and had alot of lose....that all because those shitty who using hack..like speed hack....taht was so shit...but i dont know either you (GM) take any action or not toward those shitty hacker...im want to say that im quite sad on your treat to my friend as veteran player in this game...for your information..we  (ijul007) and he got huge loss in this revolusion...but I  keep positif toward you until this thing happen....you banned a wrong person..did you got any proof about my friend?dont blame people like picking cloth..so...I think it not a fair treat toward him.

    so..im ask for your kindness...break the ban toward my friend..

    thank you..
  • GMAFUBARGMAFUBAR Posts: 11Member, Approved Member Beginner
    edited October 2018
    Dear user,

    If you/your friend believed that you have indeed did not play any hacks, do let us know in detail what you did that night before you encountered the abnormal action detected. We will need more information before we can deduce that it is an error. However, your friend was detected by the system for traces of hacktool installed. 

    Any hacks that is being reported will be processed for future patches within our BattleEye system. 

    Sadly, if a user gets detected by the system for traces of hacktool usage, it is not possible for us to lift the ban unless enough adequate evidence is given to proof his innocence. 

    We hope for your understanding. Please do let us know if there were conditions that your friend had made like maybe have he played in a Cyber Cafe that have a hacktool installed in it? Or have your friend played in another PC other than his own? Do let us know in details so that we can determine the issue and begin proper review within the system. 

    BlackShot SEA Team
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