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Dear Players,

We are delighted to announce our new Lore team for the term beginning on September 12th. We have selected three Lore Editors:

Here are their introductions in their own words.


"Hello, my name is Midori.
I’d like to introduce myself as a Lore Chief Editor of Dekaron. I'll be in charge of editing the Lore.
I’m nerdy fantasy lover, otaku and amateurish writer.
2moons was my first MMO. Even If a lot of new games with stunning graphic and innovative gameplay came out, I still love our 13 year old grandpa - Dekaron and I like to visit him and contemplate his dignified old-schoolishness.
I’m going to do my best to breathe some color into the Lore related content and fix few of the irritating typos in dialogues.
So, allow me end with Lore related motto of Dekaron:
"Eyes to eyes. Teeth to teeth.”


"Hello, my name is Stefan.
I have been playing the game since A4 and only recently got back in after about 2 years of not playing.
A lot has changed and there isnt a lot of information about the game as a whole which brings me here.
I have basic C++ knowledge and I am interested in how video games work.
I would love to help the game that I have played as a kid be a bit better."


"Hello Everyone, I'd like to formally introduce myself. My Name is Daniel, but I go by DanPartridge in-game. I've been playing Dekaron since 2009, and I haven't been able to stop since. I'm very familiar with the game, and how it's intended to function. I'm outgoing, and fun to talk to, but I'm also a person who gets right to the point. I believe that I can make a difference in the community by giving some of my thoughts and ideas, as well as taking an active role in bettering the lore for the server. Dekaron is and always will be one of my favorite MMO's. I plan to do everything I can to ensure that the community is given what they deserve."

Lore Edtiors will be responsible for:
1. Make sound judgements on editing Lore related content.
2. Dilligently investigate all the text bugs and report it to the GM.
3. Work closely with other teams to improve player experience.
4. Analyze and suggest improvements to the current quests.

Please contact Lore Editors on all issues that are lore related.

Thank you.

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