Gem restore Round two

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After a successful gem restore for today's maintenance we are preparing for anyone we have missed! If that is you please read the instructions below! Some 118 out of 120 accounts were reunited with their gems today, good job [GM]Eden.


We are currently preparing to restore your gems to you by manual methods, this requires us to collect that information manually too. If you have LOST your gems from your helpy items please let us know the following information.

Your username
Your ingame name the gems were lost on
Which gems and how many of each type you lost.
IF you have a ticket with this information yout ticket NUMBER -

Please be as accurate and honest as possible as your account logs WILL be checked for verification of those gems existing at the time of the maintenance when they disappeared.

This will be done on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis and we do anticipate it taking quite some time, to do all of the requests as it will be by our fair hands.

You can DM any of the MOD or CR members on our discord channel would not recommend pming GM Eden as he is quite snowed under and may not be able to respond however if you feel that is your safest avenue please feel free to do that too. If you do not have discord you can also inbox me here on the forums.

This restore will take place in the next two weeks, please forward your information as quickly as possible.

happy huntingThe dekaron team
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