new update: Back to P2W?

WaerzeWaerze Posts: 13Member Beginner
This new update is weird for a number of reasons-
1. at the start revolution says there will be permanent weps repaired with gold. why now there are gem weps that arent repairable?
2. 4-5* snipers hit harder than 1-3*. and revolution says it is not pay to win. but you cant buy 4* snipers in the shop
3. medkit+?? which has faster cooldown and healing rate? and its not pay to win? yea sure there's normal medkit but 4s vs 10s to go from 0-100hp is more than half the time cut
4. unrelated to title but the generation system is just like adding 1 to lv99 and when you reach lv99 again it becomes 2 like its still so linear there's nothing to show other than numbers

now back to the main point: is it really not p2w anymore? maybe not now, what about next time? putting the 4* gem weps begs the question of why, and especially why cant u repair them. it only makes pure economic sense that the weps are there to encourage spending and for that to happen they have to bump it up a bit. for 4* weps you add scopes and silencers, throw in a extra mag, sure. but why these particular weps are not able to be repaired while the others in gacha can? i've had the hkn and used it a few times and it doesn't feel anywhere near the original hk, its as though all the scripts for that gun was just ported over, no balancing no tweaks. seriously, its cool that you add new weps back into the game, but pls make sure its REALLY balanced. also, the current 5* weps or whatever jackpot items you put in assasin box, it better be balanced too, especially after seeing what happened to hkn. you need to understand from the community's perspective, this game is still largely p2w since like the past 2 companies, and its going to take a lot of ACTUAL balancing to change that view. adding more 4-5* snipers that have doublezoom and increased damage isn't the way to go.
y'all said it will no longer be p2w, please make sure y'all hold up to that statement.


  • GMSantaGMSanta Posts: 111Member, Papaya Play, BS Game Master, BS ServerHead Professional
    Hi there Waerze,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us! 

    1. These Gem weapons are introduced as premium Gem weapons, this provides us with greater flexibility in events because now we can give out these duration-based Gem weapons as prizes as well. 

    2. With the recent weapon updates, snipers can now one-hit to the head and chest area, hence I think the tier of snipers in terms of their their effectiveness in killing the enemy will not be too crucial. In any case, the 4* snipers that are introduced have all been reworked and rebalanced from before, do give it some time and try it out first, if you think they need to be rebalanced, so share with us your thoughts. 

    3. Personally, I think this is a valid point. But having used Medkit all the way, I wouldnt say that the additional few seconds you save is extremely crucial. It's unlikely you will need to wait the full 10 seconds of a Medkit's duration to recover your HP to full. But point noted! We will continue to monitor the feedback on this! 

    4. The idea behind the levels is to provide continuous progression in the game, hence the progression is linear. But if you are referring to the presentation of the levels as being not very nice, then I agree with you and we will be sure to make the necessary feedback. 

    There are still a lot of 4* weapons that can be repaired, and there are still more weapons that will be released in the future so not to worry on that. As for your feedback on HK-N being overpowered, point taken! We will perform some testing and continue to monitor community feedback on this. We are committed to making the game balanced and we take all feedback seriously. Which is the reason why the sniper, SMG, shotgun weapon systems were tweaked, thanks to community feedback from players like you who have taken the time to share with us some constructive pointers. 

    Hopefully I have helped to understand some of your concerns and rest assured I have taken note of your pointers and will be sure to keep them in mind during discussions and feedback sessions. 

    Thank you and see you around in-game! Have a great day ahead! 
    BlackShot SEA GM Team
    Discord: GM-Santa#2638
  • WaerzeWaerze Posts: 13Member Beginner
    hi GM, thanks for your reply
    1. yea sure i get the flexibility reason. just take sure they're really balanced.
    2. to me at least, even if damage is statistically the same the qq speed of snipers become faster the higher the tier, like harimau's qq speed feels faster than 1* awp. but maybe that's just me.
    3. it actually matters, maybe not the most in normal games but in sniper only 4s is a huge difference to 10s where when u are at 100hp its more likely for you to tank a shot if they don't hit the upper chest above which is VERY often. not saying i demand it to be changed, but just watch it
    4. its linear in the sense that you're just going level by level like oh im level 1 now i level up im level 2 what's next level 3 and even if sure it has continuous progression there's no real aim or motivation to level up. ranks last time were harder to level up but when you did there were rewards. and as dodgy as the emas weps were the lieu rank restriction was motivation. it's just not really fun honestly if you play just to increase a  number that actually doesn't mean anything

    long story short just make sure there really is balance, i'm pretty sure that the community's number one concern now.
  • AFUBARGameMastersAFUBARGameMasters Posts: 127BS Game Master Master
    As long as you are there to tell about the issue with the balancing we will take notes and forward it to the developers for adjustment. Any changes are not immediate as we will need time to compile as many data of your feedback in order to make it happen. 

    If you have ANY concerns just let us know. Be it balancing or it is slowly turning towards to old unfair P2W. We will be your ears to send a message to the developers if they have gone too far. Trust us and we will be at your service to ensure that everyone have a fun and fair experience! :)

    Thank you!

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