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Hello Soldiers,


As you are probably aware by now Big Head Mode was recently re-introduced to the game. We know that this mode can be a controversial topic for some players, so to be transparent in terms of this decision process: 

1. We saw a drop in concurrent users when we removed Big Head Mode and we could not ignore that.
2. We originally believed it would be best for the game to remove this mode. However, perhaps there was a better alternative which we are test implementing now based on the drop in concurrent users along with the results of the recent poll.
3. The results of the poll were (we did account for duplicate answers and verified with our database team that users which voted were from active accounts and not secondary accounts trying to skew the poll results):

63.7% of users wanted Bid Head Mode to return
• 28.5% of users did not want it to return
• 7.8% of users voted that they did not care
• 40% of users wanted it to be available for everyone and have EXP count.

4. HeadShot Ratio will NOT be affected by this mode. You can still receive EXP, complete achievements, etc.
5. This is only a temporary test, we will be monitoring closely how it does.


War Rock Team
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